Your Body is a Wonderland Part 2

The next morning, I—grudgingly—got up early to get ready for the day. Since Charlie and Billy had decided that Saturday was a good day to spend time with their children together, I was going to be forced to hook wriggling worms onto gruesome hooks and watch them sink in the clear water of Lake Pleasant. It was horrifying and not pleasant at all and I dreaded the aspect of gutting and scaling a poor little fish. I hoped Jacob would rescue me from that and take me away from that god forsaken place.

Though Charlie tried a considerable amount of times to cheer me up about the trip, the memories of past trips haunted my mind. I utterly hated fishing and I would not hide my disgust for it.

"Come on, Bells. It's just a fish," Charlie told me, laying a hand on my back. I blinked away the images of past guttings and scalings of fish, feeling sick as the onslaught of memories tugged at my mind. Seeing a fish helplessly flopping in mid-air wasn't a pleasant thing to think about at four o'clock in the morning.

I blanched and Charlie clucked at me, rolling his eyes and continued his search for his fishing supplies. I was thankful that he decided to leave me alone about it and began breakfast. Though I wouldn't eat it, Charlie would need the strength for the "huge" fish Billy and him were planning on catching. I was afraid that if I ate, it would come up later at an inopportune moment.

As I was finishing stirring the scrambled eggs, a loud knock sounded on the front door.

"Dad, door!"

Charlie grunted as he hauled a weathered tackle box from the closet and set it on the floor. He mumbled something under his breath, most likely a curse, and headed for the door.

I turned off the stove and scooped the eggs onto a plate, adding the crisp bacon onto the side. As I rummaged in the cupboards for a tall glass, I heard an intake of breath behind me. I didn't have to turn around to know who it was and after grabbing the glass from the farthest shelf, I spoke.

"Hi," I breathed, barely turning around before Jacob was in front of me, his warmth overwhelming me. He placed his arms on either side of my body and forced me against the counter. With that ever familiar bright grin, he leaned down to place a kiss on my lips.

"Hello," he whispered, running his nose along the side of my cheek. I trailed my hands up his chest, eventually circling them around his neck. He nuzzled my bangs away from my forehead and lightly touched his lips to it. I sighed into him and hugged him tighter to my chest where my heart beat erratically.

"It looks like it's supposed to be a good day—" Billy cut off his words. Jacob froze and then relaxed as he realized it was only his father who had spied us. I, on the other hand, slipped away, my face flushing with embarrassment. I busied myself with Charlie's breakfast and tried to ignore Billy's deep laugh that echoed throughout the kitchen.

"What's funny?" Charlie asked, stepping into the kitchen. Suddenly, it felt too small and my face burned. Billy wheeled around and parked himself at the table, stifling the laughter that wanted to burst free. Jake stuffed his hands in his pockets, looking awkward in the now crowded kitchen. I slipped Charlie his breakfast and turned my back on him.

"Oh, nothing. Just remembering something funny from a while back." I breathed a sigh of relief, feeling my tense muscles relax. Though I knew Billy wouldn't have told in the first place, it made me uncomfortable to know someone had seen Jacob and I like that. And from what I could tell, it made Jake uncomfortable, too.

Billy and Charlie made conversation while Charlie ate his breakfast. Jacob stood near me, hands still in his pockets, shoulders stiff. When Charlie and Billy weren't looking, I rested my hand on his arm, hoping to make him relax. My touch seemed to do just that and I smiled at my Jacob.

We soon set out to the lake; Charlie drove Billy in my truck, much to my disappointment, and I rode with Jake in his car. I loved the truck and I was able to be closer to Jacob in the bucket seat. At least I was able to ride with Jacob and not be separated from him. Not that we didn't get close often, as it was.

Jake turned on the radio of his car, tuning in to some rock station. I rolled my eyes and shook my head minutely, covering my mouth with my hand to keep from laughing out loud. But my attempt was futile and Jake turned his head to glare at me. He cocked a dark brow at me and turned down the music so he could talk to me without shouting.

