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Summary: The war is over, and Harry has made a startling discovery: he has an older brother, who is a Muggle (most likely), who was adopted away before he was ever born. Crossover with Gundam Wing. Pairing: Heero/Harry Post DH, and Endless Waltz

Finders, Keepers

Chapter 1

"Harry, are you sure you want to do this?" Ron asked through the mirror, his voice coming through tinny with a bit of static.

Harry held the mirror in both hands, a frown on his face. "Of course I do," he replied. "This may be my only chance to have a family, after, well, you know."

"Harry, what Ron is trying to say is that you don't have to do it like this," Hermione shouldered Ron aside, her bushy hair spanning the entire frame of the mirror. Despite earlier connection problems, her voice came through loud and clear.

Harry shuffled his feet. "I know I could've sent a letter, but, you know—I just want to meet him, okay? He's my brother."

"And you want to ambush him with this fact, so you can get an honest reaction, instead of something prepared."

Harry hate it when Hermione tried to psychoanalyze him. She was almost always right. "Er…"

"What Hermione means by that, is good luck, and mirror call us later, okay?" A freckled arm made it's way onto the mirror's surface, and waved.

Harry smiled. "Yeah, all right. And you guys can give me an update on Australia."

"Will do, mate," Ron said, touching the mirror in a predetermined sequence.

"Oh, good luck, Harry," Hermione cried as the mirror went black.

"Bye, guys," Harry said. "Chicken little says we have blue skies." The mirror flickered on, and then Harry could see his own green eyes reflected back to him. He rolled his eyes at the passcode Hermione had chosen for his mirror. The touchcode that Ron used was much easier to remember—and easier to break, as well, he supposed.

"I guess there's nothing for it, Harry, no more procrastinating," he said to himself. There was no one else around, not that he could see anyway, so his brother would not know of his brief moment of insanity. Or of his magic use—though, the mirrors looked much like the newest phones on the market.

Shoving his mirror in his trouser pocket, Harry began the long trek up the driveway to the gated entry. He reached the gates and pressed a button that he hoped was a buzzer. His brother must be rich to afford something this nice. The house in the distance was almost as big as Hogwarts.

A crackle of static came from speakers somewhere above Harry's head. He winced, and hoped his magic wasn't about to destroy yet another big of Muggle technology.

"Winner residence. Please state your name and your business here," a deep male voice said, barely comprehensible through the static.

"Er, does Duo Maxwell live here?" Harry asked, squinting up into the sun, trying to find the speaker.

"Please state your name and your reason for coming here, sir," the voice repeated.

"Um, my name is Harry Potter, and I'm here to see Duo Maxwell. I'm his brother."


Duo was looking over Quatre's security specs with Heero when one of the Maguanacs came into the room. Duo couldn't remember his name, but he was one of the lower ranked members, so he stayed hunched over Heero's desk, waiting to see what his friend made of his suggestions.

"I like it," Heero declared at long last. "I'll send it on to Une, for her approval."

Heero pushed back from the desk and stood, his spine as perfectly rigid as always. "Imad," he nodded to the Maguanac still standing at the door, on his way out.

Huh. So that was his name.

"Mr. Maxwell, I'm sorry to interrupt you while you're working, but Rashid asked me to bring you to the TV Room," Imad said.

Duo nodded. "Did he give you a reason?"

Imad shook his head. "He just said it was urgent, and that was," he looked at his watch, "about 25 minutes ago. It took me awhile to find you."

Duo wished, once again, that Quatre had installed an intercom in this relic of a mansion. He smiled as he said, "Let's hope it was too urgent, yeah?" He wondered what Rashid had for him—he hoped it was fun. This "forced vacation" deal was starting to get dull.


"Please wait there," the voice over the intercom said. Then the crackle of electricity died, and Harry knew he wouldn't get anything else out of that for awhile.

That had been thirty minutes ago, and counting.

Harry sighed and paced once more between the sides of the expansive driveway. He sat on a bench on the left side of the drive, identical to the one on the right.

"I wonder how many people have to wait out here, for them to put in this much seating," he muttered, too low for the intercom to pick up. A light on the video monitor next to it glowed bright red all the while, and followed Harry's movements as he paced.

Harry slouched down on the bench, preparing to wait for the long haul. He hadn't even been told if Duo was here—he could have moved on since Harry made the location potion last week. What if he'd done it wrong, and he was colonies away from his older brother? How would he find Duo then?

He supposed there was nothing he could do, now, except wait. If Harry didn't find Duo here, he'd try the Muggle records. And if that didn't work, he'd get Hermione's help, if she could spare the time. Maybe Kingsley or George could find something out through their contacts.


"What do you want, Rashid?" Duo exclaimed dramatically as he burst into the TV Room. He slumped into one of the only stationary chairs, throwing his feet up on a desk. "This better be good. I was busy relaxing, like your boss told me to."

