The First Biology Class


Two different faces were battling themselves out in my head. The monster Edward and the strange Carlisle-looking Edward. Red eyes vs. gold eyes. Giving in to my thirst verse saving the amazing smelling human beside me. I could smell the girl's delicious scent plunge into my nostrils each time she moved, sending flames roaring up my throat.

Suddenly the girl-Bella- flipped her hand through her hair and exhaled deeply, just when the heater blew her scent straight at me. I was hit by the scrumptious wrecking ball, and the monster side of me roared in my head.

I could feel my features distort into a wicked smile as I made my decision. I would have to kill this girl. I ran several scenarios through my head, wondering which would be most effective for getting this innocent girl alone with me. I decided to lure her into taking a ride home with me, and simply not take her home. My smile turned into a full out grin, and Bella glanced at me quickly, obviously wondering why this boy with pitch black eyes and deathly pale skin was suddenly grinning to himself. She probably thought I was insane. It didn't matter. She wouldn't be alive much longer anyway.

All of the sudden, I saw Carlisle's angelic face in my head again. He looked at me disapprovingly, and my stomach wretched with guilt as I imagined how disappointed he would be with me. The monster in my head hissed as I hesitated over my decision, but it needn't have worried. I didn't have enough self-control to save Bella.

Barely 30 seconds had passed since I made my decision, and I could feel Bella's eyes on me again. I quickly rearranged my features into a more gentle, composed mask as to help lure her away after class. I looked towards her as if just realizing she was looking at me, and she blushed deeply. Fire clawed at my throat as I saw the blood pool in her cheeks and warm the air around me. I briefly considered killing her now, but I really didn't want to harm the innocent around me. Plus, 25 missing people was much more suspicious than one unimportant girl.

Suddenly, I actually saw her. Before I just saw her as a demon conjured from my own personal hell, or a scrumptious smell just asking me to quench my thirst, But this time, I really looked at her. I accidentally sucked in a breath, noting faintly the fiery ache in my throat. She was gorgeous. Her warm chocolate eyes looked down at her paper, filled with unknown secrets. Her luscious brown locks covered her ivory face and I felt the blush in her cheeks once again, turning them a lovely rose color once again. Unfortunately, her curious silent mind and amazing beauty was not enough to save her from the monster next to her.