Simple Update!

This fiction is now within its second story arc! That being the 'TSK: Rise of the Neo Moon!' If you wish to continue the fan fiction series you can find it there, as of right now it is up to Chapter 7. Be warned Rise of Neo Moon can get confusing, but that IS intended early on, so it is to be lost along the way at first. I have been working on it for a while now but I just thought I would post this update for anyone wishing to continue the series that many have missed a step some place. I am also in the planning in a series of one-shots, the first one being completed today… Go ahead and check that out if you want, it's more of an add on for the story more than anything else, it isn't needed but it can be fun… :-D

(The website i had been planning had to be put on hold since i was very busy and continue to be a lot of the time please forgive me on that matter)

Hope to see you around the Rise of the Neo Moon!