The tall man quirked an eyebrow. "I have it on good authority that you were not relaxing, and were in fact working with Heero. Unless you wish for me to inform Quatre of this, you will take your feet off of the furniture."

"Yeah, yeah, all right," Duo grumbled, putting his feet on the floor and sitting up straight. "Still, what was so urgent that I had to come here right away. Are any of the other guys coming?"

Rashid pointed to one of the television monitors. "Do you recognize that child?"

The TV Room was set up with televisions that monitored every room in the mansion, as well as the grounds. There were fifty rooms total in the mansion. Most only had one camera, but the bigger areas, like the ballroom, usually had multiple cameras. There were cameras every fifteen feet on the grounds, and surrounding the perimeter. The TV Room was staffed with six security guards to watch the video feeds at all times.

The TV that Rashid pointed to was linked to one of the perimeter cameras. A young man with black hair and of average height was huddled on one of the benches next to the gated driveway—the only way in or out of the grounds. He sat with his knees folded to his chest, and drummed his fingers against the bench. Duo could not see his face, because he was looking down.

"I'm not sure. Maybe?" Duo said, shrugging. "Why? Is he a terrorist or something?" Duo laughed at his own joke, but when he looked up, Rashid wasn't smiling.

"We haven't ruled out anything just yet," Rashid stated. "The boy states his name as Harry Potter. He claims to be your brother."


Harry jumped as the speaker crackled to life, again. Finally! Maybe they would let him see Duo, now.

"Crssh Mr. Winner will crssh now. Please proceed crssh building on the right crssh."

The gate swung open, and Harry rushed through it, before they changed their minds. Now where was that building the guy was talking about? Seeing something that looked like a large shed—or possibly a small house—Harry headed towards it.

"I wonder if Duo's in there," he mumbled. "No—that would be much too easy." He shook his head, and broke into a trot. The sooner he got there, the sooner these people would take him to his brother.


"I don't have any family," Duo said, squinting at the boy on the screen, as if that would make him someone he actually knew, instead of just some delusional stranger. "I'm an orphan."

Rashid nodded. The other staff looked resolutely at their monitors, steadfastly ignoring the drama of Duo's life.

"Do you wish for me to send him away?" Rashid asked.

Duo pushed away from the desk he was leaning on. He fisted his hands and crossed his arms. "No." He shook his head. "Let the kid in, all right? And get a geneticist. You never know—he could be telling the truth. Or at least think he is."

Rashid nodded once more in that infuriatingly sage way of his. "As you wish, Mr. Maxwell." He picked up the in-house phone and gave the order.

Duo watched as the kid jumped up at the sound of Rashid's voice coming over the speaker. As he looked up, Duo got his first look at the kid's face. He gasped. Excepting for a few subtle differences—the hair was different, the nose smaller, an odd scar graced his forehead, and then there were those ugly glasses—the kid looked almost exactly like Duo had during the war.

"Yeah," Duo swallowed. "Definitely let the kid in. How long has he been out there? Get him a sandwich or something." He didn't take his eyes off the screen, and when the kid moved out of the range of that camera, Duo swiftly sought him out in the next monitor.

"Do you think he could really be . . ." Duo trailed off, unable to finish his sentence.

"It's possible," Rashid replied. "We shall know for sure when the doctor arrives."

Duo nodded, not blinking, taking in the lines of his maybe-brother's body. The kid was awfully skinny.

Rashid was speaking softly to one of his people. Duo couldn't make out what he said, his concentration on the kid was so intense.

"What did you say his name was, anyway?" Duo asked. He reached one hand out to touch the screen. The kid was in the security building, sitting primly on a hard folding chair. He was chewing his lips, and darting his head around.

"Harry. Harry Potter." Rashid's underling slipped out of the rom. "I have sent for Quatre and the others, to inform them of the situation. They should be here shortly."


Harry looked around the room he was in nervously. He had been brought up to the main house just a few minutes after sitting down in the outer building. They'd even given him a sandwich—it looked like ham and cheese.

Harry held it limply in his hand, sitting at the very edge of the opulent chair the guards had placed him in. He was sat in an office of some kind, but everything was much better quality—much more expensive—than in any office he'd ever seen, including Dumbledore's.

A few minutes ago, a man in a white lab coat had swept in, attacked Harry's cheeks with a cotton swab, and swept out just as fast, muttering something about a "DNA sample." Harry was vaguely aware of what DNA was, and this was probably to prove he and Duo were related.

Either that, or Dr. Gensheim was a dark wizard who was going to use Harry's saliva and cheek cells to try and raise Voldemort. It had happened in the past. They usually got pissed when it didn't work and tried to kill Harry for their own incompetence. The idiots.

