A Night Out Turns Nightmare (Dean 24, Sam 20, Julie 16: Fic where Sams at Stanford, but comes back briefly)

"I can't believe dads letting you get to a highschool party by yourself," Dean stated in slight disbelief. He even thought he heard it wrong when his dad agreed to let her go right in front of him the day before. He said that she deserved a break after two hard-core months of pure training. He had to agree with that after seeing Julie work her butt off between school and hunting, but still, A HIGHSCHOOL PARTY!?! Is his dad insane. He had some first-hand experience with what went on there and was not ok with leting his baby sister go there. Of course Julie watched him go to parties all during his highschool years and sneak in late while she covered for him, but that was beside the point.

Julie looked up from perfecting her makeup in the bathroom mirror to see Dean leaning against the doorframe watching her. OMG! This was getting old. This was the hundreth time he had said that since she got permission to go. She was tired of everybody treating her lke shes still that ten-year-old girl with little bouncing curls who needed protection from everything. Sam was the only sane one she could talk to, but still he could kick into big brother mode when push come to shove. He left anyway, and hasn't returned even one of the hundreds of messages on his phone, after he promised he would, so forget him.

To Julie, you never break a promise. If you make her a promise, you better be ready to keep it. If you don't she will hate you for a really long time. Julie never forgets and it takes some work to get her to forgive you. Thats just the way it was.

"Well believe it," she stated turning her attention back to her eye liner. She had to learn about girl stuff on her own, and by now she was pretty darn good at it. "Oh and Dean?" she said not even bothering to look up at him.

"Yah," he answered, unmoved from his previous spot at the door.

"I better not just happen to see you at the party, or see or hear the impala repeatedly driving by the house. Promise," she stressed. She knew that if he promised she would get the night free from annoying big brothers.

"Fine I promise. Just please don't do anything stupid Jewels. Always keep your phone on you and here are your keys," he said reaching into his pocket and pulling out a pretty, sparkly, and green keychain. "Just attach them to your pants. You can't lose them unless you take off your pants, and if you take off your pants, I'm not sure I want you coming home," he said with a straight face but Julie could see the twinkle of humor in his eyes.

"Ha, ha, very funny," she fake laughed at him.

" Ok you set. I can drive you now," he said starting to leave the bathroom when his sister's hand came from behind and grabbed his arm.

" Oh, Dean your nto driving me, my friends are picking me up and dropping me off after the party. They'll be here any minute. I thought you knew," she questioned.

"No I didn't. I'm not going to let my baby sister get in a car with a bunch of teenagers when they might not be sober," he stated matter-a-factly.

"You drove with me in the car when you were fifteen," she shot out.

"Yah but I never drank with you in the car. I never even took aspirin when I thought I would be driving you anywhere. I was too afraid that I would mess up and get you hurt. Those kids don't care," he answered. He really didn't wanna lose this one, but knew that if it was with Julie, he probably would. A horn sounded outside and he knew it were her friends.

"Dean please, there here, I trust them. Please let me go," she practically begged. She shot him with those pretty blue eyes that he couldn't day no to and let them do the talking.

"Ok, go. Now no drinking, no guys, and no drugs," he listed off all of the no-no's as she made her way to the front door. She just rolled her eyes as she shugged on her black jacket. She opened the door and let the cold twilight air hit her face. She quickly spun around on her heel and gave Dean a big hug.

"I love you," she whispered in her ear. He felt him wrap his arms around her both protectively and lovingly.

"Love yah too," he whispered right back.
After a few moments there was another series of honks coming from the steet. Julie let go of her hero and walked right out the front door, shutting it on her way out.
Dean walked into the kitchen and watched through the window his baby sister get into the car with people he has naver met. He couldn't keep the feeling that something bad was gonna happen from creeping into his thoughts.

He shook his head, hoping to shake the worry away. Grabbing a cold beer from the fridge, he sat down with the remote for a nice quiet hour before his dad got home from the library researching the next hunt.