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With Thursday afternoon came the fake rainstorms spelled outside the Ministry windows, the tedious and mundane art of paper-plane-note-torching, and making out in a deserted corridor like a sixteen year old.

Draco had simply been walking down the hallway to visit a man about an order of dried slug eyes that had yet to be delivered, ignoring the fake raindrops and wind that rattled the windows, and setting the occasional magicked paper-plane spelled to harass him on fire when strong hands reached out and yanked him into a dark corner. He moaned into the deliciously familiar taste of hot lips and sweet tongue against his own and wrapped his arms around the slightly taller man's neck, tangling his fingers into that wild and dark mop of hair. Moaning lips left his and trailed down the side of his face, down his neck to a spot on the base that had him shivering and squirming under the other's skillful touch.

"Not here, Harry," he whispered and the mouth merely took his again to shut him up. He was spun around and pressed into the large pillar that kept them both from view from people walking the opposite direction down the hallway. Determined hands lifted his robes and fondled him through his trousers, causing hiccupping gasps to leave his throat as he pressed his face against the cool marble. "What if someone comes?"

"Just worry about you coming," Harry replied gruffly as his pants were lowered to the floor and hot, rigid flesh pressed against his backside.

"God … Harry … please don't … We can go somewhere else …"

"Indulge me," was whispered in his ear as slick, warm liquid spread inside of him.


With Thursday evening came bold accusations, disheveled hair, and cold, cold violet eyes.

Draco was called into the Head of the Ministry's Apothecary's office that night and he went warily, with a sore bum and hair that refused to lay flat after being assaulted by large, strong, Auror hands that had constantly yanked at it …

The secretary directed him into the office, which was empty when he carefully sat down in the small chair on the opposite side of the Head's desk. He twiddled his thumbs for the next ten minutes, stared at the walls, each adorned with its own bookshelf, each shelf filled with book after book after book on potions and potion ingredients and the effects of potions. Finally, he heard the door creak open behind him and he stood as the Head walked into the office.

She stood at, perhaps, four and a half feet or a bit taller, but Draco felt twice her size as always when she greeted him with a curt nod and literally climbed up into her seat behind the desk. She folded her hands on the clean surface before her, her short and stubby fingers entwining gracefully, their shining green tips glowing at him in a way that reminded him of Harry's angry gaze. Her thin lips were in a flat line, her violet eyes hooded and heavily painted with tar-like lashes and emerald green shadow. Her hair was pulled up into a severe bun, tighter than what he remembered the hair of the current headmaster of Hogwarts to be, and not a strand of the white-streaked brown hair was out of place.

"Mister Malfoy. How are you this evening?" she asked, her voice deep and carrying the same hypnotic nature of Severus Snape's. Perhaps if he worked with potions long enough his voice would also come to sound like that.

"I am well, Madam Hoacs. How are you?"

"Concerned," she replied, reaching into her dark brown robes and pulling out her wand. With a flick of it, a pile of folders appeared in midair and landed on the surface between them. "There have been … complaints."

"Complaints, Madam?" Draco asked, folding his hands on his lap so that the woman would not be able to see them shake.

"Yes, complaints that highly concern me, especially since you had such an honorable recommendation from Professor Slughorn. He obviously holds you in high esteem, but there are a few others that obviously do not."

"I understand. People tend to feel … uncomfortable around me," he replied slowly as he watched her flip through the first folder.

"Yes, there are reports of discomforts from those who work with you. Do you alienate yourself from the others much?"

"I do not and I try to be as polite as possible to all of them, but I am constantly ignored and alienated when they have conversations or even when asking for any kind of assistance." He noted that the woman nodded minutely and waved her wand slightly, causing a mark to appear on one of the papers she studied, but he could not make out what it was exactly. It made him question whether or not he should mention the charmed airplanes that constantly harassed him, but, ultimately, he decided not to.

"There have also been reports of you working late many consecutive nights since you began to work here. Would you like to explain?" she asked, fixing her blunt face in such a way that she appeared almost genuine in her concern.

