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We were all frozen, sitting there in shock. Until Bella broke the silence with a panicked shriek so high pitched that I know if it went any higher it would be heard only by bats. "We have to move! Get up! Get going!"

We all jumped into action, running around in a frenzy, packing our most important possessions. In the back of my mind I noticed what it was each person was packing. Alice was putting her most expensive clothes in bulging duffel bags, plus some clothes for Bella; Rosalie had a combination of clothes and random items that seemed mostly worthless to me (and, of course, a rather large mirror); Emmett was attempting to shove our television in a bag considerably too small for it, and I could already hear the seams ripping; Jasper packed only a small bag of necessities; Carlisle was getting all of our important documents and a small collection of Esme's favorite things; Bella was sitting on the couch, head in hands, muttering miserably. I watched Bella numbly, wishing I could ease her pain, and then ran upstairs to quickly throw some clothes in a small bag, all the while focusing on hearing any thoughts approaching the house. I returned downstairs in record time, clutching the item I had found for Bella to my chest. I ran to her and sat down.

"I know you don't have any personal items to pack yet, but I would like to give you this," I told her, passing it to her.

She gasped quietly, momentarily forgetting our predicament. "It's gorgeous," she murmured, staring down at the tear-shaped diamond hanging from a delicate silver chain.

I shrugged and gave her a half-smile. "It was my mother's. I thought you might like to have it." I took it gently back from her and fastened it behind her neck. "We should probably get going," I told her quietly.

She looked up at my siblings and Carlisle bustling around her and her face crumpled. "This is all my fault," she whispered. She shook with silent sobs, though her eyes could not shed tears.

I shook my head and wrapped my arms around her hesitantly, worried she might shake me off. She did not seem to mind, though. "It's my fault. I didn't have to change you. I should've just left you alone."

She looked up at me. "No," she disagreed softly.

I was confused. "Yes, it was my fault."

"That's not what I meant," she said, shaking her head. "As messed up as all this is, I'm kind of…well not glad, exactly, that you changed me, I mean, but I kind of…Like it. I like being with you all. I miss my mom and dad, but I'm still relatively happy. Or I was, anyway, before I was stupid enough to forget about my dad."

I stared at her, speechless, as she hid her face from me, embarrassed again, and rested her head lightly on my shoulder. As much as I wanted to hold this position forever, my family was almost done and we really needed to move. "We need to go," I said in her ear. She took a deep breath, nodded, and stood up. I grasped her hand and she gave me a small smile, as if she liked the pressure of my hand in hers.

Carlisle finished first. "Everyone ready?" My siblings appeared suddenly, forming a half circle around him and nodding. "Let's go then." He grabbed a set of keys to the extra car we kept, a mid-sized SUV with three rows of seats that was registered in a false name. We threw the bags in the trunk, putting the ones that wouldn't fit (mainly Alice's) where our feet were meant to go. I had just run inside to get an extra bag that we could hopefully fill for Bella later when I heard it. Just a stray thought. A thought that, under normal circumstances, would be completely insignificant to me. The thought of a police officer, accompanied by the sound of several cars getting closer and closer.


I listened to the thought for a moment, holding a small hope that maybe it was just passing by, as it hadn't even turned into the road to our house yet. That hope was gone, though, when I focused in on what it was saying.

I really hope that Swan kid isn't here. I mean, of course I hope we find her… He seemed embarrassed to have had the first thought, and seemed to be trying to compensate for it. He glanced uneasily at his partner as if hoping he hadn't heard him. …It's just; the Cullen's are such good people. The doctor's great, and the kids never cause any trouble…It's a shame they choose now to screw up. He looked out the window. Man, they sure like their privacy. It took forever to figure out which house they were living at, and how to get to it. He snorted mentally. They sure have money, those Cullen's.

I tuned out as his thoughts were directed towards what is wife might be making for dinner. I ran swiftly to the garage and got in the car, where my family was waiting.

"Take the back way," I told Carlisle, my voice tense.

He looked quizzically at me. Alice winced. "Why did I not see that coming?" She murmured to herself. "I guess I was too focused on-" she glanced over at Bella "-other things to pick up on it."

"Cops are coming. Now. We need to get out of here," I said in answer to Carlisle's look.

Carlisle backed out of the garage without a word, tires squealing as he turned around in the driveway much faster than would be safe for a human. He sped off around the house, following a path that we never used but had ready in case of an emergency such as this. I sat back in my seat and put my arm around Bella, who was sitting next to me. She was staring out the window, apparently too shocked to move or speak. My siblings were all murmuring quietly to one another, while Carlisle was on the phone with Esme, clueing her in on our situation; after he planned on settling a place for us to stay. I listened for a moment or two, and then tuned in to Rosalie's thoughts. As to be expected, her thoughts were quite murderous. She was still enraged at both Bella and I for getting our family in to this mess.


She looked up at me.

"This isn't your fault, Bella," I told her. "It'll all be okay."

She nodded as if acknowledging what I was saying, though not believing it. Carlisle hung up his phone and glanced at Bella in the rearview mirror. "He's right, Bella. It most definitely is not your fault. We should have thought to contact your parents before this. You were so overwhelmed with your new life; it is completely understandable that you would forget."

Rosalie's thoughts disagreed, though she did not voice her opinions. Bella simply nodded again.

"It's all set," Carlisle said, this time to the car as a whole. "Our house in London is ready for us."

"Why London?" Bella asked quietly.

"London is the city of my youth. It's where I grew up. I figured it's as good a place as any," Carlisle answered her with a bit of a wistful smile. Then he added, "Esme will meet us there in a few days." His smile grew more serene and joyous as his thoughts were redirected to his upcoming reunion with Esme.

Alice's thoughts invaded my head. They're the-ere, she thought, using an adaptation of the line from the movie Poltergeist. She showed me a vision that showed the police barging into our house, knocking down the front door, guns drawn. Alice winced. I liked that door. Ooh, Esme will not be happy. She looked at me, saw my sad expression and pitying eyes, and her breath caught. Her thoughts, if spoken aloud, would have been a mere whisper. We're not going to be able to go back, are we? I shook my head, and her thoughts, pained, went back to the vision. The police searched the house for us, then went out to the garage. "Well, no cars missing," one said, as we had put a shelf in the place where the mid-sized SUV had been so they would not notice that though all of the cars we owned we were, there was one empty space. One of the cops whistled in appreciation, looking at our long line of expensive vehicles. "Man, look at these cars! They really do have money. Cullen must be a pretty good doctor to afford all these, plus all those houses they got." Another cop, unimpressed with our cars, said, "Where do you think they are? None of their cars are gone, and I can't imagine a cab driving all the way out here." "I dunno," the other said. The vision ended.

"The police are at the house," Alice announced.

Rosalie's hand, already in a fist, seemed to tighten, making her knuckles look bone white. Other than thought, though, my family showed no outward sign of emotion. Carlisle continued driving at a speed about twice the legal limit, and finally we reached a narrow back road. I kept my mind open to any approaching thoughts, while Alice searched to future for any run-ins with the police. Nothing suspicious was found, though, in the present or the future.

Bella's head returned to its original position on my shoulder. I stroked her hair gently, attempting to soothe her. She sighed and closed her eyes, her hand finding its way into mine. She reopened her eyes and looked up at me. "How long will the flight take?" she asked in the kind of quiet voice only a vampire can achieve.

It was Carlisle who answered. "Probably a little over 9 hours."

She nodded and closed her eyes again, probably attempting to clear her mind. I closed my eyes as well and rested my head on top of hers, blocking out all thought, focusing only on the feel of her hand in mine.

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