Best friends, Rivals and Couples


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Chapter 1

It was Monday afternoon in Pastoria city, Sinnoh and our three Sinnoh heroes Dawn, Ash and Brock were sitting in the Pastoria city Pokémon center patiently awaiting the arrival of their old friend and in Brock and Ash's case old traveling partner, May Maple of Petalburg city Hoenn.

May was taking a small vacation from traveling in the Johto region to come and visit. There was supposed to be a special contest being held in Pastoria city that month and May decided to enter it with Dawn, Ash and Brock. The prize was a lifetime supply of poke-block which considering May's poke-block making skills were pretty horrible could come in handy.

Just as Ash was about to go to cafeteria to get some food and Brock was about to go flirt with a bunch of girls (obviously including nurse Joy) and Dawn was about to go fix her hair a young women about 16 years old walked in. She was a cute and bubbly brunette who at the moment had on a green bandanna with a red shirt and black biker shorts and a green fanny pack with white and black gloves.

Ash, Brock and Dawn noticed this girl walk in and immediately ran up to greet her.

"May!" Ash yelled

"Ash, Brock! It's been so long since I've seen you guys. How have you been?" May asked

"Great! How's Johto?" Brock asked

"It's been so much fun and I see Drew at almost every contest and I even beat him in two contests!" May explained excitedly

"I'm sure seeing Drew is the best part about being in Johto, huh May?" Brock said chuckling as May blushed a bright shade of red to match her shirt. Dawn noticed the blush and gave a curious look at the three old friends. There must have been something she was missing. Did May like this Drew guy?

"Um…do you like this Drew guy as more then a friend?" Dawn said

"Huh? Oh Dawn, sorry we almost forgot you were standing there. May this is our new friend and traveling companion Dawn. Dawn this May." Brock introduced

"Oh and to answer your earlier question Dawn, no May doesn't like Drew…" Ash began

"She loves him." Brock said

"NOT TRUE!!!" May yelled

"Whatever." Ash said

"May have you ever been to Sinnoh?" Dawn asked

"No but I've always wanted to. Do you guys think you could show me around the city?" May asked

"Sure! Let's go!" Dawn yelled as she dragged May and the boys out of the Pokémon center.

They continued walking through the city until they had showed May everything. They were currently walking along a path in a forest on the way back to the Pokémon center when they heard two voices coming from behind a bush. From what our heroes had heard from the conversation the two seemed to be best friends but there voices sounded oddly familiar.

"Come on. PLEASE!!! It's my birthday tomorrow! Can't you just do me this one favor? You're my best friend!"

"Fine, I'll think about it."

May, Ash, Dawn and Brock were shocked to see who the two best friends were. Especially May and Ash.

"MISTY!!!" Ash yelled

"DREW!!!" May yelled

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE TOGETHER?!" May and Ash both yelled in unison

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