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Summary: The war is over, and Harry has made a startling discovery: he has an older brother, who is a Muggle (most likely), who was adopted away before he was ever born. Crossover with Gundam Wing. Pairing: Heero/Harry, some Neville/Harry, Post DH (no epilogue), and Endless Waltz

Finders, Keepers

Chapter 14

Wufei turned his vid capabilities on before he dialed Duo's number. He wanted Duo to see proof that Harry was here, on Earth, and that he was okay, before he lectured him about ignoring information just because it didn't fit into his world view. Also, "I told you so," he said, as soon as Duo answered the phone.

Duo looked haggard, his hair coming out of his braid haphazardly. Somehow, he appeared to have gotten no sleep for the last week and a half, despite the fact that he had looked well-rested just this morning, before the incident. "What? Wu-man, I've got things to do. Do you have any info for me?" he grunted, before rubbing his hand across his brow.

"I re-iterate, I told you so." Wufei moved his phone so the camera picked up Harry - healthy and alive - in the diner, speaking softly to the man Heero tackled.

There was a loud crashing sound on the other end, and Wufei swiveled the camera back to face him. "What! Wufei - is that?"

"Yes, Maxwell, that is your brother. Safe and sound, just where he said he would be," Wufei said, taking on a stern tone. He knew Duo hadn't had access to the same information he had, but it was shameful of him to not believe one he claimed to love. "Harry was very disappointed to find that you had not arrived, as you said you would."

"Oh, shit," Duo said, his voice taking on an excited air. "Is he okay? Did you get the guys who took him? How is he? Let me SEE HIM AGAIN!" Duo shouted the last, the desperation of the last few hours seeping through.

Wufei was of a mind to deny him, but he knew his friend needed this reassurance. He turned the phone to face Harry, again, and spoke louder into the earpiece. "He is fine. The kidnappers did not show up with him - just his friend, who I believe is called Neville. I have not had a chance to question Harry on his experience, but I believe he would appreciate it if you would come to Earth as quickly as possible."

Harry turned to Wufei, upon hearing his name. He bit his lip and turned to his friend, who smiled and waved him away. Harry flashed a smile at his friend, and trotted over to Wufei. "Is that Duo?" he asked, his anxiety showing in his eyes.

Wufei nodded, and handed Harry the phone. Harry took it carefully, holding it like it would burn him if he touched the wrong button.

"Harry?" Duo's voice came through loud and clear. "Are you okay? Did they hurt you?"

Harry bit his lip again, and looked up at Wufei, before turning back to Duo, on the phone. "Hi," he said. "I'm fine - Hermione and the Weasleys would never hurt me. I thought I told you that."

"Yeah, you did," Duo said, his voice going soft, like it did whenever he spoke about Harry. "I just - I didn't believe that you could be on Earth. I'm sorry. How did you get there so quickly?"

Wufei felt like he was intruding on an extremely personal moment between the brothers, but he couldn't find it in himself to leave. If anyone asked, he was waiting for his cell phone back.

"Er." Harry's eyes darted up to Wufei. Wufei took a step back - he was not going to interfere with this conversation. Harry looked back down. "Um, I can't really say, yet. Not on the phone, anyway. Can you, uh, would it be too much trouble for you to come to London? It will probably be a few days before I can get back to the colony, and this is really something that should be said in person."

"I'll be on the first shuttle out," Duo promised. "You just stick with Wufei and Hee - just stay with Wufei until I get there. Please?"

Wufei heard a crackle of static on the phone, and knew he would need to end the conversation in just a moment - his electronics could not stand up to Harry's emotions for long.

"Yeah, um, I will. Let me know what shuttle station you'll be docking at, and we'll meet you there, okay?" Harry said.

"Of course. Can I speak to Wufei, again?" Duo said.

Harry nodded. "I'm sorry I worried you," he said. "I didn't mean to."

"I'm supposed to worry about you," Duo replied. "I'm your big brother!"

Harry laughed at that, and handed the phone back to Wufei.

Wufei turned the video off, and held the phone up to his ear, sensing that Duo didn't want Harry to hear what he was about to say. "Chang, here."