"I tend to work slower in the mornings than I do at night, so I like to prepare my work for the next day before I leave," he replied, hoping he was not speaking too quickly. "Also, I tend to receive the hardest of the potions made in the Apothecary, so I usually need more time."

"I suppose that you are correct," she said softly, tapping her wand on several more papers before shutting the folders completely and vanishing them once more. "However, Mister Malfoy, I would hate to hear any complaints in the future of you doing anything overly suspicious. Understand?"

"Of course," Draco answered tightly, his chin automatically rising. "I assume that I am dismissed."

"You assume correctly," Madam Hoacs replied, putting her wand away and folding her hands once more. Draco stood and walked out of the room without looking back, but he felt the woman's eyes on him the entire way.


"What have you been up to today?" Draco asked as his lover languidly licked and nipped at his reddened nipples.

"Hmm?" Harry asked as he lifted his head to stare into the other's eyes. The blond repeated himself and Harry's brow rose in surprise. "Well … I spent the day with my kids. I haven't seen them for a few weeks. Ginny took them to her parents for a bit. Uh … what have you been up to?"

"Nothing. I was just being nosy," the blond admitted as he accepted a soft kiss.

"I've been thinking of you all day," Harry said between kisses, pressing his naked body against the other's.


"No reason … You smell like peppermint," Harry whispered as he pressed his face into the crook of the blond's neck and inhaled.

"Stop sniffing me, weirdo."

"Weirdo? That's probably the weakest insult you've ever given me," Harry laughed, smelling the blond once more as he ignored the swatting hands at his shoulders.

"You're nuttier than squirrel poo!" Draco laughed, accepting another kiss.

"I swear," Harry whispered, sitting up on his elbows and brushing the hair away from the blond's face. "You smell so good … I'm drunk on it."

"More like horny from it."

"That too … You know, I probably won't be able to chew gum without getting hard for you."

"Perverted weirdo."

"You love it."

Draco laughed and accepted yet another kiss as he reached around the Auror's golden frame to cup the perfectly toned behind. He squeezed and delighted in the moan that was pressed against his mouth. Harry's tongue slid into his mouth to explore and he tilted his head back and allowed it, welcoming it with his tongue. Harry pulled back and smiled. "Good kiss."

"Yeah," Draco whispered back, stroking his fingers down the side of the other's face. Soft lips brushed against his inner wrist and soft green eyes stared into his causing warm shivers to tickle their way down his spine.

It was hard to look into Harry's eyes, especially when the man was not wearing his glasses and those amazing eyes of his were clearer and deeper. They could see right through him, Draco knew it. He knew it, but he could not look away.

"You're the first lover I've had in two years," he admitted softly, still unable to remove his gaze from the other's.

Harry's brows rose in surprise at the sudden confession, but he said nothing for a moment, merely opting for the action of staring back at the other. Finally, he lifted a hand and brushed the loose strands of hair from Draco's face like he always seemed to do and whispered back, "Thank you."

Draco nodded and leaned back further until he was staring up at the ceiling.

"Am I the first man you've been with?" the brunet asked after a moment of silence. Draco shook his head. Harry nodded and swallowed the lump in his throat audibly. He laid his head across the blond's chest and occupied himself by rubbing the tip of his finger against the tight nub of Draco's nipple. "The first time I slept with a man was a week or so ago … I've been with three, including you."

"The first time I slept with a man, I was sixteen. I lost my virginity to him."

"I lost mine to Ginny."

"How many … How many women have you been with?"

"I don't know."

"The only woman I've had was Astoria. She said that she loved me, so I married her … and had Scorpius with her. I needed an heir, after all. She wanted another baby, so the next year we tried to have one. She was pregnant, but there were complications that weakened the magic of both her and the baby and finally her magic all but disappeared and when she began her second trimester, the baby passed and she died. Sometimes, I think it was … sadness, you know? Sadness that killed her and I couldn't do anything."

"Did you love her?"

"I think so. Did you love Ginny?"

"She told me that I didn't know how to love. I have stunted emotional growth because of my childhood, apparently."

