A/n: This was going to be a 221, but I found it much more effective in 100 words. So I thought, heck, let's start a new collection. ^^ It goes like this: 100 chapters, 100 words each, starting with this one-- "breakfast" and moving straight on through the dictionary. I haven't looked at the dictionary yet, so this is going to be interesting...eh heh...anyway...

"But the strangest part of the matter, Mr. Holmes, is—Mr. Holmes?! Oh doctor, catch him!"

"It's not serious, Madam, I assure you," I said calmly, catching Holmes under the arms as he collapsed. "Would you be so kind as to bring some tea with sugar—oh, a damp cloth too."

Presently I was alone, and so picked up the cloth and bathed Holmes' pale face, wet with perspiration. He blinked his eyes open and looked at me. "Watson?"

I sighed, settling the cloth on his forehead and picking up the tea. "Did I not tell you to eat breakfast?"