The Sailor Kids

By: Knoto

I do not own Sailor Moon, I Just like to write Fan fiction about it.

A/N: Well, after getting out 11 chapters of TKS I went back and read over a lot of my work in the early stages. I had always said if people liked it I would redo the earlier chapters. so without further delay here is the rewritten chapter 1.

Chapter 1: Random musings of the fiery soul

It was your average day after school at the Hikawa Shrine, Rei who was used to the routine by now glanced around her bedroom. Everything was as it should be, it had been about a year since the Starlight's had left to go back home and nothing at all seemed to be amiss. Everyone went back to a somewhat normal life…well as normal as everyone could that is. Looking back they had all gone through some tough times, one could only wonder where they would all be now if they weren't Sailor Senshi. It was at this time Rei took a mental note to compare and contrast the elements that made them who they were today.

First there was Mizuno Ami, one could call her a book worm of sorts. She was the brains behind the brawn so to speak. If it wasn't for her ability to keep a calm vigilant eye on the battle field they would have been goners on so many levels by now. Her element is water and she can control it well when it comes to manipulation, she can freeze things if necessary as well. She's shy but friendly enough, and her medical knowledge has been quite helpful over the years even if she does go a bit overboard. 'I guess the only time any of us fear Ami is when she goes into doctor mode then it's every Senshi for themselves.'

Next to Ami was Kino Makoto the electric powerhouse of the team. Quick to anger and not easy to calm, no one wants to be on the receiving end of one of her punches. She's fierce in combat, be it from a lighting attack or in the form of martial arts, if you get hit it'll hurt. She may not be as academically inclined as Ami, but she's had to live alone her entire life and has the street smarts to prove it. She loves to cook and we love to eat what she makes. 'We are the closest thing to family she has. People often tease her for being such a rebel funny thing is they are all so very wrong. They just don't know her like we do.'

Then you have Aino Minako, The self proclaimed goddess of love. She's certainly attractive enough that's for sure. She's our leader in combat, which seems odd since on many occasions she can be a total ditz. Especially when a certain rabbit decides to get an oddball scheme in her head. Even if her ability to lead is questionable at times she always comes through when you need her most. 'She's truly one of a kind, even if it is hard to describe her.' It was at this point that Rei was pulled out of her inner thoughts as the two blonds in the room engaged in a conversation that no one else seemed to understand. Then again no one even tried to anymore at this point.

"Ohmygoddidyoureadthat?" screeched Mina as she ogled a page from Rei's latest manga.

Ow, my ears! Can't they tone it down just a little, It's a Magna for goodness sake. It's not like it's anything extremely important. Where's Grandpa? Probably taking a nap… or fondle the next young thing to come here and prey. Last thing I need is him walking in on this.'

"YehIdid" 'There goes Usagi'

"Turnthepagequick." 'Mina again, She really needs to tone it down.'

"Iwannasee" 'oh please dear fire, give me strength'

"Gimmieitback" 'Deep healing breath, deep healing breath'

Rei took a deep breath looking on at the two arguing over the said manga. It was times like this they looked like twins, the only way to tell them apart was to see which one had their hair in what style.

This brought her to think about the Last of the Inner Senshi. Their princess, Usagi Tuskino. She was quite the crybaby when they had first met, Yet over time all of the Senshi grew to love her. Fate has set for her to marry Mamoru and give birth to her daughter Chibiusa. One day she would be their queen. 'and what a fine day that will be if only she applied herself more.' Rei thought before the high pitched conversation got to be too much for her eardrums pulling her out of thought once again.

"Awwwhowcute!" 'Usagi! Don't encourage the behavior!'

"IwishReiwouldholdmelikethat" Minako giggled as both blonds looked towards Rei and then back to the Manga.

'Awww crap, here we go again with the hyper activ- wait a sec.. Did Minako just… no, I must be hearing things. Minako is boy crazy… well, not that I'm not as well, I do like boys, they just… I do like her, but I like boys.. I do like boys… right? Last time I looked at a boy with Interest was… lets see… Oh my… Either my ability to recollect has gone funny or I'm loosing my mind. Do I like, like Minako… or just like her as a friend… damn these hormones.. What would my mother think if she saw me now.'

"Yeahandthenyoucouldrideoffintothesunset!" Usagi squealed again.

