This is the first of many in my Unexpected Series. A series of one-shots and drabbles where Leah witnesses the many sides of Jacob Black.

Summary: In which Jacob cheats to win a race by sexually harassing Leah.

Disclaimer: I do not own Twilight.

Edited on: 1/27/10, originally written on 3/21/09

It was the annual pack race. Those privileged enough to know the secret were in attendance which included family and imprints.

But I really didn't feel like being here today. Why did a race matter if everyone knew that I was the fastest from both packs?

"Gather 'round." Billy yelled. It only took moments for everybody to quiet and listen. I rolled my eyes at how eager Emily looked and how a few other were just buzzing with excitement- probably those who had never seen any of us phase.

"This race will be a test of not only your speed but a test of control as well. At the start you shall begin in your human form and must phase at a moments notice. At the next checkpoint you are to phase back and run as your human selves until the second checkpoint and run the finish line. This is a tradition followed by all the packs and we shall continue as our ancestors did." Meaning we were going to run naked like in the old days- where there were no female wolves to worry about.

I wondered if our ancestors were sexist. I was mad and I made a point in letting everyone know. The rest of the pack stayed cleared of me, giving me a wide berth, even my dear younger brother Seth, who knew that leaving me alone was better. Embry was snickering but he wasn't getting sloce enough for me to hit him. Quil just nodded toward me sympathetically.

But then of course there was out all mighty Alpha.

Who stood right by my side.

"Your such a drama queen." Jacob said, in mock disappointment. My hands started shaking in anger. I really wanted to hit something but I decided I didn't want to get in trouble in front of the whole Reservation so I was able to hold myself back... just barely.

"If your so scared of being naked, you could forfeit out of the race." Jacob said smirking.

I wasn't one to be conservative. For god's sake I was a Werewolf. I was naked half the time. Modesty was a trait I had long lost.

The naked part didn't bug me. It was just the fact that they thought it bugged me, bugged me. Made sense to me.

His comment made some of the guys stiffen, already to stop a fight in case I attacked Jacob because of his – stupid – comment and some of the younger Wolves actually nodded. As if they thought I should do just that.

"How about shutting the fuck up, Black. I'm going to run so fast that by the next time you see me, I'll already be fully clothed and eating your damn food." I retorted, stomping my foot. I was too annoyed to care about how girly that move was. Jacob laughed as if he knew exactly what had crossed my mind. He probably did since he was in my head half the time anyway.

There was a white chalk line on the grass floor and I stepped right up to it, towards the end. Jake followed my example and stood right by my side. Everybody else followed our lead and started undressing.

The guys had no qualms about being naked in front of a crowd (fucking bastards) so I glared at them. Jacob caught my glare and retorted with an expectant look.

Before he could comment, I took of my tattered black shirt, my jean short shorts and black converse. I was left in a plain black underwear and matching bra.

I tried my hardest not to blush and was somehow successful. So I crouched, ready to phase at a moments notice, still glaring at the rest of the guys.

Distant;y, I heard some cheering but I was too focused on all the heartbeats, the wind that blew in so many different scents, and my muscles clenching and relaxing in preparation for the run.

"Alright, ready yourselves... and go!"

I jumped and took only a moment to phase, landing about a second after Jacob did- bastard was still the best at phasing.

Yet I quickly overtook him. I didn't think about it and I let my impulse control me. I jumped on top of Jake, using his back to propel myself higher and making him stumble.

Cheater!!! Jacob yelled at me. I merely laughed and all my previous annoyance just flew out of me.

Its called payback! I followed the purposely left scent and easily left them behind. I ran faster and faster, letting the feel of the wind ruffle my fur. Running always made me happy.

But then I passed a yellow flag and I knew I had to phase back. I did so, not once thinking about it in case I lost my nerve.

Even in my human form I was able to follow the scent, just not as strongly. It did a sharp right just around a large tree. My annoyance came flaring back when I noticed how uncomfortable it was to run naked. Using my arm to cover my chest, I ran faster still when I started picking up Jacob's scent.

It was hard to be faster when the guy was a foot bigger than you and therefore had longer legs.

"I thought you would be finished by now." Jacob yelled, coming up behind me. I doubled my running pace when I heard how close he was.

"I thought I would never see the day where I was chasing after my beta, naked." Jacob muttered, chuckling awkwardly.

"Shut up, Jake!" I spluttered. It made my heart race faster and I had to force myself to keep from blushing.

Mercifully, I could see a red flag in the distance. It would take a few more moments to reach it but I could already tell that it did another right turn.

"Although I have to admit... its a pretty nice view."

"Shut. Up. Jake." I said through gritting my teeth. I did the best I could to stop the shaking and the almost unbearable urge to turn around and start beating him senseless. The effort took concentration and it slowed me down enabling Jacob to catch so that he was once more, beside me.

It was all for not when Jake, Jacob, the most non-perverted guy from the pack besides Seth and Quil, slapped my ass. Slapped my ass!

"Next time you want to flash me, wear some sexier underwear."

By the time I regained my composure, Jacob had already phased and Sam was coming up behind me.

I got second place.

I had already phased back, having to go commando because my underwear was ripped to shreds. I guess I hadn't thought through that plan very well.

I was a little ways off from the party, which was celebrating the stupid race. And I was sitting up against a tree, my eyes closed, sulking.

"Go away, Jake." I said, sensing him right before he showed up in front of me. I peeked an eye open and he had the gall to show me a sheepish smile.

"Aww, don't be like that Leah." Jacob whined, kneeling before me.

"You totally cheated." I said, mimicking Jacob's whine.

"You did too!" He yelled childishly. I was already – slightly – over the race but there was something else that was bugging me and he raised an eyebrow in question.


"Do you..." I started.

"Do I what?"

"Do you really think I don't have any sexy underwear?"

Jacob blinked at me for a moment, probably processing my question before laughing that sweet laugh that always made my heart race. And I knew I had already forgiven him.

Jacob ignored my question and kissed me, still smiling.

"So your not mad?" He asked.

"You've never done that before."

"Never done what?" Jacob asked, confused.

"Slapped my ass." I muttered, feeling a tad bit shy.

"Oh.. sorry." Jacob said, blushing as he rubbed the back of his head, embarrassed.

"No I... I liked it." I said, suddenly feeling like a fucking virgin. But Jake's embarrassment was gone a replaced with undeniable lust and he was suddenly touching me. His left hand pushed me back on the ground and he hovered over me, while his right was caressing my breasts. Oh god that felt good.

"I won't hold back then." Jake said huskily.

Who knew my boyfriend could be so unexpectedly perverted?

Ha! I guess you could call this Jake's perverted side? At least I liked it, hope you did too!

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This was what I considered perverted eleven months ago? This was begging to be completely rewritten but I somehow how held back.

Distraction, my other one-shot will be put here since this was originally a series. Don't know what possessed me to not so that in the beginning but too late now. Hope you like this revised version.