Sequel to "Refugee" is finally up! I guess this story is going to be less dark than the last one. Actually, it will actually answer alot of questions from the previous one, and reveal something new and unique that I thought of using while reading VK. A lot of surprises though, so keep reading!

NOTE- If you have NOT read "Refugee," this fanfiction, I'm afraid, would make less sense to you than your pet rock =)


Chapter 1: Remembrance

"If the world asked for change from its inhabitants, how would you respond?"

"I would simply refuse…for it is not in our nature to accept that change."

"But what if the world banishes us for not accepting its request? Denies our right to live on earth?"

"Then I will take you somewhere beyond this earth…beyond the cosmos where I can keep my loved ones safe, Yuki…"

"You say that, Kaname-sama…but it can never be done. It is simply impossible. We may be powerful pureblood vampires…but we are not gods."

Not gods-the words clung to him like a dangling chain, forever embedded within the confines of his deepest thoughts. For once, Kaname could not respond to his sister's miseries. He could not reassure her or make her believe that he was going to protect her with everything he had. Everything he fought for.

There was no denying the fact that Yuki Cross, now Yuki Kuran, was beginning to understand the path that her dear beloved had placed out for her. A path forever stretching for miles down an endless landscape, never changing directions. It was this path that Yuki had sworn to follow all her life.

Yet somehow Kaname knew-she was swerving off course.

After few miserable months, Kaname had finally succeeded the most of what he set out to accomplish. His vengeful uncle was no more, and with the old vampire council destroyed and obsolete of all its corruption, Kaname had placed his closest friend, Ichijo Takuma, as the head of a new parliament. Although Ichijo was not a pureblood, he had enough power from the former head, his own grandfather, to end the anarchic behavior of the young vampires, placing them under strict government control once again. Kaname himself, in a helpless attempt to shield Yuki from the clutches of Rido Kuran, had revealed her painful past; returned her back to the pureblood vampire that she was.

And with his deeds being done, he took her away from Cross Academy, silently and stealthily without word of his destination. And with that, he tore her away from her treasured old memories. Her human memories.

From Zero Kiryu.

It was what that needed to be done. To keep the Kuran lineage intact for eternity, Kaname had to take Yuki away from her light, and return her back to the darkness where they both belonged. As vampires…as purebloods, they had no other choice. Force, Kaname thought, was the only option he had to convince his sister. And like the obedient child she always was, Yuki followed without question. She always loved Kaname Kuran, there was no question on that.

But her heart was changing.

It was already swerving off course.

And after two year, when the Kuran manor had fallen under watchful eyes again, Kaname and Yuki had moved into a small room under an abandoned house in the outskirts of a human town. It was away from the disruptive on-goings of society, and from those who still wanted him dead for destroying the old council. It was the safest place they had for the time being, especially since their underground domain was kept secret from the eyes of local residents. Humans and vampires alike.

It was not surprising for Kaname to live in such low class, in fact, he preferred their musty old territory more than anything. It was different than the aristocratic customs he was used to, but he was willing to sacrifice anything for their safety. For her safety. Nevertheless, he found the place to be quite suitable for their needs, and the tranquil silence it provided. For one, the small yard behind the house guarded by a broken down picket fence served as Yuki's little garden. Away from the eyes of pedestrians, the back yard was Yuki's only link to the outside world. She was allowed nowhere but to her garden.

It was the best place to reside for fugitives like them. But as always, a peaceful sanctuary never existed forever. Kaname was positive that they would be tracked down eventually, forcing them to move to a different location. It was a matter of time before the tranquility was disrupted once again.

But in the meantime, Kaname simply wanted nothing more but to muse upon the silence on their old slightly tattered futon, forgetting his surroundings just enough to strike a soft hum while he covered his eyes with the back of his arm.

"Onii-sama!" Yuki giggled as she opened the door to the only room that they both occupied. Kaname turned to find her wearing a light spring jacket coated in small green and brown blotches. She was lying in the grass stained soil outside.

"The weather feels so wonderful out there. It's not that sunny at all." She placed a soft kiss on his forehead. "Aren't you going to come see the flowers that are blooming in our garden?"

Kaname smiled and shook his head. He was not in the mood. "Not today, Yuki. Maybe later."

