These stories were written for a "fairy tale challenge" proposed by Preys Guardian on the Prey for Us message board. As soon as I heard about this challenge I was a-brim with ideas, each one sounding better than the last. So I ended up with four of them, though one may stretch the boundaries of the idea a bit; I beg forgiveness. Many thanks to Antha and Karen, who did some last-minute proofreading for me and who don't even watch the show.

The first story is about Sloan and Tom; the second about Ed; the third about Tom; and the fourth about Lewis.

Tom leaned against the counter, eyes narrowed a bit in thought. "So the bay's transportation service is subsidized?"

Sloan nodded and took a sip of tea from the mug she held. "They're hoping that the commuter system will become popular enough to be profitable, but at the moment the city has to pay for it."

"And the councilwoman was the one responsible for the project?" Tom folded his arms, watching her.

"Yeah." Sloan set down the mug. "Why are you so interested in a bunch of boats?"

"Just trying to get it straight." The faintest hint of a smile played over his face. "So what you're saying is..."

Sloan looked up. "Is what?"

"The councilwoman is the ferry godmother?" He grinned; he couldn't help it.

Her jaw dropped. "Tom!!"

He started to laugh, and Sloan had to join in.