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Her beauty betrayed her bitter mind set. His cruel notions covered his considerate mind. It was like clash of the titans all over again.

Elegance-dancing-beauty-sophisticated-chatting-ballrooms-dresses-tuxes-drinking-expensive-- Are all words that could be used to describe this place of setting. There are several people drinking from glasses, dancing, socializing in manners of the aristocratic. Men all in tuxes, women in dresses, paired up and expected to be given away to a suitor. There were very few people who lived this life who disagreed with this, even fewer who dared showed that they disliked it. So few even, there were only two present at this particular gathering.

We watch as a young woman sits at the bar, her short pink hair up in a simple clip on the back of her head. She was dressed in a simple, very elegant, spaghetti strap red dress that fell to just above the knees. A pair of open toed, ankle strap heels to match. Her namesake a cherry blossom. She sat alone at the bar, sipping on a glass of champagne. Contentment at the idea etched upon her face, even while people around her looked down upon her for it. Now we see as a young man is making his way toward her, his face emotionless. His spiky black hair and bangs swayed slightly as he walked. He was dressed in black slacks, navy blue formal shirt with an open black suit jacket over top. His namesake a fan. There were several pairs of eyes on him when he left his small circle and advanced toward the young woman, but he could care less.

"My peers inform me that I'm obliged to ask you to dance with me." He stated after he came to a stop by her side. This young man thought this pointless, but his 'friends' reminded that it was better if he danced with at least one girl to keep face in the eyes of the public, even though he was not out looking for a relationship. It was better if people thought it was the opposite. He disliked having to do this greatly, for the girl would except, they'd dance and he would have to spend the rest of the evening trying to lose her.

She did not turn to face him but rather took another sip out of her glass and replied, "And I'm sure mine would inform me I'm obliged to except, but that doesn't mean I will." To say that he was taken aback would be an understatement, he'd never heard anything remotely close to what she had just said when he 'asked' a girl to dance. Normally they would reply with an enthusiastic yes! And sometimes wouldn't even reply at all, rather they would blush and except his hand. He didn't know what to do. He wasn't going to just out right ask, he wasn't that kind of person. But he wasn't gonna leave until she danced with him.

"You'll dance with me." He said, annoyed she hadn't even looked at him.

"And what, exactly, makes you think that?" she replied, finally turning her head to face him, remaining unfazed by his presence.

"I do well to follow through with my obligations, and I would think it wise of you to do the same Miss-"

"Sakura, Haruno Sakura." She said, effectively cutting him off and taking another sip of her champagne.

"Miss Sakura." He replied, his growing irritation showing through. Her attitude was ticking him off, and now she dared interrupt him. She seemed to be thinking it over with mock enthusiasm for a few moments before replying,

"Well, I have to admit, you do have a little bit of a point there, Mr...?"

"Sasuke, Uchiha Sasuke." 'Had she really never heard of me before?' crossed his mind. Though he felt smug that she would realize his status and regret her mannerisms.

"Right. Like I was saying, you've got a little bit of a point Sasuke-kun. We wouldn't want you to lose your precious face, no would we?" Sakura said with a hint of mockery, contemplating getting up. Sasuke deadpanned and resisted the erg to twitch in annoyance. Sasuke-kun? Only those other girls would call him that sometimes if they were really that big of fan girls, it was annoying, but he could deal. Now Sakura on the other hand was just mocking him and that made it a million times more annoying.

"Don't. Call. Me. That." he said through gritted teeth. Then Sakura stood.

"Alright, if you dance with me." She replied. Sasuke almost had to shake his head slightly. No, wait, what? Since when did this turn into him dancing with her? Getting even more irritated he replied,

"I will not dance with you, you'll dance with me."

"If that's the way you want it Sasuke-kun." His stupid pride wouldn't let him have things the other way around and he found no other way out of it. He would just have to deal with her calling him by that annoying nickname. Taking a step in the direction of the ballroom floor she continued, "Ne, Sasuke-kun? You might want to hurry up. Your 'peers' might be wondering whats taken you so long to get me to dance."