Yuki's face slightly dropped. "Suit yourself. But they are not going to look as pretty later as they do now."

Kaname gazed into Yuki's eyes and felt a pang of guilt. It was there. That sense of sadness that laid visible in her pupils ever since they had left Cross Academy. The school that had once been her home and nurtured her human life from the day she was first rescued and brought to lead a new path. A path that had changed her life forever. The path that involved the vampire knight, Zero Kiryu.

Kaname knew. She still missed him no matter how much she denied it. No matter how much she loved her brother, Kiryu was still there to share a space in her heart. Kaname only hoped that he would be forgotten, along with rest of the Night Class. But it was futile-a simple hallucination he thought could be made true. But Kiryu was out there contemplating his need for Yuki, and so was she.

In the meantime, however, he could only satisfy her wishes the best way he could. As her older brother, no, as the ancestor who simply labeled himself as one, Kaname wanted nothing more than her happiness. After all, they were still fugitives. Still refugees.

Refugees…just like her.

Kaname's eyes widened for just a split second before he brushed his thoughts away. No…it was too late to think about the past. What had happened then was meaningless now.

They had forgotten, he knew. It was stupid to even think about that time.

"I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you, Onii-sama," Yuki smiled sadly at him. "I'll go if you want me to."

Kaname grabbed her hand and sat up straight. "No, don't apologize, Yuki." He stood up to peck a small kiss on her forehead. "Let's go see the flowers now."

Yuki's face brightened as she led her brother up the rickety steps towards the cellar door. A rusty dirt covered structure of wood placed towards the back of the house, the door had protectively shed them in the darkness. As old as it was, no light had ever seeped through the invisible cracks. Now, as Yuki pushed the protective barrier out of her path, the outside world suddenly wretched his focus to the light. The sky carried a dull sun behind thick clouds which showered a dim glow for the garden to prosper, but left the house in complete shade, Kaname felt visible, unprotected, and exposed. Even when they were distant from the eyes of strangers, Kaname always felt a sense of commotion outside of his home. Outside of his safe haven.

"The daffodils and camellias are looking well. But those petunias haven't produced a single bud yet," Yuki said as she scrutinized the garden with a serious look before her eyes fell on the back corner of the field. In a quick instant, Yuki ran towards the back and dropped to her knees in front of the plant. Kaname tried to join in on her gaiety, but her back was facing his direction, preventing him to see what made her gasp in excitement.

"Our first fully bloomed flower," Yuki chirped. "I've never seen such pretty lavenders."

Kaname walked towards her sister before he caught sight of the small violet petals conjoining in columns at the tip of the stem. In a sea of green, the dark purple hues stood out plainly amongst the rest. Unique and palpable.

And they sent a rush of nostalgia through Kaname's mind.

"Come find me in the next life…I will wait for you…"

The words were faint in the back of his mind. Her voice, croaked yet soft, was still audible. Suddenly, her light lavender streaks and cerulean eyes filled his head as her fresh scent of alpine flowers and mountain air filled his nose; the scent of her skin. Kaname's found himself feeling hollow as he gazed at the tiny lavender petals.

There was no way to deny it. Kaname still remembered that incident. Still remembered his words, and the knowledge he provided of their existence. The existence of a different and ancient species.

But it was mostly her that he remembered. The feeling of forgetting time and the days when she had taken refuge in their world; this he had predicted. Time had sped fast before his very eyes, and after two and a half years, Kaname still could not forget.

Something had kept him in peace in the cold dark interiors of their refuge; within dreams he would see land after land filled with snow and rocks. Sometimes grass, sometimes sand. Hot and cold mixed together, but pleasant when he felt himself tucked between someone's arms. That was where he found her scent-in the bounties of nature. If that were true, then it was probably why the newborns emerging from the soil welcomed him into their domain. As a creature of darkness, he would expect any form of life to cringe or wither away in his presence. But for once, his soul was at peace, and that darkened aura became a mere eclipse. Even Yuki felt at ease in her garden. After a long time, her nightmares were over, locked away in the glimpse of time.

