An unwanted daughter, born from an experiment and the mad scientist that captured the experiment, thrown from her home after one of an endless cycle of experiments went south, tossed into the hellish void Hueco Mundo only to serve as an implement of death. That, that was me.

I am the daughter of one Mayuri Kurotsuchi and Asami Unoichi. My name is Yasu Kurotsuchi, and I am neither a Shinigami like my father nor a Quincy like my mother. I am not even a hybrid of the two, as Mayuri's experimentation mutated me into something more. I am considered Sousuke Aizen's secret weapon, his assassin codenamed "Haku", a name I take on for my assignments.

"Yasu, I have a mission for you," Aizen told me in private one night.

I straightened up at once in interest, "Oh?"

As was my condition for my absolute obedience, Aizen caressed his bed mate, "Yasu, you will go to Karakura Town and kill all of the those close to Kurosaki Ichigo, not excluding the Shinigami,"

"Your wish is my command, Aizen-chan," I held him to myself.

"I told you not to call me that. You may slip up on day and give the others hope of weakness from me," He dug his nails into my ribs and drew blood.

I blinked, the pain more of a turn on than a torture, "Forgive me, Aizen-sama, I was not thinking,"

"No. No you weren't. After we're done here, you will begin your mission however you see fit,"

And so it was that for yet another night, Hueco Mundo was full of screams. Screams of all sort as it were. Screams of joy, creation, hate, anger, jealousy, fear, death, and pain all filled the white, sandy abyss.

The next day, I hid any traces of anything that could link me to Hueco Mundo or Aizen or any of that. Not even a practiced eye could know of my scheme. If fact, even Aizen himself would be fooled.

I waited by Karakura High School for Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends to arrive to begin the school day. I had a low-level Pseudo-Arrancar on stand-by, waiting for their arrival to attack me. Once he felt their spiritual pressure, he started to attack me like any Arrancar would attack any meal. I screamed out for help, waiting to begin my plan.

"Now remember, escape once they arrive, but make sure they see you," I reminded him while we were still alone.

I saw Ichigo running up from the corner of my eye, his friends just behind him.

"Ichigo," Yasutora "Chad" Sado pointed to the retreating Arrancar.

"Oh no you don't!" Ichigo used his badge and turned into a Shinigami Representative.

The Arrancar was too slow to escape as Ichigo swung Zangetsu down on him. He shattered into the wind and was no more.

I smiled at him gratefully, "Thanks for saving me from that thing,"

"You can see me?" He asked in mild shock.

I nodded my head vigorously.

"Are you alright.....Er, who are you?" Ichigo asked me.

I smiled at him sweetly, "Haku Taiyou. I just transfered here,"

He transferred back into his body and looked at Rukia, "I'm Ichigo Kurosaki,"

I put on a bright smile and an overly cheerful demeanor, "Like number one protector?"

He grinned at me, "Finally, someone gets it,"

Rukia leaned over to Orihime, "More like strawberry and ass-kisser,"

Orihime got all huffy and puffy, "Rukia-chan, that's mean!"

Rukia ignored Orihime, "You were just attacked by an Arrancar. Are you sure you're alright?"

I realized what she was angling for before she finished her sentence. To make my act more plausible, I suddenly fainted without warning. But I was able to understand everything going on around me the whole time. I shuddered in displeasure as Ichigo picked me up and carried me to the school rooftop. Like true friends, everyone followed us.

"You know, she could be out of it for a while," Rukia pointed out.

"Yeah. I think I'll take her to my dad at the clinic," Ichigo nodded.

"Alright, we'll see you later," Orihime held her knees tightly, hiding her jealousy.

I watched immovably as Ichigo carried me to his home and family-run clinic.

"Dad," Ichigo called when he walked in through the door.

"Is school over already? Ichigo?! What's this? My son coming home with a girl?!" He started move around sporadically.

What an idget.

"It's nothing like that. She just fainted so I took her here," He carried me to an empty bed and set me down.

"Does she have a name?" Isshin asked, crossing his arms.

"Uh, I think she said it was Haku Taiyou, or something like that," He scratched his chin.

Isshin nodded, "You go, I'll take make sure she doesn't die while you're gone!"

Ichigo sighed and went back to school. While I could make myself faint at will and observe my surroundings, I could not move nor could I chose when I 'wake up'. Therefore, I was stuck waiting to wake up. While I waited, I got to see Karin and Yuzu. It was actually kind of funny to see their reaction to me. Yuzu noticed me first, and she commented on how "pretty" I was. Then Karin spotted me. She only blinked a few times.

"Did Ichi bring her here?" She pointed at my uniform.

"Oh, I guess he did," Yuzu nodded, looking at my uniform as well.

"Color me impressed that Ichigo could get such a babe over to our house!" Isshin jumped from nowhere and started to rant on about Ichigo and puberty.

Karin shook her head, "No, she's out of it, so it doesn't count any,"

Finally, Ichigo came home, "She wake up yet?"

Before anyone could answer, I snapped out of it and asked softly with a dazed look on my face, "Ichigo?"

They looked at my meekness and Ichigo smiled, "We need to talk,"

I nodded and tried to get out of the bed. I could walk, but I needed to get close to my target, so pretended to need help. I knew he was a good guy who'd help me, so he made my job that much easier.

"Thanks," I smiled at him as he wrapped his arm around my waist.

He blushed and helped me to his room to talk in private. Before he closed the door, I saw his family stare at each other in disbelief.

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