Previously: Lorne made his way over to the note and read it, while also noticing that the dress he had lain there was untouched.

As he read the short little note, his face dropped into his hands, freeing the note and allowing it to fall to the floor.

"Lorne what is it?" Willow asked, the scene before her sobering her up a tad. She bent to the ground as best she could to grab the note.

"Lorne…" she began to read.

Chapter 60

Angelina sat herself under a tree that overlooked the north side of the harbour. It was peaceful to just sit here and think about things. She knew she had a lot to think about before the hunger took over her mind.

She had left a note to Lorne and the others, well mostly Lorne, explaining that she never intended to come back. That she would remain outside until dawn and then turn to ash, like something like her was supposed to.

She had seen the dress on the bed but had decided not to put it on, as she knew that Lorne could always return it or give it to some other girl he met. Maybe Buffy might even fit into it?

The sun was slowly making its way up over the horizon and Angelina knew that if she didn't think quickly she would be toast before she knew it. She didn't really want to die, but knew that it was at some stage inevitable. She was just going to have to die twice instead of once.

Rising faster than a normal human would, Angelina contemplated whether or not she should die right now. Immortality could be fun for a while? She wasn't sure; she'd never been immortal.

She could always go and find that bastard Angelus and kill him before she killed herself. That could work. Then there would be no more Angelus or Angelina for Buffy and the gang to worry about. Or, she could just die now, as was her earlier decided fate.

In less than ten minutes, the sun would be up and burning her to a crisp. She decided that now was a good time to act. She strode towards the harbour, purpose in her stride.


As a group, we all ran down to the harbour as fast as we could. We didn't want to get there too late or too early, just in case we frightened her off.

Fledglings scared more often than not, and Angelina would probably be no different. Past slayer or not.

"Hurry!" Lorne shouted running just that little bit faster than everyone else.

As we reached the harbour, a cargo ship was pulling away, heading for Australia according to the guy Xander asked.

We stood there for a few minutes, wondering why she hadn't shown up yet. In the note she had left, it was an absolute 'yes' to dying. She had always been stubborn so she would do it.

I stuck to the shadows as we waited. I didn't want to get turned to ashes too. The sun was coming up and Angelina should have been here by now. Lorne looked down and then fell to his knees. We all then looked down. There, now at his knees, was a pile of ashes. She had done it and we were too late.

We all tried to supply some sort of comfort to the green demon as silent tears made tracks down everyone's faces. She had been a good friend to us all.

We then realised that we would also have to break the news to Faith and Robin who still hadn't returned. We all turned around and began the slow trip back to our apartments, beds, and alcohol. It was going to be a long day.


Angelus smiled to himself as he hid from the sun. He knew for a fact that if Angelina had in fact survived her first day as a vampire, she would come looking for him. It was just a matter of waiting for him.

He smiled at the memory of just how much misery he had inflicted with that one incident in the alleyway.


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