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Patience. Patience, patience, patience. It was something he's always tried teaching Rempo to have. He liked staying quiet, and waiting. Awaiting the chosen hero, and his fellow spirits, Ur knows that having patience was key to not going crazy.

However, this time, he wished he could magically split into two, one calmly telling him to wait, the other screaming out for a certain book-holder to hurry up.

Yes, he was waiting again for the chosen hero. This time, he just couldn't stay quiet about it.

Once, he would have talked on and on, about how he would never be impatient. And yet, he still became inpatient. And while waiting for the chosen hero, or better yet, the chosen heroine, no less. Of all people, he wanted her to hurry up and rescue him. But, that was in the deepest part of his soul, he was still waiting patiently on the outside.

He couldn't help it. She was...Her. She managed to forgive anyone, no matter what deed they've done. Take that Anwar boy, the one without any emotions, for example. He kidnapped her. Told her to go away countless times, and even attacked her. At least, that's what Rempo and Mieli said. Neaki didn't care.

Yet, she forgave him. And perhaps, Anwar had fallen in love with her for it.

Ur didn't deny it: He was envious of how Anwar managed to gain her affection as well. Anwar confessed to her, and she accepted, naturally.

Needless to say, Ur acted a little bit cold to her, but he certainly still loved and took care of her. It was near impossible to hate the poor girl.

And, soon after, the Book of Prophecy was lost, and he was trapped back inside his seal. Alone, once more. However, for some reason, he held high hopes. Though there was the doubt that she wouldn't come, he held onto the hope that she would.

He knows, it's a hopeless cause. She's only coming to rescue him because she has to. There's no doubt she'd rescue the other spirits as well. But he wanted to feel special.

Because right now, he can hear the growls of pain from the monster that held him captive, and the determined cries of the one he adored. Yes, the Book's owner had came to save him.

So, for right now, he'll feel special. If only for a moment, he can pretend she was there to save him, because she loved him. For a moment, he can pretend only they existed. And for a moment, he could love her.

"Ur! Are you alright?" Gray eyes, though sad, brimmed with happiness and concern.

"Yes. I had my doubts, but I'm certainly happy you came for me," Eyes that couldn't be seen, are devoid of emotion. "Am I the first one you rescued of the spirits?"

He could feel her nod. "Yes, I didn't have any other leads." Unconsciously, he felt his heart sink a little bit. "I see."

"Um, so...This page..." Though he could only feel a faint presence, he didn't know what happened. "It...It's Anwar's, but...He got..." Her voice was breaking. It was obvious she was close to crying her heart out.

"I see," All too well, he knew. "In the incident, you lost someone you cared about. I can't help, I'm sorry." He is sorry, because he loves her, and that he can't do anything to help her right now.

"O-oh...Is...Is there a way?" Ur smiled painfully. "Well, if it's you, you con probably make a miracle. Just gather the rest of the spirit,."

And, he almost forgot his manners. "Oh, and by the way, thank you, Tia." 'Thank you for allowing me to love you.' He added silently in his mind.

A smile, and he was in the book once more, ready to take on anyone who dared to stand in their way.

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