"What?" he asked innocently, tapping his hands against the steering wheel. My eyes were drawn to them and I watched his fingers move over the wheel. Those fingers were beautiful and I shivered as I thought about what they had done to me in the past. Jake snorted and I looked up suddenly, a blush creeping up onto my face.

"Never mind, forget it," I said breathily, turning my head to stare out of the window. Jacob chuckled and he began humming along with a song that played on the radio. He reached over and grasped my hand in his and ran his thumb across my skin. I shivered at his light touch.

We stopped by a storage area to pick up Billy's boat. It was easy to see that it had been used often by its numerous dents and scratches on the side. The original color, a dark brown, was beginning to show up underneath the white paint someone had replaced it with. Rust was flaking off in bits and pieces around the top of the boat, leaving a trail on the ground. I watched as Charlie backed the truck to the boat, stopping when Jake told him to. I gawked as Jake cranked the lever on the hitch to clamp the boat to my truck. His muscles tightened and loosened in his arms and his shirt stretched over his straining shoulders. My mouth opened in complete awe at his beauty and I literally drooled.

Jake sauntered over to his car and I snapped my mouth shut; I was sure to be the laughing stock for the day if I didn't. I couldn't help the blush that flared onto my face when Jacob slid back into the driver's seat. He raised his eyebrows at me and I just shook my head to dismiss it. He pursed his lips for a second and I wanted so badly to kiss them normal again. He looked at the flustered state I was in and then back outside. Understanding flickered in his eyes and an amused grin plastered on his face. I looked away, embarrassed.

As we began driving again, Jacob poked me in the side. I gave him the evil eye, only amusing him further. "Don't be embarrassed that you stare at me. I stare at you."

I rolled my eyes at him. "Oh yeah, that's comforting." Again his lips pursed and he eyed me thoughtfully. He turned his face back to the road, concentrating on the boat ahead of us. I stared straight ahead with him, watching the boat waver back and forth on the curvy road.

"Well, I thought it would turn you on at the thought that I watch you at night through your bedroom window," Jake finally said. My eyes widened and my cheeks burnt to the point I felt like I would ignite into flames at any moment. I was more than a little embarrassed that he knew about my sexual habits when he was gone. All those times when I would dream up something kinky, he was watching me, staring through my window.

"What, does your wolf-self get a hard on?" I asked sarcastically, becoming a little more comfortable with the subject we were on and most likely headed to. Jacob chuckled and scratched at the back of his neck, his nervous reaction.

"Well, that would be an understatement."

I gaped at him, squeezing my legs together to appease the sudden friction I needed. His black eyes flickered down to my legs, his jaw clenching. I watched the movement of his eyes, my own following the vein that clenched in his neck, down to where said hard on appeared frequently. One was tenting now and I grinned.

"Anyway, you probably get just as turned on as often as I do," Jake assumed, trying to turn the topic back onto me. He glanced at me pointedly and then turned his eyes back on the road.

"Hah!" I scoffed. "You're a teenage male. You get turned on by the mere blink of my eye."

He didn't look like he was about to disagree, but still tried to pull me in on the subject. "Yeah, but you're a teenage female. You have the same type of fucked up hormones as I do."

I stuck my tongue out at him while he followed with his. I shook my head as laughter burst from my chest.

We finally arrived at the lake and Charlie eased the boat into the lake while Jacob loosened it from the hitch. I took out the numerous fishing rods the men would be using, grimacing as I lifted the killing machines. I purposely left mine hidden underneath a blue tarp that I had conveniently put in the back the night before. Hopefully they wouldn't notice the one missing fishing rod in my hands.

Hiking my jeans above my knees I tried futilely to get into the boat on my own. My terrible balance did nothing but hinder me and I got wet more than I had wanted to.

After battling the boat for a few minutes, Jake lifted me and placed me on a bench. I stuck my chin out, trying to keep my pride intact, but failing entirely. I heard him chuckle as he eased his way across from me, sitting next to his father who had an obvious smirk on his face. Like father, like son. I 'hmph'd' childishly and turned my head away from them.