"So … did you love her?"

"I thought I did, but wouldn't it have hurt more when she told me she wanted a divorce?"

"Do you really think you have a stunted emotional growth thing or …?"






Draco woke up on Saturday morning in his lover's arms with the stress of the last two days behind him. He lifted his head a bit to look over the other man's shoulder and to the ornamental clock on the wall. It read to be four in the morning exactly and he sighed softly before sliding away from the other man. He climbed from the bed and was grateful when his naked feet padded silently along the hardwood floors and he mentally patted himself on the back for spelling all the floors but the ones in his son's room silent. He pulled on a random pair of pajama pants that lay sprawled across the floor, noting that they were too big for him and were most likely Harry's, and then noting – with a blush – that Harry was already leaving his things over.

He went to silently stalk out of the bedroom, but was stopped, of course, by a low hoot and a tap on the window. The large owl that silhouetted the small frame made an ominous figure in the early morning darkness, but Draco was used to it enough that it no longer fazed him. He moved to the window, eyeing the bed and the Auror that lay in it warily, and opened it slowly, gritted his teeth at the slow, grating sound and the occasional squeak that might as well have been a hairsplitting shriek for all the noise it made in the small bedroom. He took the package from the bird's leg and nodded before watching the owl fly away and closing the window behind it.

He cradled the package to his chest and moved to the door.

"What's that?"

He halted, his spine going stiff and tight, and he turned to the other man. "It's nothing. I woke up because I heard the bird tapping and I went to the window to get the package it had. I haven't checked it yet, so I don't know what it is. Probably just more orders for potions, as always."

Harry sat up and leaned back against one of his elbows. His free hand busied itself by scratching through the rough growth of morning stubble on the man's chin while his other tapped along with Draco's heartbeat on the mattress. "You sure?"

The blond gave him a quizzical look and shrugged. "Yes …"

Harry yawned slowly and did not say a word to the other man for a moment, just squinted at him through the morning darkness as if waiting for an explanation to willingly reveal itself. However, the blond just stared back, so he yawned and asked, "What were you going to do before the owl got here?"

He watched Draco blush, curse, and roll his eyes all at once before giving another tired shrug. "I was going to check on Scorpius."

"You don't usually check on him this early."

"I had a bad dream."

"You were moaning 'more' in your sleep."

"What are you accusing me of, Harry?"

"Dreaming about me loving you, that's all." Silver eyes gave him the coldest look they possibly could so he yawned and tried again. "I'm an Auror, Draco, and you're acting suspiciously."

"Suspiciously?" the blond barked out as a cool laugh. "Because of this?" He lifted his left arm and pointed at the long scar on his arm that Harry could not see clearly through the darkness, but always knew was there. "Is this why?"

"No, that's not why, you twit. You're lying to me … all the time and about little shit you do. I don't like it."

"I'm not lying to you."

"That's a lie," the brunet hissed fiercely as he sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. "Just stop lying to me."

Draco set the package down on his dresser and looked at his feet the entire way across the room to sit beside his lover. Once seated, he switched his gaze to his hands and then the brunet's arms as his gaze followed his hands. The muscle under the skin he touched was tense and hard, rigid with annoyance and something else that Draco was afraid to name. They sat together in the thick, tensioned filled silence, each looking out into the darkness of the room that matched their dark moods.

Finally, Draco turned to Harry and said, as softly as he possibly could, "Did you know that my father is still alive?"

Harry lifted his head and looked to the blond slowly. He shook his head and waited for the other to continue.

"Well, he is. You know that he's in Azkaban," Draco said, his tone still forcibly light. "He's still in his right mind, you know, for a man who has been there for as long as he has … He's never seen Scorpius … He never met Astoria … He didn't cry when I told him that mother died … But he hasn't said a word since then and I just – I just want to save him."

Harry watched on as the blond grew silent and sighed softly. "He was given a life sentence. You can't save him from that, Draco. Exactly what are you planning?"

