Entwined tightly in sheets: and rolling across the entire bed countless times, breathlessly in moments away from cardiac arrest as tongues and teeth clashed and wrestling bodies to be pinned down on the mattress, at least for a few moments for one to take control, a two second pause before becoming viciously greedy for one another's mouths and diving back into one another until they had been forced to lay side by side and wait till one of them gained the energy to be on top again - or at least fight for that spot until the other tapped out. Muscular and tattooed arms found their way around the bodies they adored, fixing loosely and watching into eyes that burned with lust.

Silhouettes on the wall tossed sheets to the floor, lips magnetically connecting and hands entwining into brown and black hair. Shamelessly their eyes took in the bare sights of one another and their hip connected bodies as the cowboy's lips left the last expected person to be his inked and pierced male version of Miss Kitty; indulging in the taste of his collarbones as soft, bitten up lips trailed slowly across each of the bones, savoring every inch while his hands roamed down as low as the lights in the room.... The best part being that The Wrestling God could see every inch of his Straight Edge God.

The cowboy lightheartedly pawed the boy on top of him with out much effort, watching him fall like a feather onto of his corpulent figure, eyes fixed on the way he pushed his matted black hair behind his ears, his smile devilish in the moonlight cracking through the slit in the almost closed fabric shades. When the grin was returned, just as mischievous, the night had been confirmed to be just starting as a fast tackle led to both crashing onto the floor.

Brown eyes fluttered open to the morning light, and the irritating loudness of a sleeping lover... that had been solved with a few firm whacks with a pillow. Initial anger turned into fits of laughter from both. Punk was surprised to find that they had the comforters and sheets back on the bed. He whispered to John that was the most thoughtful person ever. He snuggled closer to his body for the extra warmth, as if the multiple covers hadn't helped. Morning conversation was light, neither would have admitted to dreaming of each other in order to refrain from sounding like they had raging high school girl hormones. Even with a few quickly made white-lies the truth was evident behind each word, and the laughter resumed once they both realized it.

The allurement of pierced lips really had become more irresistible every day. The drive to continue on from when they finally collapsed became extinct in both of them as they proved to be beaten straight to hell; even moving wasn't an option at this point.