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Bella's Point Of View

I woke up to the horrid sound of the alarm clock. I squeezed my eyes shut silently willing it to smash itself against the wall.

Didn't work, I rolled over to turn it off. I was going to have to work on my Jedi skills......

Oh Damn, Jedi skills? Ok, no more Star Wars nights with Charlie. I just moved in with my father two weeks ago. It was by choice...sort of. Choose Charlie or therapy with some nut job with a God complex.

Looking out the window, I was momentarily confused by the complete lack of sunshine. Then I remembered I was in Forks, not Phoenix. There is no sun in Forks. Just rain, clouds and fog. One good thing about being forced to move here, the weather fit my personality perfectly. Well, that and no one here would question my need to wear long sleeves. It was frigging cold. The cold and wet of this place seemed to cling to your skin like a heat sucking leach, leaving you chilled to the bone. I hate the cold. I hate the wet.

A knock at my door made me lose my train of thought.

"Bella, are you awake? I heard the alarm..." Charlie trailed off.

"Yes,, Dad. I'm up." Damn Renee for warning him. Since I got here, he checks on me until he sees me dressed and in the kitchen. No way was I going to be hiding under my covers for days here.

"Will you be ok driving the truck to school? I have to get to the station early for a meeting."

"Yes, Dad. I can handle the truck." Ah, the truck. A red 1953 Chevy Pickup. It was another thing that wasn't so bad about Forks. My grandfather used to drive it on the back roads, with me in his lap. When he died, Charlie didn't have the heart to sell it. He kept it running all these years. Though the winters here hadn't been kind to the exterior, I still loved that frigging truck. It reminded me of a time when I was actually happy.

"Ok. I have a meeting with the principal about student curfews today. I'll see you at lunch." Message received, be AT school. Charlie wasn't much for beating around the bush. Most of our conversations consisted of a few words and an occasional grunt. He was trying though.

"Sounds like fun." I tossed the covers back begrudgingly and started to crawl out of bed.

"Alright then...."He was hesitating at the door. My dad may be a man of few words but his eyes gave him away. I could practically hear all the thoughts running through his head. "I'm so sorry Bella. I'm trying. Please be ok."

"I'll be home for dinner. Bye." I heard him walk away from the door and down the stairs, the squeaky floorboards complaining the whole way.

Shit. Charlie showed his fatherly love with actions more than words. Letting me drive the truck and trusting me to get to school was a gesture. He just wanted me to be ok, to be his Bella again. Too bad it wasn't going to happen, not in this lifetime anyway. I would return the favor; I would trust him to try to keep me sane. No matter what, I DID love my father. I decided to cook his favorite dinner tonight just to show it. I guess I show my love with actions too. Hmph, who would have guessed; like father, like daughter.

Getting ready for school was always the easiest part of my day. My wardrobe never strayed far from basic t-shirt and jeans. Oh there were occasional changes of hues and some were V neck while others were not. My hair was too thick and long for me to attempt anything with it, even if I had the desire to. I jumped in the shower to try and force myself to face the day. I brushed the tangles left by restless sleep and vigorous scalp massage until it was smooth again and let it fall down my back. It would probably make life easier if I would just chop it all off, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. I could hide behind my hair. That came in handy. A little too often. Looking into the mirror, I realized the darkness of my hair next to my pale skin gave me an almost paranormal appearance. As if I was already dead....

Shaking the thought from my head, I put on my Docs and proceeded to the kitchen. I grabbed my usual, pop tart and a coke, and headed out to the one thing I was looking forward to seeing today, my truck. It started easily and I only had a little trouble steering that monster onto the road.

I pulled into the parking lot of Forks High and realized I was early. Really early. What the hell. I can't even remember the last time I made it somewhere on time, let alone early, without a parental unit dragging me there.

At least I had time to mentally prepare myself for the day. All I wanted to do was crawl back into bed and sleep forever, but I had promises to keep. Promises that couldn't be broken or it would break my family's hearts... again.

When more students started arriving, I decided I'd better get going before the entire student body was present for this debacle. I took a deep breath--getting ready to pull off the hardest and most unconvincing acting role of all time... "Happy Bella". That's how Renee put it. She thought it would be better if I acted like a normal kid. She seemed to think that if I acted like a happy teenage girl, then I might magically morph into one. Charlie agreed because he was still clearly in love with my mom, and I agreed because I couldn't take her looking at me like she had failed as a parent. The fakeness only added to my misery, but what the hell it made everyone else happier. Maybe my mom's deluded thinking would work.

So, I plastered a smile on my face, as much as I could muster, and walked into my second week of mindless days at Forks High School. The first week was uncomfortable to say the least. Being the new kid in a small town school is a bit like being Robert Pattinson in a room full of obsessed girls; everyone wants a piece of you. And a bit like being a bleeding entre' in a room full of vampires; everyone wants to take a piece out of you. Too much attention either way.

Edward's Point Of View

I was assaulted by the smell of perfume and it pulled me from my dream. I recognized the smell but knew it was at least twenty minutes before my alarm would go off.

Fucking Alice. She does this every day. I don't know why the hell I even bother with the damn alarm. Alice's eagerness was annoying enough to wake anyone up. My sister was way too perky in the morning.

