Summary: When Isabella, who is secretly dating her therapist Dr. Carlisle Cullen, starts to fall for Edward Cullen, Carlisle's nephew, her whole world falls apart. Bella has to survive through heart break, and choosing between the two men she loves. C/B E/B

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I never thought I would end up like this. I never thought I would let my whole world crumble around me. I lean my head against the cold, wet concrete. I'm a complete mess. The rain and cold breeze is slightly stinging the open wounds on my arm. I can feel warm blood trickling down my arm. I ignore it, it's no worse than the ach in my heard. I really fucked everything up, for them, for me. The sad thing is that I doubt I can fix it. But that's what I get, that's what I deserve. My mom was right all those years ago. I'm nothing special. I'll just end up being a whore like her. I always tried not to end up like her, but I did. Maybe I should flip a coin. Heads, I get up and try to fix my life. Tails, I just let my elf slip further into this depression. I sit up and run my fingers through my thick, wet hair. I sigh and look around at my surroundings. Its pouring raining, the sky is pitch black. The moon is covered by tick clouds. I get up off the ground and walk over to a bench. I sit down and close my eyes, trying to clear my mind. Once I open my eyes I look up at the sky again. I see the tiniest bit of light from the moon, which is peaking out from behind the clouds. That's my Carlisle. He's my moon, Edwards my sun. How am I supposed to choose one? I love them both, I need them both. But do they both want me? I get up off the bench and start to walk to the Cullen's house. I'm going to fix all the problems I've cause to both them and I.

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