"could you two please tone it down, some of us are trying to study." Ami piped in getting annoyed with the screeching as well by this point.

"Actually, I find this amusing. Sooooo, what was it you were saying about Rei?" Makoto added into the conversation, no doubt to cause some friendly trouble.

"Oh, nothing important. Just being a hopeless romantic. This Yuri manga was a good one, and it made me think is all." Minako said while twirling her fingers in her hair.

"Have you ever dated another female before?" Usagi asked with a peaking interest to the new topic of conversation.

"No, not really, I have thought a lot about it though. Honestly there is someone I may have in mind however I don't necessarily know is she's interested." Minako spoke as she looked towards Rei, quite bluntly hinting her attraction.

Ami by this time had her face plastered back into her studies with a tomato face like none other. Makoto noting the extreme discomfort had started asking question even she knew the answers too, just to attempt to calm the distraught bluenette.

"YOU LIKE REI!" screeched Usagi very, very, loudly. Minako said nothing, but the devilish grin on her face made it apparent she had this planned for a little while.

"Will you shut up already!" Screamed Rei she had to find some way to get out of this situation for now, she remembered what brought her here as a member of the Senshi, and all of the trials that came along with it.

Ah, yes. The fire Senshi was yet another powerhouse to the team. She was Passion at it's finest. Her flames burned deep within her soul and because of that she was the most in tune with her element. She like Makoto was hot tempered, but that was to be expected. She lived in this shrine and because of that she was very spiritual. Her mother died when she was a child and as for her father…well she liked to stay blissfully away from him and keep him out of her life.

"Oh come on Rei-chan lighten up we're just having a little fun" Minako said as she dodged another almost pounce from Usagi.

"Fun is fine, but do you need to tease her with MY manga?" Rei was slowly raising her voice.

Minako noting Ami was still highly uncomfortable with the conversation of lesbianism decided it would be fun to aim a little of the fun towards the shyest member of their little group. It was true Ami was very easily intimidated in any type of uncouth talk, and talk of sexuality was one of the things she believed should stay behind closed doors. It had been suspected by Minako that Ami was still hidden in the closet and had been for many years.

The blonds had tried many times to figure out the real truth behind Ami's sexuality. Every time Ami had been able to doge the questions, or out smart them with round-about-logic. Today, however they would try again, and that certain gleam the blonds were what told Rei this would end badly.

"No, I guess your right Rei-chan…we can tease Ami-chan instead." Doing just that the blonds smirked and walked behind Ami in an attempt to surprise her, that failed miserably as soon as Usagi fell on top on the poor bluenette much to her dismay causing a notebook to fall off the table.

"Hey Ami is this for the creative writing class? What did you do yours abo-" Makoto stopped mind sentence when she saw the poems title. "Icy Shock huh? This I gotta read."

From there it was a snowball effect as both the blonds found the opportunity they were looking for to address the questions they had wanted to know for so very long.

"Oh no you don't not before me." The goddess of love at that point was now attempting to win a power struggle with the much stronger Makoto.

"Hey I'm the princess so I get to read I first." Usagi joined the Frey in attempting to read the book. During the trio's bickering no one had noticed that a certain water Senshi was no longer in the room, all except Rei that is.

Ami's POV:---

'Not good. Oh so very not good. What will Mako-chan think? I know she would never try to hurt me and I don't think she'll be mad, heck she would even be ok with my preferences towards women, but what about when she finds out my current interest is her? Then what will she do or say, and what about the others? I know Mina-chan and Usagi-chan won't be unhappy, in-fact I think they would try to set me up with girls to try and help out. Rei-chan, well she would most likely be ok with it as well in time, I think she may have a sort of bisexual curiosity herself anyway. All of the outers will be completely fine, Setsuna-sama has got to know by now since she knows everything before even we do it seems, she is in charge of the time gates after all. Haruka-san and Michiru-chan are already a couple so I know they will support me and Hotaru-chan is being raised by them so she is fully open to the concept nothing new for her in that regard. Perhaps if I go back in and apologize now they won't-'

Her train of thought was then thrown totally off balance when Rei came out of the shrine to sit next to her, neither said anything as they took in the scenery. the shrine truly was a peaceful place. The crows were perched atop the trees, as a gentle breeze rustled the branches. The sun was shining in such a way that it sent the sky into a calming burst of colors. Pinks and oranges filled the sky and aside from the crows there was very little to disturb the relative quite that had fallen around them. Ami glanced over at Rei then to her feet then back at Rei again. The raven haired girl seemed to be pondering something and Ami knew exactly what that something was, but she dared not say anything choosing instead to remain silent.