"Wufei, man, great. Listen, will you just keep an eye on Harry, until I get there?" Duo asked. The change in him from the beginning of the call was staggering - relief flooded his voice. "And - and thank you. For believing in Harry. If you hadn't of - well, if you hadn't gone to Earth, there would have been no one there to meet Harry, and I would still be pulling my hair out."

Wufei grunted in reply. He had only done what was necessary. "Someone had to be here," he said.

"Thanks, anyway, man. And um, keep an eye on Heero, too?" Duo asked. "I'm going to need to talk to him, when I get to Earth."


Duo got off the phone with Wufei, a manic grin splitting his face. "Rashid!" he yelled, running back to the TV Room. "Rashid! Call off the search! Wufei found him!"

Rashid wasn't in the TV Room, but Quatre was. Duo rushed to his friend, picking him up and swinging him around in his exuberance.

"Duo, what?" Quatre said, batting at Duo's hands to get him to put him down. "What happened?"

Duo set Quatre down, before rushing over to hug one of the Maguanacs - he didn't know her name. He swung her around once, twice, three times, before Quatre caught him, and forced Duo to set her on her feet.

"Did someone find Harry?"

Duo turned to face his friend. He thought his grin might just break his face, if it went on any longer, but he didn't care. "Wufei and Heero have him. He's okay. Perfectly fine. Wondering where I am, though."

Quatre frowned, thinking. "Didn't Heero and Wufei go check out Earth?" he asked. "Did they find him in the shuttle station, or something?"

Duo shoulders shrugged of their own accord. "No. Wufei says he was right where he said he'd be. I have no idea how, and I don't care. I just know I need to be there toot suite, before Harry decides to up and leave."

He started to leave the TV Room, before remembering why he had come in there. He whirled on Quatre, bringing his hands up in a plea. "Can you cancel the manhunt for me? I need to pack and get a shuttle."

Quatre nodded. "Of course. I'll send word to Rashid and Trowa. I'll be coming with you, of course."

Quatre was such a good friend. Duo had lots of good friends! He felt like he should sing, or something, he was so happy. His little brother was okay! "Okay," Duo agreed. The whole house could come, he didn't care, just as long as he got to his brother. "We leave in ten minutes, so be ready."


Harry ambled over to Neville, after Wufei took the phone back. An EMT had finally shown up, and was shining a flashlight into Neville's eyes. What he was looking for, Harry had no clue.

"I had to make sure you were safe."

Harry jumped at the deep voice, suddenly so close to him. He whirled around to face Neville's attacker, almost knocking his forehead against Heero's. Harry's breath hitched at the sight of him. Even after what they'd done - what he'd done - and the way Heero acted afterward - for good reason - Harry still couldn't get over how sexy he was.

Merlin, he was the perfect blend of sex, danger, and safety. Harry readily admitted that he had a bit of a daddy kink - mostly perpetuated by Sirius's presence when he was younger - but Harry knew that whoever won Heero's heart would never have to worry. About anything. He would make sure no one ever hurt them, and if anyone did, he would hurt them back. Plus, he was fantastic in the sack. He really was the perfect man.


"You hit my friend," Harry replied, crossing his arms and taking a step back. That wasn't the smartest decision, because that meant he could see more of Heero. More of his long, lean neck, the veins bulging as he clenched his jaw. More of his strong arms and muscled chest, his shirt stretched tightly to show them off to their best advantage. At least they were too far apart to kiss.

Not that Heero would want to kiss him, anyway - not unless Harry made him want it. Disgusted, Harry looked at the floor. If he didn't look at Heero, maybe he would want him less, and stop sending out his - magic "fuck me" signals, or whatever.

"I thought he kidnapped you," Heero said, his voice softer than it had ever been with Harry. Except last night - and Harry wasn't going to think about that. Ever again.

Harry clenched his jaw, and brought his eyes up to meet Heero's. He held his gaze with sheer force of will, pushing away all thoughts of how beautiful Heero's eyes were - such an unusual color for one of his descent. "I told Duo that I hadn't been kidnapped. I wasn't hurt. My friends were just worried about me, and this is how they show their worry. Duo should like that about them - it's something they have in common."