"Wakey, wakey, Little Bro!" If I was a lesser man I'd be puking from the nauseating sweetness exuding from her pint size annoying ass. It is way too fucking early for this.

"Seriously Ally, you've got to stop calling me that. You were only born two minutes before me and you're half my size." I didn't bother to open my eyes or roll over.

"I'll stop calling you 'Little Bro', when you stop calling me 'Ally'. You know I hate that." She scrunched her nose up in disgust.

"That's not was Jasper says." I heard the distinct noise of something flying over my head and hitting the wall. Probably a shoe.

"You know, sometimes I really hate how close you and Jasper are. He tells you things a brother should never know about a sister. It's creepy."

"He was my friend before he was your boyfriend." I knew it was a weak argument. He was only my friend for a month before getting with Alice. It was just last year, after a few too many tequila shots, that Jasper admitted that he became my friend to get to Alice. Immature yes, but he was a guy, what the hell did I expect. At least he'd stuck around through thick and thin. Even after he and Alice were an item.

"Lame." was all she said.

I finally opened my eyes to see Alice standing at the foot of my bed, missing a shoe. I KNEW it! She walked over to retrieve the shoe then sat on the edge of my bed.

We looked nothing like twins. I mean, you could tell we were related, but fuck...the Hales looked more like twins and they were a year apart. However, if you were to spend more than a few minutes with us, you would know we were twins. We had that "twin vibe". We could almost hear each other's thoughts, frequently carrying on silent conversations. It freaked most people out.

"So, how was your trip with Uncle Carlisle?" As if she didn't know.

"Fine." The look I gave her made it clear, this conversation was over. I was not ready to have this conversation, out loud, or silently. "How were things here?"

"Oh, you know. The usual." She was lying, which was stupid because I always knew when she was lying.

"Spit it out, Alice." She was avoiding eye contact. Did she do something...wrong? No, Alice knows she can tell me anything. Plus my morals are a little more lax than hers, not many things she considered bad were wrong to me so what was with this dramatic pause shit. I just looked at her, waiting for her to get on with it.

"I made a new friend this week." Ok, now I was really confused. Making a new friend warranted a head -down-mouth-pout full-on drama queen episode? What the hell.

"You mean the new girl? I overheard Emmett teasing Rosalie about her last night, when he was sneaking her out. Something about how Rose might have some competition. What's so special about her?"

Alice started playing with her spiky black hair. A habit we shared, playing with our hair when we were nervous.

"She's Chief Swan's daughter." My eyes narrowed. "No Edward. I want you to be nice to her. I really like her."

"Aw sis, why wouldn't I be nice to her." Snarky as hell.

"Because you haven't been nice to a girl outside the family since the whole Tanya incident." The name gave me a sharp stab, not a time I want to remember.

"That's not true."

"You made Jessica Stanley cry." It was true but that bitch deserved it.

"I made Jessica cry because she thought she could fucking walk all over me like she does Mike." I sat up on my elbows and tried to stare her down.

Waste of time. She always knows what I'm going to do. She was prepared. The stare down lasted all of 30 seconds. Damn, does she have to be right all the time too.

I sighed, "I'm nice to Rose, and she's not family. Being nice to her should count for a lot."

She giggled. "You know, that's my best friend, your best friends sister and your cousin's girlfriend you're talking about. And someday she'll be family... twice over."

The thought of that made me shudder. I felt compassion for Jasper, who was actually related to her by blood.

She seemed in no hurry to leave, so I got up to get ready for school. I grabbed the clothes that looked cleanest off the floor and went into my bathroom.

"Her name is Bella." She said though the door. I knew what she was trying to pull. Rolling my eyes, I finished up my morning ritual and went back to the bedroom. Alice gave my clothes a once over. A look of disgust came over her face.

"You'd think being related to me would give you some fashion sense, but no, you're completely devoid. Well at least you and Bella seem to have something in common." Leave it to Alice to find a silver lining in any cloud, even if it's dark and stormy and ready to strike her dead.

"Alice. Knock. it. off." Ok, this was starting to piss me off. She knew better.

"Edward, look." She gave my arm a gently squeeze and her eyes turned serious. "I'm not trying to push anything. You don't have to like her. I just want you to be nice. She plays happy, but I can see the pain in her eyes. She needs a real friend...not like that brainless Jessica who's been circling like a vulture. I just don't want you to scare her off. Please... for me?" I knew she was giving me the puppy dog look. Fuck. I refused to look. She's so short I can easily see over the top of her head, so I stared at my book collection instead. Two can play dirty.

Alice sighed. She hated it when I froze her out.

"You don't have to go back to school today. I know when I come back from the trip with Aunt Esme I..."

"No." I cut her off. As much as I hated to hurt my sister, we were not going to do this today. Deep down, she understood.

"Alright." She smiled weakly. "Hurry up. We can take the Volvo today." With that attempt to cheer me up, she gave my arm another squeeze and flounced out the door. Somewhere in the house I heard her yell; "Emmett! Get your ass out of bed, we're taking the Volvo!"

Damn. Shit. Fuck. School was already hell. I only went for the grades. I wanted to get into a great school...the farther away the better. Now I had to deal with this Bella person being Alice's new BFF. Chief Swan's daughter, no less.

This year was going to fucking suck.

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