Summary: An item is returned to G'Kar. Spoilers up to and including "Rising Star."

Disclaimer: JMS, Babylonian, PTEN, and Warner Bros. made them and own them; I just let them out for air.

A dark figure strode silently but purposefully down the darkened corridor of the White Star. Longer-than-usual strides carried the dark robe's furious occupant quickly into the crew quarters, to the sleeping platform occupied by a certain Narn.

G'Kar started violently as he felt himself yanked bodily off the sloping bunk and dumped unceremoniously onto the deck. Instantly and totally awake, he felt a hot whisper in his ear.

"Mister G'Kar. I believe this belongs to you." The commanding whisper sent a frisson of fear tingling down G'Kar's spine, as a small spherical item was placed, disconcertingly gently, onto his chest.

"Heh heh, just a little joke. Don't tell me you have lost your sense of humor." For a moment, as the strong hands pinning him to the deck squeezed more tightly, G'Kar thought he might truly have gone too far with his antics.

"You forget, G'Kar, that we have all been through a great deal lately," the voice said hoarsely, "and we have all learned a great deal. I have learned, for instance, that I have a talent for being hard to break. You may have just learned my breaking point. Congratulations."

Still pinned to the deck, G'Kar said, weakly, "I believe the correct word would be, oops?" As he felt the pressure on his shoulders finally let up, he heard his assailant laugh quietly.

"Mister G'Kar, you're lucky that I am the one who found this."

G'Kar hastily socketed his eye, thanking his lucky stars that his impulsive actions had not, apparently, gotten him in any real trouble. Hopefully.

Delenn left the crew quarters, smiling to herself, as she remembered the appalled expression on John's face when he understood that six Minbari would be outside her bedroom door during the Shan Fal ritual. G'Kar was lucky only she had noticed the eye – who knows what John would have done. Fortunately, Delenn recalled fondly, he was quite distracted tonight.