He laughed, and purposefully turned away from Heero, to watch the medic with Neville. Neville was now trying to follow a light with his eyes. And failing, from the way it looked on Harry's end. He shook his head, and turned back to Heero. If Neville was really hurt, they would take him to St. Mungo's, and get him treated by some proper healers.

"It's - I. . ." Heero trailed off, sparking Harry's interest.

From Harry's short experience with Duo's friends, Heero was not one to hesitate. About anything. "What?" he asked, crossing his arms tighter to keep from reaching out to Heero.

Heero bit his lip, chewing it thoughtfully - he must have picked the habit up from Duo. "I'm sorry," he said, finally. "I shouldn't have - I should have. . ." He huffed, shrugging his shoulders. "Look, I -"

"Duo will be here by morning," Wufei said, cutting Heero off.

Harry was torn between elation and frustration. He really wanted to know what Heero was going to say, but his face already had that closed off look to it that meant the moment was over, and just forget about it. On the other hand, "What time will he be here?" Harry asked.

He was going to get to see his brother, again, and this time it would be on his turf. Maybe he could convince Duo that he was a real boy, and that he wouldn't accidentally dose himself with rat poison and fall down a sewer if left alone for five minutes.

"He said it would probably be about four A.M.," Wufei replied. "There's some kind of problem with the shuttle station. Apparently, a couple of terrorists decided that the shut-down would be the perfect time to plant a bomb. Duo was working their case, so he's got to transfer it to another team, before he can fly down."

"Is that the Helsinki case?" Heero asked, his face becoming more intense than usual.

Wufei nodded, his eyes shifting to Harry. He didn't say anything more.

Harry got the feeling he wasn't wanted during this conversation, and held his hands up in the universal gesture of surrender. "I'm going to go check on Neville, make sure the EMT is treating him all right," he said, backing away from them.

He hadn't taken two steps, before Heero fell into place with him. Harry looked at him below his bangs, before focusing on the restaurant floor. "What?" Harry asked. Heero had focused that intense gaze on him, and it made him feel nervous, like there was something wrong with him that he couldn't quite see. Spinach in his teeth, or baby food in his hair. Something.

"You need to be checked over, after Stokley finishes with your friend," Heero said in a monotone.

"I'm fine," Harry protested. How many times did he have to say that he wasn't really kidnapped, and that he hadn't been hurt, before somebody around here believed him!

Heero touched him once, lightly on the arm. Harry's gaze was drawn to his bicep, where Heero's fingers curled around him. For the most part, Heero was about the same size as him - a bit taller, and definitely more muscular - but he had really big hands. Heero's fingers almost closed completely around Harry's arms.

Maybe Harry just had skinny arms. Defensive magic didn't exactly give one the best upper-body work-out.

"Please," Heero said, biting out the word like it hurt. "I know Duo would feel better, if he knew you had been checked out."

A smile played across Harry's lips. He hadn't been sending out any thoughts of a seductive nature - and Merlin knew he didn't like it when people ignored his words in favor of doing something "for his own good" - but damn. Heero must care about him, at least a little bit. It was kind of nice. "Okay," he said. "I'll do it. For Duo."

He allowed his own hand to trace across Heero's, before skipping off to check on Neville.


It didn't take long for the medic to finish with Neville. He had a mild concussion, but he would be all right in a couple of days. He wasn't allowed to sleep for the next twelve hours, or drive for the next three days (but, really, when would he do that, anyway?).

Harry would have felt better, if Neville had consented to see a Healer about his injury, but - unlike everyone he ever knew, ever - he dropped the subject when Neville declined. Still, Harry planned to get Neville a general Portkey, so he didn't have to Apparate anywhere for awhile.

After the medic finished giving instructions to Neville (there seemed to be quite a few), he turned to Harry. "You're turn," he said, a smile gracing his face.

Harry felt his face heat up at the look the EMT was giving him. Was every Muggle in the world hot for him? "Er," he said, twisting his head to look for a way out. Heero stood within earshot, at the other end of the counter, and Wufei was blocking the exit. He supposed he would have to give in. "Okay?"

The man nodded, and dragged his bag up to the counter, a no-nonsense look on his face. "Do you want to do this here, or somewhere more private?" he asked, all business.