The entire ordeal was sickening and throughout the day I kept my head close to the edge of the boat. They found out that I had hidden my rod which resulted in me having to hook all of their lines with squirming worms. It was unequal revenge for me purposely leaving my fishing rod in the truck, I thought. They thought it was extremely funny, even Charlie who was supposed to be on my side. After all, I was his daughter. Instead, he laughed along with Billy and Jake, ignoring my protests at the unfairness of it all.

At least Charlie composed himself enough to help me out of the boat. Unlike Jacob who was still curled over in laughter at my disgust. Without slipping, I stepped out of the cursed piece of scrap metal. I brushed past Jake and stomped away down the road. I knew it was overdramatic, but I couldn't help but indulge myself this once.

"Wait, what—" Jake choked out, calling out to me.

I kept walking, not looking back. "I find it necessary to separate myself from those who continuously laugh at me."

Behind me I heard a clearing of throats and laughs being choked off. I rolled my eyes, feeling a smile form on my face.

"We weren't laughing at you, we were laughing with you," Billy yelled after me. I shook my head, dismissing his excuse.

"I wasn't laughing."

I heard a heavy sigh and dragging footsteps. "I'll go get her and talk some sense into her."

I kept my eyes focused on the winding road in front of me as almost silent footsteps followed me. I had become so in tune with Jacob, that I could hear his once silent footsteps. I didn't speed up when he hurried faster after me; after all, I was only joking around with the men who had played countless jokes on me.

"Bella," Jacob breathed, pulling himself in front of me. I stopped for only a second to deliberate whether or not to walk around him. In the end, I stayed and stared up at him.

"Yes?" I asked, placing my hands on my hips.

Jake stuffed his hands into his jeans pockets. "You know we were just joking with you, right?"

I nodded slightly, letting my eyes wander away from him.

"Then why?"

"It was still uncalled for, having me hook those worms. I'll probably have a few nightmares about it."

He frowned, believing every word I said. I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Jake, I know you guys were poking fun at me. It's not like it hasn't happened before."

His frown still stayed plastered onto his face.


He pulled himself together and stood up straight. "Well, I think I speak for us all when I say sorry."

I touched his arm lightly with my fingertips. "I know, thank you."

"But we're not forgiven," he said sadly.

"Of course you are," I said, gripping his hand in mine. At the moment, I didn't care whether Charlie and Billy showed my affection towards Jake. "You know that."

He smiled widely, showing his perfect set of teeth. Secretly, I envied his beautiful teeth, but knew there would never be a chance of ever getting them for myself.

And then his frown was back. "It seems that this morning I ruined showing how much I love you."

My stomach fluttered, and I had to look away from him to keep my mind on track. "Ruined?"

"My teasing you wasn't really all that loving."

"On the contrary, my dear." He smiled a little. "I know in your own way, how you show me your love. And sometimes that may be through teasing me. It's not all particularly bad when you make laugh, even when the joke is directed at myself."

His eyes stared into mine, holding me underneath his gaze. "I could kiss you right now."

"You can," I said, lifting my face to him.

His smile grew wide and he ran his thumb across my hand. "Later, when I show you in another way how much I really love you."

My heart began to pound against my chest and I wondered if Jacob could hear it. By the lightness in his eyes, I could tell that he could.

"I guess we'll have to pretend like we aren't about to do anything Chief Swan would be against, now," I said, trying to steady my heartbeat.

His brown eyes crinkled up and his lips stretched into a smile. "But you're a terrible actress."

"And you're a terrible actor when it comes to hiding certain things that can't be hidden." I made it a point to look down at his pants. He shifted slightly, trying to get the bulge to be more hidden than it was. It would be impossible for him to hide it and he gave up trying.

"Well now," he countered, "it doesn't help when there is a beautiful woman, whom I love very much, in front of me."

I glanced away from him, a blush dusting my cheeks. "I suppose I'll have to take some of those ugly pills, now won't I?"