"I'm not planning anything, Potter!" Draco spat as he pulled away from the other man. "He's dying. He's sick and I just … I needed this job at the Ministry badly. After Mother's death, I easily had the funds to take care of Scorpius and I for a long time, perhaps even open a small Apothecary in Knockturn Alley, but I needed this Ministry job."

"Because it gives you access to both St. Mungo's and Azkaban," Harry added. Draco nodded and ran a hand down his face.

"I can access records I never would have been able to get near had I not gotten a job –"

"You mean you can change them. Lucius was not to receive any type of Healing care, whether he was sick or battered himself somehow."

Tears formed in silver eyes, but Draco refused to let them fall. "It's not fair."

"I think it is," Harry countered coldly.

"He's not your father! You haven't loved him your entire life! You haven't seen him in my eyes," Draco sobbed as he was pulled into strong arms. He pressed his face into the Auror's chest and hid the tears that fell. "I'm sorry for-for what he's done, but he's my father, Harry. You have to understand."

The brunet nodded and said he did. He really did.

He held onto the other man for a long time after that.


The room in his apartment Draco used for potion brewing was as small as all the others, but darker, near the back of the sun and facing neither west nor east so as not to catch any light from the passing sun. The walls had been painted black and, when Harry touched them, felt gritty, smooth, warm, cold, and filmy all at once. Draco had told him it was because of all the excess steam the various potions gave off. He told him not to worry; however, as the dark paint on the walls had been spelled to absorb and negate any potion effects, so that he would not have to worry is Scorpius snuck into the room.

Draco lit a variety of candles, all of different sizes and colors, with a flick of his wand and allowed Harry to follow him into the room.

"This is it," he said.

"Where all the magic happens," Harry chuckled.

"What?" Draco asked as if he had missed something.

"Oh, it's a Muggle saying that implies – You know, never mind," Harry quickly said before pointing in a direction and asking, "What is that?"

"That is the twisted truth," the blond replied as he walked over to the shimmering orange potion the other had pointed to. "It's not finished yet because it is supposed to be clear like veritaserum, but like veritaserum, it needs a few days before it is completed."

"Twisted truth?"

"Yes, it makes the taker tell the truth, but creates a temporary memory loss of subjects the taker does not wide to talk about or admit to. The truth becomes twisted because of the omissions. Get it?"

"Sounds like a Death Eater tool," Harry said, circling the cauldron and frowning into it.

Draco blushed and stepped away from the potion. "Well, seeing as there are few Death Eaters left that need anything to lie about and the fact that I invented this potion a week or so ago, I don't think it helped them much during the war."

With his lover's voice as tight and strained as it was, Harry was almost afraid to ask, "Why did you make it? Did someone at the Ministry commission for it?"

"No," Draco said as he blushed and went to stir another potion. "I just made it."

"Why, Draco?"

"I had a stupid idea, that's all." When he stepped away from his potion and turned slightly, he found himself running into the other's firm chest. He looked up at Harry with a frown and attempted to push away until strong arms wrapped around him. "What? I don't want to talk about this anymore. I already decided that once it's finished, I'm going to get rid of it."

"And what exactly brought all of this on? What was this decision that you had a change of heart about?"

Draco pinched the base of Harry's neck, causing him to yelp and lift a hand away and giving him the perfect opportunity to free himself. "You don't trust me!"

"No, I don't," Harry replied as he rubbed his neck and his heart hurt when he saw the pain and shock in silvery eyes. "I'm trying to, Draco, but I can't."

"Because you'll never forgive me for what I did."

"I already told you, I don't care about a stupid mark on your arm or the actions you had to take in order to protect yourself and your family. I don't care about any of that. In fact, you've been forgiven in my eyes for a long time."

"Why?" the blond asked softly, looking away from the other to various chopped ingredients on a table.

"I know you had the chance to kill Dumbledore and that you did not take it. And you tried to save my life once," Harry said.

"Only so I could bring you alive to the Dark Lord," the other scoffed.

"Do you want me to be mad at you about this?"

"Well, yes!" Draco snapped. "Because, then I'll have a reason for why you don't trust me. You tell me all these things and why you don't hate me, but I don't understand."

