Derek: Did somebody die? Is that why there is an epilogue.

Casey: (mutters) Simple-minded idiot. (to Derek) That's an epitaph, Derek. Not an epilogue.

Derek: (scratches his head) Then what's an epilogue.

Casey: Well maybe if you read a lot more than you would know.

Derek: I still don't know what it is!

Casey: It means to conclude a story.

Derek: What?

Casey: For goodness sakes! I'll put It in simplier terms for you. It's the end of a story.

Derek: Oh.

Now on to the story!


Lizzie McDonald was on a mission. Her mission: find out what's going on between Derek and Casey. Opening the door to her sister's room she was surprised, yet not to see Casey and Derek in a make-out session. I guess that answers my question, Lizzie thought as she cleared her throat, folding her arms over her chest like a mother getting ready to scold her child.

Casey jumped away from Derek at the sound, landing on the floor with a thud.

"Not funny, Derek," Casey said at Derek's laughter.

"Looks like klutzilla strikes again," Derek joked making himself laugh harder and also gaining a few giggles from Lizzie.

"Like your any better, Mr. dates anything with a skirt and big boobs."

"I'm dating you aren't I," Derek smirked.

"Uh, guys, you do know I'm still here, right?" Lizzie said shocked at the news that they are dating.

Casey glared at Derek before turning around to face Lizzie.

"Right, uh, what did you want?" Casey asked frazzled and embarrassed that Lizzie caught them making out.

"An explanation might be good."

"Right," Casey said not wanting to have this talk with Lizzie but knowing it would happen sooner or later. "Derek, could you leave, please?" Casey asked of him with a look that said they will continue their 'conversation' later.

"Fine by me, Klutzilla." Derek strolled to the door with Casey glaring at him even when the door closed. Once again, Casey turned around, facing Lizzie, and prepared for the worst.

………………………….15 minutes later

"….went out to breakfast leaving us with nothing to do…..questioning about one of my books….next thing I know is that we were kissing."

"Wait a minute, you slept with Derek!" Lizzie exclaimed.

"Yeah Liz, let everybody know," Casey said covering Lizzie's mouth. "Yes, I slept with Derek and I don't regret it, either." Casey released her hand away from Liz's mouth giving her a chance to talk.

Lizzie took in all the information with happiness. She and Edwin had been hoping that Casey and Derek would get together with each other and get rid of all the sexual tension they seemed to be caring around. Lizzie shrugged and said with a smile, "As long as you're happy, I'm cool with it."

"Great," Casey sighed. "But you can't tell anyone, I don't think Derek and I are ready for more people to find out, yet."

"I won't tell," Lizzie promised.

"Aww thanks, Liz," Casey said hugging Lizzie. "I better make sure Derek doesn't do anything, well, Derek like." Casey walked down stairs with an extra bounce to her step.

As soon as Lizzie was sure that Casey was downstairs she peaked down the hall over to where Edwin's room is.

"Hey, Edwin," she called out with a smile.

The End

It's over, yay! I mean, :( My toof hurts and I jus wen tof da denfisf. Ouff! I jus bif my tounge. Just kidding! My tooth still hurts a little though.