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7 December 2006

Ianto Jones stood on the roof of the Millennium Center, wrapped in Jack Harkness' arms, in Jack Harkness' coat, feeling warm and relaxed in a post-coital haze, despite the surrounding freezing mist. Having finally taken the big step and made that first move—thank god for his grandfather's stopwatch!-- he was surprised to find himself, at least for the moment, completely unconflicted. Sex with Jack had been everything he'd imagined and more. He was in the only place he wanted to be, and for the first time in months, since Canary Wharf really, he was truly happy.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" Jack whispered into his ear. "All the little twinkly lights…"

"I see why you spend so much time up here. From this vantage you'd never guess that there were Weevils in the sewer, daleks in the sky, and cannibals on the loose. It looks like a safe and happy city."

"No more cannibals on the loose, Yan, thanks to us. And hopefully no daleks for quite awhile. And no more Suzie Costello. A lot of why they," Jack indicated the pedestrians below, "can go on about their normal, contented lives is because of us." He paused, still looking out over the Plass. "Just a couple of days until 'Christmas in Cardiff Bay'. What do you say we go, listen to some music, drink some wassail or Gwîn Dail Derw--"

"Or hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps?"

"And you call yourself a Welshman! Okay, or hot chocolate with peppermint schnapps, if we can find it, and walk through the crowds, just be ordinary for one night? Let someone else watch over Cardiff for a change?"

"We already missed the Bay Light Up." He felt Jack shrug behind him.

"We were busy saving the world. Couldn't be helped. But that doesn't mean we have to give a pass to everything. We could go to the Carol Concert at St. Mary's, or to one at St. David's Hall—there are a bunch of different concerts coming up at St. David's, including one with the Welsh Guard Brass Ensemble, and I know you like the trumpets--plus there's always the Christmas tour at Cardiff Castle."

"Oh, I love the Castle at Christmas—carols, mulled wine, minced pies, and all the little kids so excited to see Santa!"

"Then let's plan on that. And 'Christmas in the Bay'? After all, it's right out our front door…"

Ianto looked up at the sky.

"Do you think it'll be fine? Surely after six weeks of nearly constant rain this has to be the end of it, doesn't it, Jack? If the Taff gets any fuller, it's going to wash us away."

"Well, if we get wet and chilled, I know where we can find amazing coffee, and a warm bed nearby. I'll be sure we have the hub to ourselves."

"Sounds nice." He snuggled back further in his new lover's arms, and continued lazily, "Jack, what are we going to get Myfanwy for Christmas?"

"I don't know. What does one get the pterodactyl who has everything?"

"Maybe—Belgian chocolate?"

"I think we could manage that. Maybe even take a couple of days and go get them ourselves. I've been meaning to go ever since Air Wales restarted direct service to Brussels a couple of years ago. We could take the train to Bruges. There's a castle just outside of town that has rooms available. It's spectacular. You'd love it. Wouldn't you think the world could take care of itself just long enough for us to do that?" He stood quietly for a moment, enjoying the fantasy of going away for a long weekend, relishing the feel of the young man in his arms, the sense of contentment that flowed through him, something he'd not felt in a very long time.


"Yes, Sir?" Jack heard the smile and intimacy in the formality and realized that he'd be listening for that word even more in the future.

"I'm really glad you have that stop watch."