"Draco, I can't trust you because you lie to me. You keep things from me. I know that we haven't been together long, but – but I want to try and …"

"And what?" When Harry did not reply, Draco's face clouded with anger and his fist hit the table. "You distrust me for not telling you things, but you can't even explain yourself by finishing a damn sentence."

"I want to trust you, Draco."


The brunet looked taken aback for a moment, his green eyes drifted away from Draco's gaze for a moment as the expression on his face became quizzical. "What do you mean, wh –"

"I mean, we've only been 'together' for a week, yes?" Draco began smoothly, yet retaining enough of his anger to cause Harry's shoulders to tense. "And that was only because you wanted to fuck me – or indulge yourself or whatever," he corrected when Harry opened his mouth to protest. "So you gave yourself a week of indulgences and I happen to be one of those indulgences. Why would I tell you anything when you are just going to bore of me and leave?"

"Is that what you've thought this entire time?"

"Am I wrong?"

"Yes, yes you are," Harry said, much to Draco's shock. He stared as the green-eyed man approached him and did not move as his face was cupped and thumbs stroked along the lines of his sharp cheekbones. "It's true that I've used people in that way, I can't lie to you about that, but I wanted to stay with you. I didn't want to leave you like I did them."

"So … I'm supposed to feel special because I'm not the one night stand?" Draco snarled, lifting his hands to grip at the other's wrists, as if to yank them away. "I was an impulsive decision, you told me yourself. You weren't thinking of a relationship of any type when you approached me."

Harry frowned as he strained for words and Draco wanted to pull away badly, to pull the hands from his face, to step away from the beautiful man before. He felt horrible in that moment, as if his stomach had bottomed out, yet there was something weighing him down so that he could not move, could not breathe. Until Harry finally said, "I want to fall in love with you."

His hands dropped from Harry's wrists and then he really could not breathe.

Harry stared at the other's expression intently, as if trying to coax a response from it, but Draco was so shocked that he merely shook his head and looked away in disbelief.

"I want to, Draco. I do. You were right, I had no intention of having a relationship with you, but … when I made love with you – and the next day you made me French toast and introduced me to your son … You told me about Astoria and your father … You told me that it was good that I still think myself capable of love. It felt like you were the only person to agree with me on that and … there was this overwhelming feeling that I just needed to share with you and … and …"

"You're holding back because you don't think you can trust me, aren't you?" Draco asked as he turned his eyes back to the other, just as Harry looked away. He lifted his hands and cupped the hands cupping his face. "So … I had this idea that if the Ministry ever questioned the increase of good health in my father and decided to take him in and question him about it, I would have a potion ready in case they decided to use veritaserum on him. It would replace that potion and make him forget about what he wanted to lie about and I would not have to stop giving him healing potions. That was my diabolical plan with the twisted truth potion."

"That is pretty diabolical," Harry laughed as he stroked his fingers across pale skin and watched intensely as a path of red followed where his skin had touched. "So … what made you rethink this idea?"

"Right after I developed the potion and began the process of making it, I heard Scorpius crying from his room. He had a nightmare and I consoled him and hugged him until he slept. And after he was asleep, I thought about him. Really thought about him, you know."

"I know," Harry said, thinking of his children and reflexively putting his arms around Draco to pull him closer.

"What if my plan did not work and I was caught? Surely, I would go to prison. Scorpius' mother is gone, my mother is gone – he would have nowhere to go. I don't want to put my son into a worse situation than the one I'm currently in just to save my father. I'm the father now, no longer just a son. I decide what's right for my family."

Harry kissed him then, slowly, passionately. One of his hands lifted to tickle the blond's ear before threading its fingers into his hair as the kiss went on and on. When that kiss broke apart, he trailed small kisses all around Draco's face before settling into the long column of his neck. "I admire you so much."


"So … what does the purple one do?"

"Hopefully, it'll make you shut up if I throw it in your face," Draco said irritably as he looked up from the potion he was making for the umpteenth time. Harry merely smiled. "It makes the taker able to control and manipulate his emotions as well as the emotions of others. It also can enhance empathy."

