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"Leah." Jacob suddenly said in a serious tone. I blinked, wondering what the hell was so important.

We were on the edge of the cliff, bantering as per usual, as we enjoyed the view of the ocean.

A few years ago, it might have been the perfect place to drown in my sorrows, using the muted blue and gray tones of the ocean and sky to heightened my self-pity and other annoying emotions but now I could only look and remember the pack's constant cliff-diving challenges of who could get the farthest in one leap. Embry was still the reining champ on that one.

"I think its time." Jacob continued, confusing me further. I concentrated on any commitment I might have made sometime before but couldn't think of anything. Maybe it had to so with the last thing I said?

"...To castrate your ass?" I repeated, just to see if it made any more sense out loud.

"How many times have I told you that my penis is not on my ass?" Jake said still rather serious. Then it hit me.

"Wait. You're telling me that-"

"That's right." Jake cut me off, his voice changing in a more dramatic fashion. "Its time to teach you about sex."

Ugh, the kid was serious.

"Seriously Jake-" He cut me off with his lips on my mouth and the words died in my throat and I found my arms and legs wrapping around his neck and waist. Damn it. I was powerless against his kisses.

I was wrapped up in it completely, barely hearing anything but his breathing; his pants, his groans, and moans that intermingled with every breath he took.

God, I was so turned on.

I felt his erection and I immediately began to grind against it, gasping at the pleasure the friction caused.

His hands were at my waist, keeping me steady, and I felt one of them slowly rise up to my breast where my nipple had hardened, rubbing it briefly before continuing upward – to my disappointment – to my collar bone, then my shoulder and down my arm and grasping my wrist and untangling it from his neck.

Jacob guided it downward, into his shorts, and I felt it twitch as I grasped it.

"This," He said huskily into my neck, "is a penis."

Holy shit. He was actually going to go through the stupid 'sexual education' thing.

Oh the horror.

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