Harry chewed his sandwich, and tried to sit on the edge of the chair, trying desperately not to get any crumbs on it. It probably cost more than the rest of the L4 colony combined. Not that anything else in this office was any cheaper. Harry decided to try to convince Duo into going somewhere else with him to talk. Somewhere he didn't have to worry about potentially destroying some ancient and priceless artifact. He finished his sandwich and folded his hands in his lap, gripping them together tightly.

"Mr. Potter?" a deep voice inquired, and Harry jumped, again. His heart was beating like a hummingbird's. The closer he got to Duo, the more agitated he became. What if Duo didn't like him? Or what if he didn't like Duo? What if Duo didn't even want to see him or thought Harry was some kind of gold-digging family member trying to get at his money? Given the state of his house, that would not be a difficult conclusion to come to.

Get a grip, Potter, Harry told himself, silently so he wouldn't look weird. Everything is going to be fine. And if he won't see me, I'll just Apparate to him, and make him talk to me.

"Yeah." He stood up and wiped his sweaty palms on his new trousers. Hermione had made him buy them, as all of his others either had holes or fell off his bony hips when he twitched a muscle. "Call me Harry," he said, offering his hand to the other man.

The man was only slightly taller than Harry. He had the same bird's nest for hair that Harry fought with on a daily basis, and the deepest blue eyes Harry had ever seen. He sincerely wished this guy wasn't his brother, because he was the sexiest person alive, and incest (even of the imagination sort) was not on his list of things to do before he died.

The man took Harry's hand in a firm grip and pumped it once. Harry desperately fought to keep from swooning—or melting into a little puddle of embarrassed Harry goo on the floor.

"Heero Yuy. I'm the head of security for Winner Enterprises. Before I let you see Duo, I have some questions to ask you."

Harry nodded, and Heero motioned for him to sit back down. Heero sat in an even more lavish chair behind the desk, and consulted a clipboard.

"What is your full name and date of birth?" Heero asked.

"Harry James Potter. July 31, AC 184."

"Who are you parents, and where do they live?"

"James and Lily Potter. They're both dead." Harry gripped his hands together, again. "Is Duo nearby?"

"When and where did they die?" Heero asked, ignoring Harry's question.

"Um, they died when I was a little more than a year old, on Halloween. AC 185. The house burned down. The lived in Godric's Hollow, in England." That was close enough to the truth—Harry wasn't about to go into the truths of magic at the moment. Harry chewed his lip, again. "Does Duo know I'm here?" he tried again.

Heero looked at him and quirked an eyebrow. "The entirety of the staff, residents, and guests know of your presence on the grounds, Mr. Potter."

"Harry," Harry corrected.

Heero looked down to his clipboard. "Why do you believe Duo Maxwell to be your brother?"

"I would rather tell him that myself. It's sort of personal."

Heero shot him a glare. "Mr. Potter, I need for you to answer all of my questions before I can even consider letting you near Duo."

"So he is here!" Harry crowed. His face lit up as he smiled. He had been starting to believe Duo wasn't even at this monstrous house.

"Just answer the question," Heero growled.

"Er, okay." Harry fiddled with the ring on his right hand. "My aunt Petunia—my mother's sister—found a box of my mother's old school stuff and gave it to me. It had her sixth year diary—that is, when she was 16 and a sixth year in school. While reading that, I learned that she had given birth to a boy about four years before I was born.

"Since she was still in school at the time, she gave the baby up for adoption, to a couple who moved to L2. I, um, used a detective agency to track down where my brother was. It was kind of hard, since his adoptive parent died only a few years after arriving on the colony, and I didn't know what name Duo was using. His birth name was Evan—that was my mother's maiden name."

Heero grunted and wrote something down. "How did you find Duo here?"

Harry hesitated. "The, um, people who found Duo told me he would be here. Is this not where he usually lives?"

A phone clipped to Heero's belt rang, just like the old-fashioned phones. Heero held it up to his ear, not turning on the video function. "Yuy here . . .Yes . . .I understand." He clicked off the phone and put it away. "I have been authorized to allow you to see Duo. I just have two more questions before we can go."

Harry nodded. "What are they?"

"First of all, what will you do if it turns out that Duo is not your brother?"

Harry thought. "I suppose I'll have to go back to the drawing board, so to speak, and try to find my brother through other means. Though, I probably won't use the same agency, if they were wrong this time." Harry flicked his fringe out of his hair and tried not to kick his feet like a little kid. "What else?"

Heero locked his eyes on Harry's. "What do you plan to do if he is your brother?"

Harry froze. "Uh, well, I guess I never thought that far. I've never had a brother, before. I guess I'll just be the best little brother I can."

Heero nodded, scribbled some more on his paper, and stood up. "Follow me."

Harry jumped to his feet. "Are we going to see Duo, now?"



