"Ichigo!" I squealed happily as I saw that he was in my arms, not the Hollow.

He held me tightly, almost crushing me and nearly preventing me from breathing, but I was too euphoric to care about anything but us two, "Yasu, you're alive,"

"You can thank your friends and Orihime, but enough of that! How are you?"

He grinned, "Infinitely better, now that I have you again,"

"Ichigo, I'm so sorry, I tried to tell you before I left-"

He kissed me, seriously threatening to kill me from lack of oxygen, "I don't care about all of that,"

I was so dizzy, but I was too relieved to have him back to say so, "Ichigo, I-"

"I know, I love you too," He smiled at me and kissed me again.

At this rate, we might take much longer than needed to get back....

"What took you two so long?!" Rukia and Orihime both demanded when we finally returned.

We looked at each other and blushed, "Oh, nothing much,"

Kisuke snorted, "I doubt that. Look at the both of you!"

"Kisuke, cut them some slack. I know Ichigo is too shy for anything like that, no matter how much you push," Yoruichi winked at me in a comforting way.

"Ah, come on, it's obvious that something happened," Kisuke dropped at the look Yoruichi gave him.

Actually, nothing did happen. Not like Kisuke was thinking at least. Ichigo and I did go a bit past making out, but we stopped before sex. I'm not entirely sure how or why we stopped when we did because I was too involved our mouths locked together and his hands in my hair, twisting and untwisting my curls. All I know is what happened after we stopped.

"Yasu, are you ready to go home?" Ichigo asked me, pulling me from my thoughts.

I nodded and laced my hand in his, "As long as I'm with you, I'm ready to go anywhere,"

"Eww," Rukia followed after us, "I don't think I'm going to like going home at all,"

"What, you already sick of their lovely-dovey stuff?" Renji asked Rukia, casually following her.

She stoped behind him, "Where exactly are you going with this?"

Renji didn't face her yet, "I was thinking, because of what happened here-"

"Renji, if you want to ask me out, just do it!" Rukia snapped.

"Oh," I looked over my shoulder and saw him blushing so brightly, his hair suddenly was ten times less noticeable, "Then would you like to go out with me sometime?"

Ichigo pulled me along faster and whispered into my hair, "This isn't our business,"

I sighed, "You right, we'll find out later anyways,"

He kissed the top of my head and we walked home into the sunset, hand-in-hand.

Ok, a bit short and very much a cliche, but I like it, and I think it is a good set up for the sequel, which is untitled as of yet. So, please, if you liked this or would like to know who they will end up, please keep an eye out for the sequel. If you are against a sequel, then just don't read it. Yes, I am Captain Obvious! Oh, and I don't own Bleach, but I'm still hoping to change that.....