Belle grinned to herself. She was thinking of Dean Winchester from the show supernatural. Ok so what if Dean doesn't really exist? A girl can dream! And Belle was good at dreaming of Dean. Who isn't good at dreaming of Dean? Maybe a Sam girl… In any case Belle was brought back to reality by a elbow in her side. Her smile faded and she blinked refocusing her eyes.

"Earth to Belle, come in Belle."


Belle looked to her right. There stood her best friend Alexa. She was holding two apple pies in her hands.

"You want to snap out of whatever freaky daydream you were having and help me restock these pies?"

Belle looked down she two was holding pies. This is what had been the trigger to her Dean dream. Dean loves pie.

"Sorry I guess I got kinda side tracked. You know how my mind wanders." Belle said placing the pies she held into the case.

Alexa snorted she knew all too well how spacey Belle was. And it just made it even worse when a guy was involved.

"So you going to tell me his name?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Who have you been daydreaming about? Is it Jake? Because I know he's hot and all but he's such a player. And you know what he…"

"Eww it is not Jake!" Belle said interrupting Alexa "How could you even think I'd sink that low?"

"Ok then who? Spill it!"

Belle thought a moment. Alexa didn't watch supernatural. And hated anything even slightly out of the ordinary. So she wouldn't know who Dean is. And in Belle's mind it would be fun to mess with her just a little bit.

"Ok…his…name….is…" Belle looked at the anticipation on Alexa's face. Oh yeah this was going to be good. Belle would tell Alexa that she was just messing with her later. But for right now it was fun to mess with her.




"Dean win… uh…Woods." Belle wasn't going to risk Alexa knowing the character's name.

"Dean Woods? I don't know him."

"No, I wouldn't expect you would. He's too sexy to be anyone YOU would know."

Alexa smiled and shoved Belle.

"HA, ha. So what's he like?"

Belle was about to gush about Dean as their boss Mr. Campbell interrupted.

"Girls how many times do I have to tell you can't work together if all you do is talk." Mr. Campbell said in a stern voice.

"Sorry we were just finishing restocking the pies." Alexa said quickly

"Well one person can do that. Someone needs to go do shopping cart collection in the parking lot. Belle why don't you go."

Belle swore in her mind and began to walk away.

"Don't forget the vest!" Mr. Campbell called after her

"Damn neon orange vest." Belle muttered to herself. If there was one thing that she really hated about working at the Campbell's grocery store it was collecting carts.


Belle was still collecting Carts as it got darker and darker outside. The stars were coming out. Belle looked up and took a short break.

"First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight. I wish that Dean was real and that he was in my life."

Belle sighed and looked at her watch. It was 8:00 and that meant she was off. She began to run inside to get her stuff and meet up with Alexa. Alexa was waiting at the door holding Belle's bag. Belle smiled and took her bag. They began walking home.

"Thanks buddy."

Alexa nodded "So what does Dean look like? I want to know!"

Belle smiled "Well if you really must know. He's 6' 1""

Alexa burst out laughing. "He's how tall?! And your only 5' 2" You have to come up to about his knee when you stand next to him."

"I'm 5' 2 ½" thank you very much!"

"Oh well in that case I'm sure he isn't that much taller. Go on. Alexa wiped a tear from her eye trying to compose herself.

Belle crossed her arms. "Like I'll tell you now." Belle turned her head away from Alexa. "We aren't friends anymore!"

Alexa laughed again. "Well maybe I don't want to be friends!"

"Fine then"


Alexa and Belle came to the part where they go down different streets to get home. They stopped and turned to each other.

"So you still coming over tomorrow?" Belle's parents were going away tomorrow and Alexa was coming over to keep her company.

"Yeah I'll be there."

"Ok Bye."

"Bye bye"


It was about 11 at night and everyone was sleeping except for Belle who was just now getting in to her PJ's. Walking around in her room in Just and Bra and underwear She looked through her closet for her Pj's. It was then when she felt someone grab her from behind. Belle had one strong arm wrapped around her body pinning her arms to her sides. And one hand covering her mouth.

"Don't scream" said a man's voice

Belle was scared, really scared. She was being held closely to the body of a man she didn't know and who had rock hard body. Judging by where her head was touching he was much taller then her. She came to about under his shoulder. Belle's mind raced she couldn't move and didn't know what to do. Tears began to fall from Belle's eyes. What was he going to do with her?

"Dean what's going on?" another man's voice said

"Oh God there are two of them! I'm going to die!" Belle was screaming in her mind

"I don't know Sammy. She has to be the one that brought us here."

Dean started backing up taking Belle away from the closet.

"Is she crying?"

Dean looked down and the girl he was holding. She looked terrified and tears were streaming down her face. Dean and Sam exchanged looks. What were they doing in this girl's room?