Chapter One

Bloody hell.

Here I was glued to the bloody spot, in great pain and all I could do was barely beat off every supervamp that came my way. Meanwhile Buffy and the potentials, I mean, slayers were fighting like true champions. Even though they were just as scared as before, they didn't show it. They knew that this was going to be the last battle for some of them, which not all of them would survive. Supervamps having decided that their time was to be better spent on the slayers instead of on me, they left, leaving me stuck here, alone and bored.

So as I was frozen here, now was a good time to relive the past few days.

Walking into the Summers house and not finding Buffy there, searching the whole bloody town until I found her curled up in some room, in a house that wasn't hers. Her asking me not to leave her, to stay with her that night. Curling up on the bed with her, holding her in my arms, not sleeping a wink while Buffy slumbered peacefully. Convincing her to go back to her house, to take charge again, convincing her she was needed. Which she was, everyone needed her. Not that they would have liked to admitted it at the bloody time. Sleeping with her in the basement.

If I ever made it out of here alive, I should thank Faith for not running off, she was the one sleeping in Buffy's bed. Without her that wouldn't have happened.

Creeping in here and feeling extremely bloody frustrated as the click click click of Buffy's sodding heels made noise on the floor of the cavern. We were after all infiltrating The First's lair, not to mention becoming tasty snacks for any vamp that caught us. We had been waiting for Willow to do some spell. Magic, like many other things, had bad consequences for me. Take now for instance, I was frozen in place because of some sodding amulet that Captain Forehead had given Buffy.

The only person who could wield it had to have a soul but be more than human. So that left me. And because of the bloody thing, I was now frozen here.

Quietly seething as I was, I was caught off guard when beams of light erupted from me.

'Ergh Buffy?' She didn't hear me. 'BUFFY!' I shouted. Buffy whirled around and looked my way. She sure was graceful. She had always been graceful. Even when she was being thrown through the air, she did it gracefully. It was just the way she was. A look of panic and fear and something else, I couldn't quite tell what, emerged in Buffy's eyes and she quickly sprinted to my side. From somewhere far off I could hear Faith yell, 'everybody out! Now!' The slayers ran for the exit, I could just make out the shapes of the girls.

'I can feel it Buffy', I whispered. She looked confused.


'My soul' I murmured. 'It's really there. Kinda stings'.

At this point debris and other bits of dirt, supervamp, slayer and alike starting falling around us. None of it actually hitting us, but surrounding us, like a protective circle. The girls had fled, there were none to be seen, except for Faith. She seemed to be waiting for something. I turned my head slightly. Buffy was still here. That was what Faith was bloody waiting for. Buffy. 'Go on then…' I ordered.

'You've done enough, you can still -' Buffy began. I cut her off.

'No. You beat 'em back, now I get to do the clean up' I reasoned.

Faith, having waited for some time already and noticing how unstable the ground was called out, 'Buffy! Come on!' after yelling at her, Faith ran, probably thinking Buffy was not that far behind her. Buffy in actual fact, had not moved an inch.

'Spike…' she uttered. I knew what she was trying to do.

'I gotta do this'

She didn't pay me much attention. I didn't think she would. She would try and con me out of this until I gave in. I wasn't going to. She held my hand for a while, it would have been longer if it hadn't burst into flame.

'I love you', she whispered.

Remembering what that girl had said, I could do nothing but smile. Slayers. Bloody useless and don't tell you anything about their feelings towards you until it's too late.

I really should have seen this one coming.

'No you don't. But thanks for saying it', I said, still smiling.

I gave her a shove in an effort to make her run, but she only fell to the ground.

'Go!', I shouted as the earth trembled. 'Dawn needs you. Do you think she would ever forgive me if I kept you here?'

Seeing that as her cue to leave, she stood. But didn't leave. She once again, advanced on me.

'You know, you'll never make it out alive if you don't leave now love' I stated truthfully.

She knew that as much as I did, so why she was still here was beyond me.

'I know, but I'm not leaving without you' she whispered and with that grabbed the amulet with both hands and tugged.