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"MISTY!!!" Ash yelled

"DREW!!!" May yelled

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE TOGETHER?!" May and Ash both yelled in unison.

Chapter 2

"Drew, maybe we should tell them." Misty said

"Yeah, why didn't we tell them when we first met them?" Drew asked

"I don't remember," Misty said

"TELL US WHAT?!" May and Ash screamed in unison.

Misty and Drew turned to look at each other. It was time they told them.


Two little kids around the age of 3 were sitting in a playpen laughing and playing with their Pokémon stuffed animals. All of a sudden a blonde young woman walked in the room followed by another young woman with mint green hair. The blonde woman's name was Daisy and the other one was Sarah.

"Like Drew, your sister's here to like pick you up." Daisy said

"But I wanna stay and play with Misty some more."

Scene change

A seven year old Misty and six year old Drew were heading to the Cerulean gym to hang out.

"Hey Misty, I'll race you to the gym."

"You're on! Last one there has to tell Daisy that we ripped her favorite shirt hiking last week." Misty said right before running towards the gym. Drew ran right behind her.

Scene change

Drew and Misty were standing in a Pokémon lab waiting for Drew to receive his beginner Pokémon (Misty already had hers since she was a bit older). Being close friends with the gym leaders of Cerulean city meant that he got a special selection of Pokémon.

"So Drew, which Pokémon are you gonna choose?" Misty asked

"I think I want a Budew. I once saw this battle during a contest and a coordinator had this really strong Roselia and if I raise my Budew properly then it will evolve into a Roselia even stronger then the one I saw on TV." Drew said smiling.

"When you're ready, we should have a battle." Misty said


Scene change

An eleven year old Misty and Drew were standing by the dock with unhappy expressions on their faces. They were both staring out at the ocean where there was a giant boat heading to Hoenn.

"Drew, I can't believe that you're moving to Larousse city all the way in Hoenn." Misty said

"Yeah, I'm really gonna miss this place. I'm really gonna miss you to." Drew said smiling sadly.

Misty smiled back. "I'm gonna miss you to." Misty said tearing up a bit.

"Good luck in Larousse and with your journey." Misty said looking at Drew.

"Thanks. Good luck with your sisters and your training. If you ever need help, you know you can call me and I'll be back here as soon as possible no matter where I am but you have to promise me something. No matter what, we'll always stay best friends, ok?" Drew said and Misty nodded.

"I promise,"

"Drew! We have to go!" Drew's older sister, Sarah yelled up from the edge of the dock.

"Coming!" Drew yelled

Misty and Drew hugged and then he ran over to his sister and boarded the boat. As the boat started to move, Drew ran up to the deck and waved goodbye to Misty and she waved back.

End flashback

"Wow, so you guys have been best friends your whole lives?" Dawn said

"Drew, you used to live in Cerulean city?" Brock said

"How long has it been since you guys last saw each other?" May asked

"Yes, yes and almost five years." Drew replied

Unfortunately, Drew was right. The two best friends hadn't seen each other in person in almost five years. Drew had been so busy with contests and coordinating and Misty had been so busy with the gym since her sisters never did anything that there just hadn't been enough time for them to meet up, until now.

"Wait a minute; did you say almost five years?" Ash asked

Drew nodded.

"Misty, didn't you stop traveling with me and Brock about five years ago?" Ash asked

Misty nodded.

"Were you really that sad to leave us that you had to call Drew?" Ash asked

"Who said that was the reason?!" Misty snapped defensively.

"Well, was it?" Brock asked

"Yeah…" Misty whispered.

"But why did Drew meet up with you?" Dawn asked

"She was depressed, border line pathetic actually." Drew said smirking

"Gee, thanks." Misty said

"Relax, I'm just kidding."

"Why were you so sad?" Ash asked

"Well think about it Ash. I had just stopped traveling with two of my best friends and not to long after Brock and I left, you had already replaced me. How was I supposed to feel? I was upset because I thought that you didn't care about me at all." Misty said blushing.

"You don't still feel that way, do you?" Ash asked a half worriedly and half guiltily.

"No, Drew explained a few stuff to me and I instantly felt a lot better. Ironically he came right after the contest where you all met." Misty said

"Misty, I'm sorry if I made you feel that way. I didn't mean to. I've really missed you." Ash said

"I've missed you to Ash."

"AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" May suddenly burst out. Everyone immediately turned to May a little worried but not really prepared for what she was about to say.

"Have you two ever dated each other in the past?!" May asked

"No!" Drew said as calmly as he could while Misty shook her head frantically.

"Ok, don't panic! I was just wondering!" May yelled defensively even though deep down she was really relieved. So was Ash.

"Don't worry May. Drew can't be in love with me because he's already in love with someone else."


May stood there with her mouth slightly agape looking about ready to cry but she hid it well so no one noticed. Drew probably would have if he hadn't been frowning at what Misty had said but then smirked and turned to look at her.

"Misty's in love with someone too." Both Ash and Misty's eyes widened at the same time. Misty's in embarrassment and Ash's in anger, both in shock.

Both Dawn and Brock turned to each other at the same time thinking the same thing. This is gonna be interesting.

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