Author's Note: I probably should not be writing this. I've got enough stories and life things to deal with. But...I am. I am, because there have been some really big spoilers surrounding a certain event in the season finale that have grabbed hold of me and refused to let go. I know that majority of these shots probably won't happen, at least not how I'm expecting or saying they will. But this is fic, right? We get to do what we want.

Anyway, a series of drabbles and oneshots about...the spoilers occuring before, during, and after that really big spoiler thing that happens in the finale. So, if you've read this far I'm assuming you either know it (unless you have been living under a rock...)...or you will find out now. Either way, DO NOT READ AFTER THIS POINT...if you don't want to be SPOILED. There, fair warning?

Okay, so this first a oneshot. I actually had the idea for it before the spoiler about Brennan asking Booth to be her baby daddy even came about. The title of this fic, Sugarcane, is actually the title of a song from Missy Higgins, whom I adore. This shot is actually inspired by that song. I can't really explain why, it just is. Although the title is from, coincidentally enough, Heartbeats by Jose' Gonzalez.

Disclaimer: Nope. I don't own them. Characters are property of Kathy Reichs, Hart Hanson, Fox, et al. You get the idea. I just take them out to play.

She never wanted a child. For the majority of her life, she'd somehow been able to explain away all of those 'normal' mother-like feelings other women were experiencing.

But one day, everything changed. It wasn't exactly one moment, but a culmination of several. Brennan realized she wasn't getting any younger, and while yes, it wasn't right to bring a child into the world of pain and injustice they all lived in, but there was something. An inkling of desire rooted somewhere from deep within that lead to her wanting someone to share her world with, to pass on her life's experiences and everything she had learned.

Which lead her to this moment. This moment where she watched a black and white image floating back and forth on a screen, where a doctor moved a wand over her exposed abdomen. And where Booth was sitting beside her. He'd been her natural choice, the obvious one. He hadn't agreed at first and it had taken them a while to get to this point, but they were here and that was all that mattered.

Almost instinctively-she'd heard Booth refer to it as her maternal instinct-Brennan felt an overwhelming need to keep this being growing inside of her safe. Away from harm. It was still growing, still needed her womb for its every need. But what about afterward? When it was born, what was to happen? What would happen if it hurt or needed something she was unable to provide?

She felt Booth squeeze her hand, and momentarily felt guilty for ever thinking such thoughts. Of course there would be troubles, but she would always have him to help her wouldn't she? He was a part of this afterall.

But there was a bigger picture now, something so much more important than any worries she had.

"Congratulations," the doctor spoke. "It looks like you'll be having a girl."

She left them alone to go retrieve the information she'd requested, letting the sound of the door closing echo throughout the room. Nothing. No words. No sound. Save for a small, quiet but strong heartbeat coming from the monitor.

Ever so slowly, and Brennan would swear it wasn't of her own volition, she felt her hand reaching out to touch the screen. She wanted to do something, as if smooth fingerstips pressing against glass could bring their child any closer. They'd been able to pretend all along like everything was normal and nothing had changed, but this was different. Sure, her stomach had swelled a bit, but aside from that and some of her behaviors, it was as if nothing had changed. Until now. Somehow, sitting there listening to the heartbeats and watching the image of their baby-of their baby girl-helped make everything more real.

A laugh erupted from her side. "See, Bones..."

"What?" She asked in return, unable to tear her eyes away from the screen.

Booth's eyes glistened as his hand gripped hers just a little bit tighter. It sounded a like he was joking, but he'd never felt more nervous, scared, yet excited and happy all at the same time. He hadn't told her yet, had yet to say the words that had been part of the reason they were even in this moment. But this...the her asking him to come, the finding out the sex of the brought him just that much closer. He smiled as he studied the picture on the screen, all the while listening to the steady heartbeat. "I told you it would be a girl."