"Not on my watch," he whispered, brushing past me.

Charlie and Billy were going to be at Harry's, frying up the supposed big fish they caught today. Of course, they tried to make me stay, but I refused, not wanting to eat the poor little fish that I had helped kill today.

Most likely, Charlie and Billy would be conked out at Harry's after their night of doing un-Chief-like things. This left time for Jacob and I to spend alone together. Charlie didn't question us as we said we had homework to do, for which I was grateful. But Billy winked at us and told us to have fun "doing" our homework. He had to stress 'doing' didn't he?

Jacob and I were quiet on the way back to my house. My hand was intertwined with his and he continuously rubbed his thumb across my skin in twisted patterns. It was wonderful just being with each other again. Alone. Like last night, which was glorious—yet is was even more than glorious, it was heavenly. And tonight, I was sure, would be just as heavenly as the last.

Jacob led me into the house, swooping down twice to remove the spare key from under the doormat, and to kiss me on the lips. Thinking that he wanted to go straight up stairs (he was walking funny, most likely due to a certain body part), but he veered toward the kitchen. He sat me in a chair and I stared at him as he began removing things from the refrigerator.

"What are you doing?" I asked him, folding my empty hands into my lap.

He pulled out a few more items from the fridge and cabinets before speaking. "I'm making you dinner."

I raised an eyebrow at him. "Right," I said, unconvinced. Surely this would end up in a disaster; our dinner would be totally burnt and inedible, or the more extreme situation, the house would burn down and Charlie and I would become homeless.

"I know what you're thinking, so stop it," Jacob crossed his arms over his chest. "I'm going to cook you dinner and that is final."

I kept quiet for a few minutes, watching Jacob flit around the kitchen, turning on the stove and mixing different ingredients into bowls and such. I tried to figure out what he was making, but the oddball ingredients were not clicking with any of the recipes I had stored in my mind. For all I knew, he could have been making a mishmash of things that ended up to be mush. I would have to eat it, either way, to show Jake that I would love him even if he couldn't cook all that well.

"So I can't help?" I asked after a while had gone by.

Jake glared at me from across the kitchen and I had to cover my mouth with my hands to keep my smile from showing. "Absolutely not," he said, flicking a piece of cucumber my way. I picked it up from the table and aimed for his head, hoping this once that my bad aim would get the best of me now. I bit my lip, but it did nothing to keep in my laughter as the cucumber hit his head. His eyes widened in surprise and a sly grin grew across his face. Suddenly, I found myself being pelted by little bits and pieces of the vegetables he was cutting. I ducked out of the kitchen, keeping my arms above my head to shield myself.

"If that doesn't keep you from helping, I don't know what will," Jake called after me and I peeked my head back around the corner and stuck my tongue out at him. He began to raise another slice of something and I ducked out as fast as I could.

I went upstairs to clean myself up some from the fishing trip. I still smelled like dead fish and I would prefer to be able to smell whatever I was going to eat. Though, who knows, I might want to smell the fish more than the food.

But I was being unfair and I gave Jacob the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he really knew how to cook something, though that could have been grilled cheese. I would try to be nice and not judge his cooking so early. Besides, the aroma coming from downstairs smelled delicious.

I took a quick shower, though I scrubbed my skin raw of the fishy smell. I was pleased to find that the scent of strawberries erased the fish and I smiled happily at myself in the mirror. I ran my fingers through my wet hair, not totally caring that when it dried it would be curly. But I would worry about that when it did dry.

After wrapping the bath towel around my naked body, I slipped across the hall to my bedroom. I rummaged around in drawers and the closet, searching for something suitable to wear. I settled on the sundress I never wore, deciding it was finally to make use of it.

I nearly jumped through the ceiling when arms wrapped around my waist. Jacob's lips found purchase on my neck and I slumped into him, feeling weak as nipped at the spot just below my right ear.

"Dinner's ready," he whispered, nipping at my earlobe.

