it went something like this ,
as cho remembers --
if the bones remember differently,
speak up

speak up.

they watched eachother over the
table top. somewhere outside --
she remembers wanting to be there,
a certain shift of cloud and air --
wanting to be so

somewhere outside the breeze folded

in the cumulus was a separate shade of gold, but
as the sun disappeared he seemed every
gilding -- every undertone.
cho had a thing for lightness

and wavy hair.

cho had a thing
and it was aching
when he wet the quill between his lips,
she was

tender as the soft bluish vane.
he looked up
to look up further

"ok," he says

i'm on to you

and cho , the tutor,
shakes her head
she furrows her brow
straight into the line of his hand,

the down at her temple

an instant later

and cedric diggory
is on to her