After what seemed like forever Rei finally spoke. "You know it was only a matter of time until they finally put two and two together."

Ami only nodded on response not knowing what best to say at a time like this so Rei looked up at the sky as she continued. Over their head's sat to Ravens, Rei's companions, Phobos and Deimos. Rei gained Strength and wisdom in her words as she would an older sister. She had always looked after Ami in a way, that was why she was the first to know, and why she should be the first to speak to the bluenette about such a personal matter.

"Ami I know your usually quiet, but never this quiet, and I can't help but feel as if the others and myself are the cause of it. You didn't even say one word when that notebook fell, instead you panicked and then ran. I have a feeling that what was on that notebook was not homework am I correct?"

Ami nodded in conformation while continuing to stare at her feet. She knew she had to say something for an explanation. "I didn't mean for them to find it but now that they have seen it they will know. I just hope they act normal next time they see me. I didn't expect Mako-chan to find out that way, well find out at all really. My mother already knows so I'm not worried about her but what will the others do?"

Rei smirked at the image she was getting wondering what the blonds were doing in the bedroom to poor Makoto at this moment in time, no doubt planning something in their little heads while the brunette attempted to grasp the situation. "Don't worry Ami-chan I'll handle them but what you need to figure out is how to handle Mako-chan. You are still staying over there for the next month while your mother is away right? You'd better think of something to say tonight…in-fact why don't you head to her house now so you have time to think about how to best handle this. I'll take care of the gossip goddess and prying princess and keep them off of your tail."

Ami rolled her eyes at Rei for the terminology but smiled anyway. "Thanks Rei-chan, I just hope Mako-chan will take this alright." and with that she started walking down the steps of the shrine mentally preparing herself for whatever may happen tonight. Rei looked once more before she stepped into the unknown that was currently taking place in her bedroom. 'good luck Ami you deserve to be happy.'

-Meanwhile in Rei's bedroom-

The pandemonium died down as the three girls saw Rei speed out of the room in a frenzy. Once the severity of the situation hit Makoto fully she placed the notebook on the desk and looked it over. There was a poem, or what looked like it, perhaps it was more of a creative piece of work than anything else. Looking it over, the three girls got the confirmation, and perhaps a little more insight than needed on the bluenette.

Icy Shock-

So long have I awaited a simple romance.

One of ageless time.

Simple in it's complexity.

Of I do's or I love you.

What is a ring on a finger?

What is the importance of law?

When can thing become simple?

When all that matters is love?

I need the strength of a pillar.

One not made of stone.

fire will one day melt the heart

Of the girl who governs love.

Time will become ageless.

As a mortal heart grows week.

Will she attain solace again.

Within the love she seeks?

Children of the future laugh and play.

If given some dear sweet time.

Sugar will taste bitter.

As deaths love entwine.

Air and sea already merged.

Play a simple song.

One beautiful melody.

As life moves along.

A man and wife destined to meet.

Have already set forth a journey.

One that will bring a bright future.

To all that crosses their path.

Now I ask the deities.

Who will stand by me?

Will I be forced to stand alone.

Will i find the pillar i seek?

So long we have awaited.

A love that never comes.

May we seek solace.

Within each others arms?

Can you grant ice this wish,

To shock two dying hearts?

To break away the years of ice

To both of our lonely hearts.


"I… never knew.. She felt-" Makoto was at a complete utter loss as to what to say. Never in a million years did she think she would have gained Ami's love. It was all too clear the poem was meant to say some truth on the matter of how Ami felt. The growing need to voice her views became very bluntly obvious. However, what was most interesting was how the bluenette seemed to have called out everyone else and placed them into a type of relationship.

As the three girls sat in silence taking in the depth of what they had just read, they heard Rei enter the room. The heartbeats of an uneasy topic settled as a weight between them all and it became clear that Rei was less than pleased of how this spilled out. There was going to be a talk here and now. Only the great fire, could feel the true depth of Rei's concern and now, it was the time for all to hear what the miko truly thought of this entire escapade.


there's the rewrite of chapter 1 for you. Others to follow shortly.