Yet that never stopped the fact that few troubles were still left undone. Besides the most obvious complications, Kaname still felt restless about a personal matter, one that he wished he would eventually forget. But as his nostalgic thoughts became deeper, his impatience grew slightly stronger.

It had been two and a half years, Kaname thought. Two and a half years had passed since that day. Since his promise to him about her news. Even during the battle against his uncle, and the permanent demise of the corrupted vampire council, Kaname had always pondered on his words. For the sake of the vampire world, he had to follow his duty, even tear Yuki away from Zero Kiryu forever. By any means, even lies, Yuki had to be his. There was a reason, because in reality Kaname somehow knew that Caleb Austerlitz would never contact him ever again. After a simple word of her rebirth, he had stopped every means of communication with him. Caleb was indeed taking a risk against his family, so there was a possibility that he was forced to end his connections for good; forced to break his promise.

And as those two years came and went, Kaname heard nothing from him. He had lost hope of ever fulfilling his deep desires. Shunned the change of heart he thought he had. After all, as a pureblood, he could not respond to the changes that the world asked for. Like Yuki had said, he was powerful, but he was not a god.

There was no other way but to move on. Move on with his dear Yuki. He had to forget the past. Had to forget the one woman he truly yearned for.

Just as how Yuki yearned for Zero as well.

"Onii-sama…" Kaname broke from his thoughts to see Yuki give a confused yet fearful expression towards the bushes on the other side of the fence. Kaname followed her gaze to find a small creature watching them attentively.

A stray white cat with its piercing cerulean pupils stood waving its tail from side to side, never leaving its eyes from the two vampires. Yuki crouched back towards Kaname, who held her protectively to his chest. Although he did not sense any disruptive hostility from the animal, there was no doubt that it could expose their hiding place.

But after a few seconds of silence, the cat merely gave a sluggish yawn before it disappeared behind the bushes, allowing Kaname to relax with ease.

"Pesky little thing, wasn't it?" Yuki shook her head as she returned to the plants. "How stupid of me to get scared by a cat."

Kaname was already on his feet. "Let's go back inside, Yuki. We can wait for the rest of them to bloom later." Yuki simply nodded but did not budge. In a flash, Kaname took her by the hand and brought her to her feet, pulling her towards the cellar door where they would be safe on the other side.

"But Kaname-sama…" Yuki pronounced his name in slight annoyance. She did not want to leave, yet there was a hesitance in her voice when she tried to oppose her brother.

Her objection immediately got stuck in her throat as Kaname halted right before the cellar door. His eyes suddenly widened in shock and wariness.

There, safely tucked between the iron handles of the door was an old envelope. Yuki waited as Kaname stepped forward to take the envelope and search for the returning address. There was none. But, as he flipped to the other side, a golden seal with an emblem of a cat's head wielding a double cross laid in the center.

A mixture of jargon and emotions suddenly bombarded his head. Yuki paused before she quietly spoke. "What…is it, Onii-sama?"

But Kaname did not speak. He did not move.

The time had come. His questions were finally answered.

"We're going where?" Aido said loudly as he slammed his hands on Ichijo's newly furnished council office desk.

"We're meeting him at the train station. It's the only place where there will be enough humans to keep him away from those who want him destroyed." Ichijo responded plainly as he folded his fingers in deep thought. "After all this time, he is still willing to trust us."

"Kaname-sama," Ruka said with a worried look. "Where is he now?"

Ichijo closed his eyes. "That…he never mentioned. But he notified all of us to meet with him there. It's very important news, he said."

Cain looked up from the corner where he stood leaning against the wall. "What about Shiki, Rima and the others?"

Ichijo shook his head. "He doesn't want too many people seeing him. Just the four of us. Besides, we are committing an act against our own parents. If they find out what we're doing-"

"It doesn't matter what they think!" Rika stood up furiously from her chair. "We're doing our job, that's what we're doing!" her eyes became wet in anger. "They don't understand…they don't see what Kaname-sama is to all of us. Ever since I went home…my grandmother didn't look at me the same way anymore."

Aido looked down as his frown deepened. "Sadly, she's got a point." He whispered coarsely. "Everyone's against Kaname-sama these days. They want explanations of his whereabouts, even from us. Families would never use their own children for their own benefits. That's not how it works…" He closed his eyes as a small glimpse of her smile filled his mind.