"Um, whichever you prefer, I guess," Harry said. He'd checked Neville over at the counter, and he was actually injured. There wasn't anything wrong with Harry, so surely, they could do the same.

The man picked his bag up, and gestured to the men's loo, at the back of the restaurant. "We'll go in there, then," he said. "Would you like to have someone else in the room?"

"Not really," Harry said. He hated doctors - and medics, and healers, and medical professionals of all shapes and stripes - after all the time he spent in the Hospital Wing at Hogwarts. (He still insisted that Madam Pomfrey was a sadist, to this day.) He only knew a few people at the restaurant. It would be uncomfortable if Wufei came in with him. He could just imagine Wufei Change, famed Gundam Pilot and Preventor Extraordinaire, standing stiffly in a corner while Harry was being examined.

And, obviously, neither Neville or Heero could join him. That would just be weird.

The man nodded, as though that was the expected answer. "I'll just have someone stand at the door, then." He nodded to one of the Preventors still hanging around, and she trotted over to them.

Harry wondered why that was necessary, but figured it was some Muggle security thing. Or for safety - he'd heard on the news about Muggle women going to their doctors for check-ups, and ending up being hurt. There had been a big scandal a few years back, and after that, there had been changes to the way doctors treated their patients. Harry had thought that just applied to opposite sexes, though. Harry's medic was a man.

Of course, this man might just know Duo. That would be enough to give anyone pause, if they had to be alone with Harry. (But, even so, would this man even know he was Duo's brother? It was too complicated to keep up with who knew what.)

They reached the bathroom, and the man held the door open for Harry. Harry thanked him before entering. "Er, what's your name?" he asked, once they were ensconced, alone, in the tiny one-toilet loo. He thought he'd heard Heero say it, but couldn't remember for the life of him.

"Jeff," the man said, flashing his pearly whites at Harry in a goofy grin. "Jeff Stokley. It's a pleasure to meet you." His eyes roamed over Harry's body, as if liking what he saw.

Harry might have been impressed, if he'd never laid eyes on Heero. As it was, he was just mildly irritated. Couldn't this guy just stop flirting with him, and get on with the exam?

Jeff put his bag on the sink, and gestured for Harry to sit on the toilet. He lowered the lid, and gingerly sat on it. He hoped this place was clean - growing up with Petunia had given Harry an appreciation for cleanliness.

Jeff pulled some kind of long string out of his bag, and advanced on Harry with it. Harry tensed up. He didn't have much experience with Muggle doctors, and found most of their practices to be medieval, compared to magical medicine. Jeff stuck one end of the device on Harry's chest, and Harry relaxed. Sally Po had used this on him, back on L4.

Jeff listened for a few minutes, before nodding, and putting the string back in the bag. "Your lungs sound good," he said, writing on a piece of paper. "Now, I need to check for external injuries. So, if you would just take your shirt off."

Harry hesitated. Why did he need to undress? He hadn't needed to undress for Sally. Maybe his magic was acting up again, and Jeff was under its influence? But no - Harry wasn't attracted to Jeff in the least little bit, so his subconscious couldn't possibly want this man to be attracted to him. Making up his mind, Harry whipped his shirt off his head.

Jeff gasped, and then Harry remembered there was a good reason he shouldn't take his shirt off, any time soon.

The bruises.

He couldn't feel them anymore. The numbing spell he'd accidentally put on them this morning was still in effect. But they were enormous, and even more colorful eleven hours later.

"Um," he said, holding his shirt in front of him, hoping to at least cover the handprints on his lower stomach. "It's not what it looks like."

Jeff rushed to Harry's side. He made to move the shirt, then hesitated, like Harry was some fragile bird, and any quick movements would scare him off. "Who did that to you?" he asked, frantically. "Was it one of your kidnappers?"

Harry wanted to scream. He wasn't kidnapped! What did it take to get everyone to understand that!

The lights in the bathroom flickered, as Harry's anger overtook him.

"This isn't any of your business," Harry said, his voice low and dark.

Jeff's face twisted into a mask of terror, and he stumbled back. "I have to - I have to let the Preventors know about this," he said. Before Harry could stop him, he had grabbed the door, and was out in the restaurant.