Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru – The Next Generation

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Natasia: Hey folks!!! This story is a little bit different!!

Noriya: Hi everyone, this story is about the new generation of students in Seio Girl's School.

Natasia: Yup, it's the next generation after Mizuho Miyanokouji's time!

Noriya: Indeed, if you watch the Anime Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru you'll see where Natasia got her inspiration to write this story.

Natasia: Yup! Yup! This is chapter one! Truth be told this story was supposed to be an original made by your's truly! But what kind of fun would it be to keep this story to myself?

Noriya: Yes, so she decided to convert the story into an Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru next generation story for the readers.

Natasia: Uh-huh! So please enjoy this chapter!!!

Chapter one: Second Year of High School Graduation

The date was May 21, 2009. It was 7pm, and it was time for the sophomore students to graduate from their school of St. Mary's Cathedral. It was time for the sophomore students to graduate from the school and soon set their sights on their junior year of high school.

A month before May, the sophomores had a fund raiser for their graduation. They had, had left over money and the students thought they should use the money to send one of their classmates to study over seas for the rest of their high school life. One student suggested that they send Douglas to Belgium to study there. Another suggested they sent Anthony to study in Italy.

But finally, three students suggested that they send Noriya over to Japan to study there. Those three students were the ones that were going to announce, Noriya's, big chance to study over seas. As the three stood at the podium and announced this, Noriya's father stood quickly to protest.

"I'm sorry, not to be rude or anything, but please give that opportunity to someone else." Said the man. Many were shocked by Noriya's father's disapproval of this. People once heard it was Noriya's father's dream to send Noriya over to Japan.

"B-but, Mr. Miyanokouji, isn't your dream to send Noriya to study in your home country of Japan?!" Protested Noriya's friend Mari. Mr. Miyanokouji stood in his spot silently. "Well, Noriya's already going to be going to Japan to study at the school I went to for high school."

Silence entered the room, until that silence was broken by Katerina. Soon the whole room was full of laughter and happiness. As the sophomore ceremony came to an end, the sophomores had their last sophomore picture together. When the flashes ended, they all said their good byes and parted ways. This is where our story begins.

This story begins at the end of sophomore year and the start of junior year for young Noriya Miyanokouji. After Noriya completed packing, and said good bye to family and friends. Noriya hopped on a plane and head to Seio Girl's School.

Natasia: Kinda short I know, but it was hard to convert my original into a story like this.

Noriya: She was mad that she had to cut out some parts seeing as it wasn't good enough.

Natasia: Plus! I hand wrote my work, and when I typed it, it became smaller! *:((*

Noriya: Yes, if you read the actual original in her notebook you'll think it's longer.

Natasia: Yup! Yup! I'm used to hand writing my stories instead of typing them!

Noriya: Well please read and review for Natasia.

Natasia: Chapter two will be a bit longer I hope! Hopefully I don't need to cross out to many juicy details!! *XD*

Noriya: Until next time.