"Hmm, looks like a love potion to me."

Draco snorted and rolled his eyes. "Shows what you know about potions. It's not a love potion at all."

"It involves emotion."

"It specializes in sadness. People usually take it when they go to funerals or the reading of wills in order to make themselves look good," Draco told him as he crumbled up a peppermint leaf and tossed it into the cauldron before him.

"It still looks like a love potion to me," Harry laughed as he climbed onto a stool across from the one Draco occupied.

"It's not a love potion; it induces boils if it's swallowed," Draco chuckled.

"Boils, love, same difference."

"Oh, you're so stupid," Draco muttered as he rolled his eyes again.

"So how does one take it if you can't swallow it?"

"Well, one can sip it and swish it around in their mouths before spitting it out, but people usually just inhale it through their nose. The effects aren't as strong that way, but it's better than boils."

"I suppose," Harry replied with a slight smile as he leaned away from the steaming cauldron. "So I can't inhale it?"

"You can now because it's not finished, but I advise that you get away from it anyway," Draco said as he leaned over a parchment full of his notes and checked something off with a scratch of his quill before tossing an ingredient into his current potion.

"Sounds like an idea," Harry said and leapt off the stool, walked around the table and wrapped his arms around the blond. "Tell me what you're doing."

"Finishing up the potion for my father," Draco replied a bit tersely as he tried to pull away from the other's insistent arms. "Go away."

"No," Harry said, kissing the skin just under the other's soft ear. He pointed to what looked like a pile of hair and inquired as to what it was.

"The beard of a hag."

"A hag?"

"Yes. A bearded one, now go away," Draco hissed as he grabbed a few strands of hair and tossed it into the cauldron. The concoction bubbled for a moment before it shifted from mint green to milky white. "It was the ingredient that the owl brought to me a while ago. It's rare. Well … many hags have beards, but it's hard to find a hag willing to give up her beard. The hairs have many valuable, magical properties."

"And this is the same potion you've been giving to your father?"

"The hag's beard modifies it a bit. It helps it last longer because … I've decided that this will be the last potion I give my father," the blond said softly. He tensed when the strong arms tightened around him, but eventually eased back into Harry's warm chest. "Why don't you go back to bed?"

"Come with me," Harry suggested in a warm whisper against his ear. "Are you done?"

"I can let it sit for a few hours, I suppose."

"Come to bed with me, then."

Draco soon found himself draped across his lover with his legs on either side of Harry's, kissing the green-eyed man lazily over and over. His upper lip was caught between the other's teeth and he gasped in surprise and pleasure. One of his hands left the grip of the bedsheets he had on either side of Harry's head and traced down the other man's body, exploring the hot planes and smooth curves of it. Learning each angle and each sharp line.

As Harry occupied himself with kisses along his hairline, Draco pinched the tiny bud of the man's nipple between his fore and middle finger. Harry hissed and arched into the touch just in time to meet the tongue that had licked down to tease the prize Draco's fingers had caught. Draco sucked the pebbled flesh passionately, adding his teeth momentarily to win moans from the brunet and using his other hand to play with the other nipple or the sensitive skin beneath his armpit. Harry cursed as the hands moved lower, into dark, curly hair and onto even more sensitive skin. He was cupped in smooth, warm hands that expertly kneaded him to the brink and disappeared as soon as they came, leaving him cursing and whining into the sweet mouth that covered his. Draco's kisses would drug him into incoherence, that happy little place between unconsciousness and rationality, and he would complete forget those taunting hands until they came back to torture begs out of him. Higher and higher, Draco would take him and it seemed closer to the beautiful edge each time until those hands would disappear a leave Harry a shivering heap.

"Please? God, Draco," he gasped as his sadist's mouth left his neck to discover what the skin beneath his navel tasted like.

"Now?" Draco asked as he pushed his pointed nose into the dip of Harry's navel. Only a moan answered him, so – with a rather satisfied smile – he gripped the other's need and gave it several fast strokes until it was impossibly harder. Harry rutted against him, reaching down his body to roughly take hold of Draco's head of blond hair and use it to pull their mouths align. Draco pulled away from the kiss to stare down at the other with a soft smile.