"That's enough, it won't do anything good by talking against our families," Ichijo continued. "All we can do is leave quietly and see what he wants from us."

Ruka slightly smiled. After many months, she was finally going to see Kaname again. Her first love, her desire, her god. Even when she knew he was never to be hers, she felt relieved and joyful. If not a lover, Kaname was like her dear friend. It was because of him, after all, that Ruka finally realized whom she truly belonged to. And with a quick glance towards Cain Akatsuki, Ruka managed to hide a small chuckle.

"How are you supposed to manage the senate if you leave your post?" Cain asked Ichijo. "Wouldn't someone know you're gone?"

Ichijo stood up and gave a light laugh. "Oh I have left my office many times to wander in the outside world. In fact, I've done so this morning to welcome the new Spring season."

The other three responded with a blunt sigh. Leave it to Ichijo Takuma to behave nothing like a creature of darkness.

But even now as they thought about it, the new council headquarters looked completely different than the last one. Instead of the gothic structures that outlined the exterior of the previous site, the new construction was more modern and slightly smaller. Ichijo, upon being the council chairman, had managed to add a tinge of Victorian style to the inner and outer architecture, diminishing as much signs of eerie hostility. It was different, but the vampires approved of its uncorrupted stature.

"No worries, I've got a right-hand man to help me." Ichijo looked towards the door where an old vampire emerged with a bow. Ichijo smiled at the one person from the previous council who had been on Kaname's side ever since the others opposed the young pureblood's intentions. He had recognized him the day he had claimed his post-the same vampire who had managed the old scrolls of past bloody histories from behind the podium. The man who had agreed to reveal the forbidden charter of the Bastets to her.

"You need me, Ichijo-sama?" the old vampire spoke in a cracked voice.

"Yes please. I would like you to look after the place while I'm gone," Ichijo smiled as he beckoned the others towards the door. "We're going on a little nature hike. Won't be back for a long while."

"So many people…" Yuki whispered as she saw men and women pass her by from both directions. "I haven't seen so many people in one place before."

The bustling subway station was packed with thousands of humans boarding and arriving by trains. It was late evening, and Kaname stood near a deserted pole with Yuki by his side, watching as few others stopped to admire their beauty. It was quite irritating, but Kaname had other important things on his mind. For once, his muscles were tense as he held Yuki by the waist. She could sense his body going cold, but there was no question as to why. In his other hand, Yuki could still see the letter, slightly crumpled in the middle as Kaname held onto it tightly. She knew whom the letter was from, and like her brother, she was becoming excited as well.

"It's from him, isn't it, Oniisama?" Yuki whispered near his ear. "He knew where we were all along."

Kaname merely looked into the distance as his hold on Yuki became tighter. It was too fast. Everything seemed to happen all at once. At first, they were residing safely in their own haven, and the next minute, they were back outside with society. For the first time in two years and a half years as a vampire, Yuki was surrounded by humans once again. For the first time after being locked away in the cellar, things were going to change.

The werecat had remembered after all. The promise was never broken-just postponed.

"Kaname," Ichijo arrived with his usual grin as the others followed behind him. As expected, the crowd seemed to have found a distraction as their eyes fell on the arriving vampires, fully clothed in aristocratic fashion. But as always, their admiring gazes were ignored, and as Kaname told them to follow him towards a less restless place to talk, the crowd simply went back to their usual roundabouts.

"Long time no see, Ichijo," Kaname smiled as he swept a look at the others. "You all haven't changed much at all."

"Well, there have been some good changes." Ichijo smiled at himself as he thought about his position as the council chairman. "So what's the big news, Kaname?"

Approaching a slight clearing near the end of the station, Kaname turned to meet their eyes. Like before, his look held a sense of dignity and absolute power. This time, however, it was also mixed with anxiety and hopefulness. They waited for an answer as Yuki clung to her brother's side and avoided their questioning look. It was not something for her to explain.

"I hope none of you have forgotten…" Kaname spoke after awhile. "that incident long back at Cross Academy that had brought us new knowledge of what lied outside our world."

Aido raised a brow. "What…do you mean, Kaname-sama?"