I nodded my head slightly, unable to make any words come out of my mouth. I felt his lips pull into a smile on my neck. He pulled my hand into his and led me downstairs, where the smell of something delicious reached my nose. I inhaled, feeling my mouth begin to water.

Jacob stood proudly as he stood in front of his creation. I raised my eyebrow at him, but looked at the table that was set with a variety of food. There was a fresh looking salad, grilled chicken, and colorful pasta.

I stared at Jacob, mouth most likely agape. He smiled and gestured to the chair he was holding out for me. I slipped into it, still shocked at what I was seeing. He dished some of each dish onto my plate and set it back in front of me.

"Where…" I began, but when I opened my mouth I tasted the smell of the food and I looked hungrily down at the dish.

"The Food Network's a great channel. I don't why I haven't it discovered it before," Jake said as he played with his fork.

I almost choked; Jacob watching the Food Network? It was comical just thinking about it. But if he came out with great results only from just watching it, he should cook for me more often.

He nodded his head at my plate and I picked up a fork and pierced some of the pasta. I lifted it to my mouth but stopped when I felt his eyes boring straight through my head.

I looked at him. "I can't eat with you staring at me," I said, setting my fork down onto my plate. He frowned slightly and looked away as I once again lifted the fork to my mouth. I closed my lips around the pasta and about died and went to heaven right then. It was the best thing I had probably tasted.

Well, except for Jake, I thought, feeling a blush creep up onto my cheeks.

The frown was still on Jacob's face. "Oh my God, it's delicious," I hurried to reassure him and I scooped another bite into my mouth. His smile could have lit up the world like the sun and my grin immediately followed his.

"So it's not repulsive?" he asked, scooping a bite into his mouth. He considered it for a moment and then decided it was good before scooping up another bite.

"Hell no, it's fantastic."

Jacob's smile turned smug. "See, I can cook, too."

I finished my mouthful before speaking. "I completely underestimated your ability."

He grinned at me and we continued eating in a comfortable silence. All of it was good and I couldn't believe that I had doubted Jacob. I could have slapped myself, but decided I didn't really want to.

I picked up our plates when we were finished, placing them in the sink. I was about to pick up the scrub sponge when Jacob's hand covered mine.

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked, spinning me around to face him. His arms came to rest on either side of me, trapping my body between him and the sink.

I slowly looked up at him, taking time to trace the contour of his chest with my eyes. It rose and fell heavily under my stare and I brought my eyes to meet his darkened ones.

"I was cleaning the dishes," I said, sliding both of my hands over his.

"And why were you going to clean the dishes?"

I raised an eyebrow at Jake. Wasn't it obvious? "I wanted to clean them before more piled up."

"Silly Bella, you don't have to worry about those. They'll be clean by morning."

My eyebrows furrowed. It was strange that he was doing all these things for me. Then I remembered that he was showing me how much he loved me. I guess that included cooking and doing the dishes. Not to mention the coming event that was being brought on my Jacob's light kisses to neck.

I yelped when I was scooped up into his arms and carried toward the staircase. He kept his eyes on mine, causing my already fast beating heart to crash against my chest erratically. I licked my dry lips and his caused followed the movement of my tongue.

Somehow, Jake opened the door to my bedroom without dropping me. But I already knew he could do superhuman things like that. He kicked the door close and we were encased in darkness. He flicked on a light somewhere and I blinked against the sudden brightness that wrapped around us.

Slowly, he lay me down on the bed, crawling over me, keeping his body only inches from mine. Keeping one hand behind my head, he let me sink into the mattress. His head lowered to mine and his lips pressed against my mouth. My lips opened automatically, allowing entrance to his tongue. I sucked his bottom lip into my mouth, feeling the vibrations of his moan against my chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his head closer to mine and I felt his hand curl into a fist in my hair. It was a wonderful feeling that pain that shot straight down my neck, down my spine, and across my stomach.