"Can we turn this up any more? I can barely hear them," Duo complained, staring at the screen where Heero was interrogating his little brother. It was amazing how quickly he took to the thought of having a baby brother—and the DNA test wasn't even back yet.

Quatre was standing at Duo's side, and Trowa and Wufei were floating around the TV Room somewhere. The regular staff had all been ordered to go on a break, so they were the only ones here.

"This is as loud as it gets, Duo," Quatre said. He looked at Duo, his concern obvious on his face. "Duo, I don't want you to be disappointed if this kid turns out not to be your brother." He reached out to touch Duo, but changed his mind. "We don't have the test results back yet. He could be a—"

"Delusional fan, at best, or psychotic serial killer, at worst," Duo finished. "Yeah, I know, but look at him! This kid could almost be my double."

"There is a slight resemblance, I'll admit, but remember—until we get the test results, we can't be sure. That could just be a coincidence," Quatre said softly.

Duo huffed and dropped into a chair that still let him see the screen. "I know, Q-Ball. I just kinda hope it's true, you know? I've never had a family before."

This time, Quatre did reach out. He squeezed Duo's shoulder, and fixed his eyes on Duo's. "You'll always have the four of us, Duo. No matter what. We're your family, too."

Duo smiled. Quatre was such a sweet, sweet sap. "Yeah, I know." He jumped up, almost knocking his friend over. "When is the doc going to be back! He took my cheek swab almost 20 minutes ago!"

"It take up to half an hour to process and evaluate the DNA, Maxwell. You know that perfectly well," Wufei stated, coming out from behind a row of monitors.

Duo stopped pacing and slumped back in his chair. He stared at the screen, wishing he was Heero, for the next ten minutes, when Dr. Gensheim entered the room.

"Mr. Maxwell, we have the results," the doctor said.

Duo rushed to the doctor's side. "Well?" he demanded. "What did they say?"

"We ran the test three times, just to be sure. That's why is took so long." Duo made a "hurry up" motion. "Your DNA and Mr. Potter's is over a match."

"What does that mean?" Duo asked. "Does that mean he's my brother?"

"It would appear so."

"Ah!" Duo screamed, elated. He grabbed the doctor in a bear hug, and jumped up and down. "You're the greatest, doc!" he yelled. "Quat, get Harry out of Heero's clutches! I'm going to meet my brother!"

With that, Duo tore out of the room, taking the shortest route to Heero's office, where his baby brother waited.


"So, what is Duo like?" Harry asked Heero. The guy was kind of scary. Not only was he bloody gorgeous, but he wouldn't talk! Harry wasn't the chattiest person in the world, but Heero hadn't said a word since they left the office. "You must know him fairly well, right? Are the two of you friends?"

Harry had to hop-skip to catch up with Heero, who seemed to speed up the more Harry talked. "Um, I guess I'll shut up, now." Harry chewed his lips, again. Hermione was going to be pissed when she saw them tonight, but he couldn't help it. It was a nervous habit!

"How far away is Duo from us, now?" Harry asked.

"Not far. He will be meeting us halfway."

Harry tripped over his own feet, he was so surprised that Heero had actually answered. With words instead of grunts! Before he kissed the carpet, strong arms gripped his shoulders and hauled him back to his feet.

"Th-thank you," Harry said. Heero's face was so close, they were practically kissing already. Harry felt his face heat up, and knew he was redder than Ron's hair at the moment.

"Be careful," Heero said, turning away from Harry. "Duo won't be happy if his little brother shows up with missing teeth."

Harry beamed at Heero's back. That was the first time anyone here had referred to Duo as his brother. "Okay."

As he and Heero walked to wherever Duo was, Harry began to hear crashes coming from fairly close by. It wasn't long before he could hear footsteps. Loud footsteps, in quick succession of each other. Someone was running.

Heero shoved Harry behind him, up against a wall, and drew a gun from the back of his trousers.

A man came around the corner, panting as he sprinted. He saw the two of them, and stopped dead in his tracks, wisps of sweaty hair clinging to his face. He looked a lot like Harry, just older.

"Duo?" Harry asked, barely believing his eyes. He wasn't able to move towards his brother for Heero's powerful arm across his chest.

"Heero, stop molesting my baby brother," the man said. Heero grunted, and removed his arm, stepping away slightly. Duo turned to look fully at Harry, and he blushed under his big brother's scrutiny.

Duo rushed forward, and Harry squealed as he was suddenly lifted in the air and swung around like a sack of potatoes.

"Little brother!" Duo exclaimed, setting a dizzy Harry back on his feet. "You're much too skinny. Let's go fatten you up."

With that, he grabbed Harry's thin wrist and began dragging him who-knew-where.

"Nice to meet you, too, Duo," Harry grinned, trying his best to keep up with his brother's fast pace.

What have I gotten myself into?