Kaname gave a smile as he placed the letter into Ichijo's hands. As Aido, Ruka, and Cain huddled closer to see what it was, Ichijo began reading the neatly inscribed words out loud.

Good greetings to you, vampire. I am glad to see that you are doing well in your so-called humble domain. I see that much has changed since we have met last. But I am a man of my word, and like I had promised two and a half years ago, I have finally arranged a trip for you and your band of closest followers to come pay a visit to our lands. It would be pleasing to report how much she has grown over the years, and I sincerely recommend your presence in our world. We shall meet again, soon.


Cyrus Heifman McDellan.

P.S- Do not look surprised by the sudden invite. But I must say, that garden of yours sounded quite relishing.

Ichijo looked up before reading the last word and searched Kaname's face. "This is…by him…" he waited before Kaname gave a nod. "That's right…Almira was supposed to have grown by now."

Ruka spoke next. "We didn't know...we all forgot that she had ever existed." She continued. "It has been that long already?"

"And he wants us to go to their lands?" Cain paused to think. "As in Europe where the Bastets are?"

"To see her revived form, yes." Kaname answered. There was a few seconds of silence before Aido grabbed the letter from Ichijo's hands and speculated it with a quizzical look. "What does he mean, band of closest followers'?" he gave a short grunt. "And whose garden is he talking about? And how dare he address Kaname-sama as simply 'vampire'?"

Yuki gave a nervous chuckle before she met Kaname's smile. They were both thinking the same thing-The stray white cat had belonged to one of them after all. It was the one who had placed the letter by the door without their notice.

"Geez…is that all you can say?" Ruka frowned at Aido. "You're obviously not happy to hear word about your precious werecat friend."

Aido simply responded with a sneer. There was no need to refute her words now that his stubbornness had ceased for the time being. In truth, he had been waiting for this news for a very long time. Ruka was wrong-he was very happy. He had remembered Almira throughout the years, ever since returning back to his family from Cross Academy. He was always a delight to his parents, but only as a display to the vampire world. He had never minded at first, but it started becoming difficult when he felt they were controlling his actions; denied what he had to say. Sometimes he wished there was someone who supported him, or at least controlled his spoiled behaviors. Aido longed for motherly affection within Almira, and he was hoping to receive it once again. That is, if she still remembered him.

"We will be leaving tonight. Unfortunately, I have only received five airline tickets," Kaname spoke as he took the tickets out from his pocket. "It seems that I have to choose my band of followers wisely."

The other vampires looked at each other before Ichijo gave a dull sigh. "I guess I would have to stay. The council headquarters won't be the same without me."

"Actually, I think it's better if I stay," Cain scratched the back of his head. "I didn't even do anything to help her back then anyway. So there's no point in me going."

Ruka gave a questioning look at Cain before turning back to Kaname. "If he is not going, then neither am I." she spoke with determination as Akatsuki tried to hide a smile.

"Well I know I'm going," Aido folded his arms in resoluteness. "I've done plenty of things for her to remember me by."

Kaname chuckled. "Ichijo…" he gave a ticket to him. "Be my guest. This is your chance to take notes for a better pacifist society."

Yuki took the next one and handed it to Aido. "Here Aido-sempai. you deserve it, I suppose." She sighed as Aido grabbed the ticket in excitement.

"And these two are for us…" Kaname said. "But there is still one more left."

"Oh well," Aido shrugged. "We'll give it to Shiki or something."

Ichijo turned to Ruka and Cain. "Are you sure one of you don't want to go?"

Ruka held onto Cain's arm and shook her head. "It's a nice offer, but I've been to Europe plenty of times. Just give Almira our fair greetings, okay?"

Aido gave a bored look. "Alright…I say we sell the ticket for free pocky."

"Actually…" Kaname interrupted before Aido could continue his ludicrous ideas. "I was hoping for a spare ticket to give to a specific individual."

Yuki turned her eyes towards Kaname as her mouth slightly widened. The name flashed through her mind before she came to grasp with her thoughts. He couldn't possibly be thinking about the same thing?

But Kaname was already aware of her discomfort, and with a smile, he repeated her thoughts to Ichijo instead.

"Perhaps it would do some good…to bring Zero Kiryu along with us…"

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