So, this is the sequel to The Lost Son. I hope you all enjoy it. It does have some very intense chapters so be warned.


Sam Winchester (17 years old)

Dean Winchester (21 years old)

Daniel Winchester (22 years old)

John Winchester

Bobby Singer


Several OC's, some you've met and some you haven't

Disclaimer: I still don't own any of the characters that the master Kripke created. If I did, I wouldn't have time to write stories.


Sequel to The Lost Son

Santa Cruz-Late Spring 2000

Two figures sat hunched together on the sagging porch of the small, rundown house, their foreheads touching, the girl sobbing miserably. The boy shushed and coo'd but the girl continued to cry, her striking sapphire eyes red and puffy, her cheeks flushed. The boy pulled away and gently cupped the girl's face in his large hands. He softly pushed her dark hair away from her face then sweetly kissed her runny nose. He pulled her into his arms, his gentle voice trying to comfort her.

"Please Alisa, don't cry," Sam begged, his arms draped across the sobbing girl's back.

"I...I...d-don't t-to g-go..." Alisa choked out around her sobs.

"I know. I don't want to go either, but it really isn't up to me," Sam said sadly, his arms tightening around the girl.

Alisa took several deep breaths, then pulled away, raising her puffy eyes to meet Sam's.

"Sam...I l-love you," she whispered.

Sam's eyes widened as he stared in shock at the girl.

"What? Y-you do?" he stammered.

"Yes Sam. I love you and I don't want you to go."

"Oh God. I love you too Alisa. I love you so much. I...I wish I didn't have to go, but I do."

Alisa nodded sadly, resigned to their fate. "Sam? I...uh..." she started, her cheeks flushing a soft pink.

"What Alisa? What is it?" Sam queried as he ran his fingers through the girl's dark curls.

"It's just...I thought you'd wanted you to be..." Alisa stammered, the pink in her cheeks darkening.

"I'd be what?" Sam asked, his eyes questioning as he gazed at the trembling girl.

"I want you to be my first Sam...okay, that's it, but now you're going away and...oh crap...I don't know what I'm saying!" Alisa cried.


"I'm a virgin Sam and I wanted you to be my first. I love you. I've probably been with lots of girls, but I don't care, I just..."

"No Alisa. No other girls," Sam said quietly.

"Really? You're a...a virgin too?" Alisa inquired.

"Uh...yeah. You're the only girl I've ever even kissed Alisa."

Alisa gazed at Sam, her eyes resting lovingly on his handsome face. "Sam, please...before you have to leave...I want know."

"Are you sure? I mean, we may never see each other again. I don't want to take advantage..."

"Sam, I want this. I want my first time to be with you. I'll never love anyone like I love you."

Sam smiled as his heart raced in his chest. His hands shook and he had to take several deep breaths to calm his breathing before he spoke again. "Wh-when do you...uh...when do you want do this?" he asked nervously.

"Tomorrow night my parents will be gone. They won't be back until the next day and my brother is going to a party. We'll have the house to ourselves," Alisa answered with a coy smile.

"So...tomorrow night? Are you sure?"

Alisa smiled softly then reached up and pulled Sam into a deep kiss. She pulled away and put her lips to Sam's ear.

"I want this more than anything," she whispered, her warm breath tickling Sam's neck.

Sam moaned softly and pulled Alisa in for another kiss. After what seemed an eternity, the two lovesick teenagers pulled away from each other and stared intensely into each other's eyes. Sam leaned against the porch pillar and pulled Alisa to his side, his arm wrapped lovingly around her shoulders.

"I better walk you home. It's getting late," Sam said, not wanting this evening to end, but his mind already skipping ahead to the next night.

The teenagers rose from the step and walked to the street. They walked leisurely toward Alisa's house eight blocks away, their fingers entwined, arms swinging as one between them. Once they reached Alisa's house, Sam walked her to her door and lightly brushed his lips over hers. She wrapped her arms tightly around his waist and rested her head on his shoulder.

"Tomorrow night?" she whispered.

"Tomorrow night," Sam replied, slowly pulling Alisa's face up to his, then kissing her softly.

Alisa pulled away and smiled. She reached her hand out to the doorknob and turned it then pushed open the front door.

"I love you Sam," she said softly, then disappeared into her house before Sam could answer.

Sam stood on the porch, not moving for a few moments. He smiled brightly then turned and headed back down the walk toward his house, hands in his pockets and eyes looking skyward admiring the twinkling stars that dotted the night sky. So engrossed in his thoughts, Sam didn't notice the figure that followed him, draped in shadows, nor did he feel the intense glare of the eyes that watched his every move.


So, there was the first chapter. I know it was short. More to come tomorrow.