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Authors note: This is my third fanfic. Still working on Broken but Not Alone, however I have hit a dead end. This story will be 3/4 chapters long and once again be based on my lovely McGee! Please R+R!


The man lay there wondering. Wondering how long he had been there. Wondering if they knew he was missing. Wondering if they were ever going to find him.

He was becoming less and less aware of the state he was in. He knew that his breathing was rapid and shallow, and no matter how much he tried to draw in deep breaths they just wouldn't come.

When he had first awaken, he had tried to escape, ignoring the pain radiating from the lump he could feel on his head. This pain had quickly turned to dizziness, nausea and the worse headache ever...concussion. It wasn't until the hot and cold flashes, the tingling in his limbs and the lethargy, that his slow brain finally click the symptoms...hypoxia.

The darkness wasn't helping his effort to stay awake either. He just lay there wondering. Maybe he should try to escape again...yeah that would be a good idea. He stood up and swayed, his limbs feeling heavy. He tried a step, and fell flat on his face, ironically falling over the metaphorical air. The air that had become less and less useful to him as time went on. He rolled over and laughed at the thought. Laughed at the fact that he probably looked like a smurf. Laugh at the knowledge that he was buried 5 feet underground. Laughed until the darkness finally took a hold on his body and mind. Tim allowed himself to be dragged under.