"Ow, Brian!" Mack jerked away when his big foot clomped on her bare toes again. "You're stepping on my feet."

"I'm trying my hardest not to."

"You dance to the ring! Why can't you learn how to mambo?"

"This is stupid." Brian let go of her. "I'm gonna go get lit. Wanna join me?"


"I might be better at this when I come back." He put his hands in his pockets, walking backwards. "Stay put, toots. I'll be back soon."

Mack sighed and crossed her arms. She shouldn't have put on that stupid dress—it was freezing in there. And now that Brian left, she would have to stand alone while the rest of her friends tried—and succeeded—at learning how to dance.

She went over to the floor-to-ceiling windows and leaned against them, watching Jay whisk Britt across the dance floor smoothly. They were talking as they glided, and every time Jay turned toward the window, a beam of sunlight would illuminate his already sparkling eyes.

Patrick was twirling Ali all over the place, and though she was prone to falling while standing still, she went with it gracefully, laughing over the music when he dipped her dramatically.

They both looked happy.

Mack narrowed her eyes when Brian stumbled back through the doors, his hair out of the ponytail she'd begged him to put it in. He did look cute with his hair tousled, but she knew it would just get in the way when he tried to dance again.

"Ready, my sweet?" He grinned and pulled her back with her friends, spinning her around. "See? I told you I'd get better at this."

Brian flipped her out, trying something daring, but he miscalculated the space between her and Jay. They ended up crashing into each other, landing in a heap on the floor.

"I'm sorry!" Jay exclaimed, twisting around to look into Mack's face. "Are you okay?"

Mack growled angrily and sat up. "I'm going to the hotel."

"Mack, don't! I didn't look where I was going—"

"It wasn't your fault, Jay. You have nothing to be sore-ee about." She stood up and wiped the dust off her dress. "It was Brian. He's all over the place."

"Oh." Jay glanced up at him and got to his feet. "Brian, what's your deal?"

Brian smiled dreamily, hair in his face. "Didn't see where I was goin', man."

"Fucking stoner," Mack hissed.

"Aw, don't be mad at me," he whined, pursing his tiny lips. "Let's kiss and make up."

Mack rolled her eyes. "I'm leaving. Brian, if you can walk without running into something, come with me. I should've known dancing was going to be a disaster."

"Okay." Brian grinned at the rest of them. "See ya later, guys."

"Way to ruin our vacation, Kendrick."

"Britt," Jay scolded.

"What? He did."

"Don't be mean."

"I'm not being mean!" She pulled Jay back to her. "She should've brought Johnny."

"Johnny would've told Michael," Ali put in. "And then Michael would've found me and I would've been a lot happier on this trip."

Patrick frowned. "You're not happy?"

Ali sighed. "I'm sorry. You're just not Michael."

"Why am I the only one who enjoyed this trip?" Britt asked, throwing her hands up.

Jay smiled. "Because you came with me."

"Why isn't she answering her phone!?" Michael hung up and quickly dialed again, groaning when he heard the same answering machine. "It's not like Ali to leave her phone off."

"Britt's not answering either." Matt redialed quickly. "Fuck!"

Jeff swung down from the limb above them, hanging by his knees. "It's fun up here."

"Shut up, Jeff," both guys said in unison.

"Oh, my God!" Matt hit end again, beating his Blackberry against his forehead. "We're gonna have to leave them good-bye voicemails."

"I want to hear her voice," Michael whimpered.

"I want to live." Matt glanced down at the growling wolves scratching at the tree trunk they were currently stranded on.

"Well we would've lived if you hadn't run your mouth." Mike gulped, gripping the branch a little tighter. "I mean, the wolves would've just left us alone if you hadn't been bitching."

"Why are you blaming me? Did you notice Adam's not with us? The fucking asshole ran away!" Matt thumped the back of his head against the tree. "If we live through this I'm gonna murder him."

Jeff flipped off the branch, landing on the one Mike and Matt were sitting on. It shook violently, snow falling off the limbs. "You know what you should do?"

"You know what you should do!?" Michael screeched. "Not break the fucking branch that's keeping us from becoming wolf dinner!"

Matt looked at Jeff. "What?"

"You should steal his wife." Jeff grinned, doing a few chin-ups on the limb he was previously on. "Total karmic payback."

"Do you think Britt would mind?"

Mike glared at Matt. "Oh no, of course not."

"I think she'd think it was funny." Jeff swung his legs up, hanging down like a monkey again, his ponytail flapping. "She hates Adam, anyway."

Matt stroked his chin strap. "Hm. This could get very interesting."

"Are you out of your mind?" Mike slapped Jeff. "Stop giving him wild ideas!"

"I really don't want Mack," Matt grimaced. "She's not exactly my type."

"Yeah, she has a brain," Jeff said.

"Hey! Britt's smart!"

"She's the only one." Jeff let his arms dangle. "You certainly wised up."

"Yeah." Matt sighed. "And now I'll never see her again."

The ground started rumbling, shaking the tree.

"Oh, great!" Mike wrapped his arms and legs around the branch, holding onto it like a sloth. "An earthquake! What's next, aliens?"

Two bright lights shone on them from the forest below.

Mike's eyes were saucers. "I was just kidding!"

"It's not aliens." Matt squinted, just as a Hummer exploded through the trees, scaring the wolves off into the opposite direction. For the first time in Matt's life, he was actually happy to see the blond step out of the vehicle when it parked beneath them. "It's just Adam."

"Hey, guys!" Adam jumped onto the hood of the car, looking up at them. "I found the Hummer."

"Where was it?"

"Flipped over by the ledge we drove off of." Adam patted the roof. "Thing can survive anything." He glanced up at them, frowning. "What're you guys doing up there?"

"Oh, you know." Matt rolled his eyes. "Just hangin' around."

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