Jacob uncurled his fist from my hair, kissing his apology on my head. He trailed his nose down my cheek to my neck where he kissed my pulse and then the indentation in my collarbone. Slowly, he lifted himself up and away from me and I frowned at the sudden coolness that filled the space where he once was. He placed a finger on my mouth before letting it trail down my body.

Without taking his eyes from mine, he lifted my left leg in his hands and placed his lips on the top of my foot. I jumped, startled. "What are you doing?" I breathed, watching him lick a trail across my ankle.

"I'm worshipping every part of your body," he whispered against my skin. Goosebumps rippled across every inch of my body and a blush began to cover my cheeks. His eyes lifted to meet mine and a smile crossed his face for a second before he began kissing my calf.

I let my eyes close as he caressed my body, nipping, sucking, and licking my skin. He hiked up my dress above my hips before nipping the skin there. I lifted away the fabric, shivering at the cool air that invaded my body. His fingers ran across my stomach and underneath my breasts. His lips closed around the peak of my left breast. I moaned quietly as he licked and sucked it, throwing my head back against the pillows on my bed. "I love you," he whispered against me, kissing the peak lightly.

And then his lips were gone and back down to where he started, only this time he began with my right foot. Each brush of his lips and caress of his hands warmed me that much more. My lower stomach had become a raging inferno and that sweet release I needed was building up slowly. Much too slowly.

But Jake knew exactly what he was doing to me and each of his kisses brought him closer to my core. When he had finished making sure every centimeter of my body had not been missed by his lips and hands, he hooked his fingers underneath the band of my panties and pulled them down my hips and shaky legs. He dropped the piece of fabric onto the floor and ran his warm fingers across my inner thighs, eliciting a moan from me. He was so close but so far away and I needed his lips on me as soon as possible.

I thrust my hips up at him, hoping that would make him go faster and help me get my release. Instead, he chuckled and carefully pushed my hips down. I sighed, frustrated that he was taking his time. Was he trying to force me to jump him? I would do it if he didn't hurry up.

"Patience, Bella," he whispered against my thigh.

I frowned at him. "Didn't we already decide that patience is a bitch?"

Jacob laughed, pushing my legs apart as I tried to close them, hoping that I could get some desperately needed friction on my core. "Yes, but I think this time it would be very beneficial if you waited."

I narrowed my eyes at him. He better have a good reason for keeping me waiting. My core was way too hot and it needed to be relieved of its strain. I needed to have that release and I hoped he would get to it soon.

I was rewarded for my "patience." Ever so slowly, he blew his warm breath against me and I sighed. He traced his fingers around my heat, collecting some of the wetness that had trickled down my thigh. I opened my eyes when his fingers disappeared from me and immediately widened them when I saw him licking his fingers clean of me. I bit my lip as he kept eye contact with me and did it again. I watched his lips wrap around his finger, wanting it desperately in me.

It seemed my wishes would be granted from here on out as Jacob traced his fingers through my folds to my ever hotter core. He slipped one finger inside of me and I arched my back, groaning in pleasure as his finger curled and uncurled inside of me. I grasped the sheets around me, holding on for dear life as he pumped his finger in and out of me.

His warm breath tickled my clit again and his tongue darted out to lick it. I shuddered and cried out as pleasure raced through my veins. He kissed and sucked my clit, working me till I could barely feel anything other than his tongue and finger.

With another strong thrust from his arm, he inserted a second finger into me. I couldn't take it anymore and I cried out as the orgasm took over me. My body shook with the force as I came, my legs shivering uncontrollably and my breathing coming out in short gasps.

I fell back into the bed, collapsing with a pleasurable relief. Jacob once again licked his fingers clean of me and crawled his way back up my body. He leaned over me, his arms around my head, his warm body lightly touching mine. He kissed me just below my jaw, working his way up to my lips. I pulled him into me, kissing him with a force that surprised even me.

"Still not satisfaction?" he whispered against my cheek and I smiled. Well, now that he mentioned, it was becoming extremely warm in here again. I shook my head slightly and he sighed, frustrated. "You just want more and more, don't you?" he teased, cupping my cheek in his hand.