"Hn." he replied with an irritated grunt. He held his had as he walked past, expecting her to take it, but had to stop when she did not. He turned around and faced her, he glared, holding out his hand again.

"Thank you Sasuke-kun. I would love to have this dance." She says taking his hand and courtesying slightly. Sasuke was really was generally confused now. Just then Sakura had sounded and acted like an elegant, aristocratic, high society young lady, minus the calling him Sasuke-kun.

There they stood there as a pair waiting for the music to start up he couldn't help but ask, "Why?" Referring to her sudden change in behavior, the kind he had expected from the start.

"With all these eyes around, with our up bringing we've got to keep face, right?" she asked, bitterness evident in her voice.

As the music started, they began to dance. There movements perfectly in sync with the pairs around them. Around they went, and Sasuke inquired further. "Thats odd. I assumed you didn't care of such things Miss Sakura. Seeing as the way you acted earlier."

"I don't." Sakura replied crossly, "But it's pretty apparent you do." She really was annoying.

"I do not."

"You would have left when I didn't except earlier if you didn't." She had a point there. "That, and that smugness that comes from having a name. It kept you from wanting to be in an awkward position with all those eyes on you. Pride may have played a tiny part, but I doubt it was much. And I'm pretty sure your used to getting what you want, just like everyone else here." She sounded bitter, so bitter when she spoke. He knew if he retorted he would be fighting a losing battle, she had to many examples against his case.

"You no nothing about me. You talk of having a name and not wanting to brandish it in the slightest, but I have one of the biggest and you didn't even know who I was. How can you say you know anything about anything?" His voice became harder, more pointed.

"I try to distance myself from this life as much as I can. But theres times like tonight, were I wasn't able to get out of it. And now I'm stuck here dancing with an arrogant jerk!" They continued to dace, but a few couples around them stared a bit when her voice raised slightly.

"Arrogant jerk? I'm stuck here dancing with an annoying, manner-less girl who is apparently no brains and all beauty!"

"What are we, in first grade? That was a stupid comeback. Just what I'd expect from a sheltered company aire." She said, her anger rising. The rest of the dance was spent in silence, they would send glares each others way every now and then, but continued to dance. To storm off in the middle of the dance, would sure make a scene and rumors would spread like wildfire.

When the song came to an end, Sasuke stalked off toward to bar to get himself a drink. Sakura following in tow only because she still had to pay for her drinks. "I'll have a half glass scotch on the rocks." He told the bartender.

"Here's for my drinks." Sakura said, placing a few bills on the counter.

"Miss this is a free bar, its payed for by the host." The bartender replied.

"Then think of it as a tip." She said, then picked up the champagne she had neglected to finish earlier. Sasuke just looks at her, glaring slightly but saying nothing.

"Your drink, sir." The bartenders says, setting the drink down. Sasuke picks it up and downs it, then he sees Sakura down the rest of the champagne in her glass, then sets the empty glass down.

"That could have been drugged." He says in a matter-of-fact tone. She just looks at him with that 'why would you even care' look.

"No brains and all beauty, remember?" she replied venomously. "Everyone here's fake, anyways. So whats the point.." Then she grabbed a napkin and a pen from the bar and began to write on it. "Sasuke-kun, you think that I know nothing of what it's like to have to keep up an image, yet confused that I knows as much as I do and I have a bit of info for you. Ever heard of Haylen Inc.?" He just looked at her like 'no shit, your point being'.

"Haylen Inc. is up there with some of the biggest conglomerate's there is." He said, still confused as to where this was going.

"Lets just say I took my mothers maiden name." She said getting up and sliding the napkin toward him. Sasuke was so shocked to hear this, he didn't even respond. He just watched as she walked off. Then looking over her shoulder and seeing him stare, and still not say anything she said, "If you really think I'm lying look it up. Jaa ne Sasuke-kun."

Sasuke was stuck there watching her leave, very confused. 'No way... I would of heard something about her before..' he thought. Then he looked at the napkin, 'This may come in handy.'


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