"That tastes so good," Harry whispered.

"My kiss?" Harry nodded, so Draco gave him another. "How about that one?"

"Even more delicious."

"And this one?"

"I have no words."

"Potter!" Draco said in mock surprise. "When did you become so smooth?"

"Hush," Harry chuckled. "Just kiss me."

"Alright," he said, sighing his tongue between the other's lips and locking them together until Harry's strong hands lifted him up by the waist and angled him in a position that would grant them both fulfillment. "Wait. Slick it, please."

Harry nodded at the panted request and reached to the night stand for his wand. One wave of it and Draco was ready to lower himself and engulf his lover into his warmth. Harry's head fell back and his loud moan filled the room.

"Shh," the blond whispered, placing fingers over the other's mouth that were soon sucked in to be tasted. He groaned quietly and rolled his hips experimentally. The vibrations around his fingers from Harry's grunts of pleasure encouraged him to roll and lift and drop.

"Oh," Harry said as his body discovered he liked that move. His eyes closed tightly and he ran his hands up and down the other's body blindly, occasionally playing with pink nipples or skimming across the hot, wet tip of him. His hips lifted automatically, thrusting into the welcoming heat just as it was pushed down onto him. "More."

"Yes," Draco agreed, placing a hand in the middle of the brunet's chest and using it to help push himself up and down. "More … More …"

And Harry reached up and pulled him down for more sweet tasting kisses.


Hours later the pair stood cuddling in the kitchen as Draco prepared scrambled eggs for his son's breakfast. He giggled as Harry's kisses trailed to the crook of his neck.

"Didn't you get enough?"

"I told you, I like indulging myself in you."

"Mmm," Draco sighed as Harry licked a particularly good spot. "I like it, too."

"Mister Harry Potter, sir?" Scorpius' little voice alerted the pair of his presence and they jumped and turned towards the doorway with wide eyes as if they had been caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

"Uh, yeah?" Harry replied as Draco tried to tug himself out of his arms.

"How come you and Daddy never have sleepovers over your house?" the little boy asked, his silver eyes large and innocent. Harry promptly burst into laughter and Draco saw his chance to get away.

"Good question. Why is that, Draco?" Harry chuckled as he looked to the blond's back. Despite being busy finishing the eggs and spooning them onto three plates, Harry could see that his lover's ears were bright red. "You like our sleepovers, don't you?"

"Shut up and sit down, Potter."

"How about we indulge in a sleepover over my place tonight?"

"How about you indulge my foot in your –"

"How about we indulge a vacation together?"

Draco turned, pink face and all and gaped at the other man. "A vacation? Together? All of us?"

"Of course all of us," Harry chuckled, ruffling Scorpius' hair and causing the boy to giggle. "How does that sound? I can bring my kids and you can bring Scorpius and we can indulge in a little trip to celebrate."

"Celebrate?" Draco asked as the trio sat down to eat. "Celebrate what?"

"Our life together, duh," Harry said.

"Duh," Scorpius giggled in agreement. Draco smiled at him before turning back to Harry.

"I'll think about it."

"Alright," Harry said with a smile as he reached across the table to hold Draco's hand. "You're not afraid to indulge, are you?"

"You make life with you sound so decadent," Draco laughed.

"It is."

Silver eyes traced Harry's features thoughtfully and Draco nodded. "Fine. I guess I can indulge a little bit."

"Daddy, how come you keep saying 'indulge'?"

"Eat your eggs, Scorpius."



Author's Note: YAY!!! So … a week turned into a couple months, but all that matters is that I updated, right? *crickets chirping* Damn, well … *slowly inches out of the room as mob sharpens pitchforks* MY BAD!!! Anywho, Wheezy, BIRTHDAY IN JULY!!! It's like Christmas in July, but you don't get discounts in department stores. Hmm … we'll just stick to having our b-days in March, won't we? Lol! -DMH