"Only from you," I whispered, pulling his head down to mine. I bit his bottom lip and he opened his mouth to allow my tongue in. He tasted so good and I wanted to always remember his taste. Our tongues danced together, as did our hearts, and chests.

I slipped my hands down his still clothed chest and pushed the nuisance shirt above his head. He reluctantly let his lips leave mine as I tugged the shirt over his head, then they were back on me, kissing my lips fiercely. I ran my fingers down the muscles of his chest, feeling the tremors as my hands slipped across his stomach. His skin was so smooth beneath my fingertips, so soft. And it was all mine. He was all mine. And I was his. All his.

I unclasped the belt that was keeping him from me and he helped remove the jeans that were very much unneeded. With a little shimmying, he was free from all clothes and he laid his naked body against mine. His erection lay against my stomach, hard and warm. I ran my hands down his back, loosening the strained muscles as he kept himself from completely crushing me. I wouldn't mind it if he did, though, it would only bring him that much closer to me.

"I love you," Jacob whispered as he positioned himself at my entrance. I shivered in anticipation as his head touched my folds.

"I love you," I said back, sighing as he pushed himself fully into me. We rested there for a moment, cherishing the oneness we had become. Our breaths breathed as one, our whispers were as one, our heartbeats were as one.

And then we began to move as one, creating our own rhythm and beat as we moved. My hips met his every thrust and hugged him closed as we moved together, holding him tight as I lost myself in him.

I kept my head thrown back, unable to turn it any way as Jacob had his lips all over me. He nipped and sucked at my skin, as I did the same. We mumbled nonsensical words against each other, knowing exactly what the other was saying, yet not really comprehending as we were so lost in each other.

As the time lengthened, we became more as one, moving deeper into each other. I reached my hands above my head, searching for some stable purchase to grip to, but when finding none, I brought them back to Jacob. He clasped his fingers in mine before they could wrap around his back again, pinning them above my head. I stared into his eyes, eyes that spoke everything he couldn't say in our breathy silence. Somewhere in my jumbled mind, I hoped that he could read my eyes just as I could read his.

His hips thrust harder into me, making me break our silence and cry out. He had found the spot that would bring me to that suddenly growing release sooner than I hoped. He seemed to realize as he slowed his movements, but with each brush against me, he still hit it, bringing me closer and closer. It was inevitable now and from the looks of things, Jake was having a hard time controlling himself.

He released my fingers from his grasp as he sped up again and I clutched his back, grabbing hold of him. I held on, feeling that release building faster and faster. He gripped the sheets around my head, using that as a handhold to push himself better into me.

My back arched as everything inside me shot to my core. My nails dug into Jake's back as the release took hold of me. I cried out as I shook beneath him, with him. He buried his head into my shoulder, biting to keep himself from calling out.

We shuddered as we collapsed onto the bed, chests shuddering against the others, breaths fanning out across each other's skin. I still held on to Jacob, fearing that if I let go, I might shatter into tiny pieces.

Slowly, Jacob pulled himself off of me, rolling on to his side. He tangled one hand into my hair, the other wrapped in my hand. I kept my eyes locked on his, watching each thought that went through his head in his pupils.

The time dragged on and our breaths evened out and our bodies rested. My eyes began to droop with sleep and Jacob pulled the blanket over the two of us. I inched closer to him, wanting to be wrapped in his arms again. He complied, of course, and his strong arms encircled me, pulling me onto his chest. I rested my head in the crook of his neck, letting my breath fan against his neck.

"You know how much I love you now, right?" He said, tracing circles on my back.

I lifted my head to look at him. "I knew before how much you loved me."

He smiled and twisted a strand of my hair behind my ear. "Just making sure, you know." I smiled and leaned into his hand.

"I love you," I said against his neck as I rested my head against his shoulder again.

"I love you, too."

And with that, I drifted off into sleep, with dreams of Jacob and I wrapped in each others arms forever.

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