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Sasuke stood in front of that very same fountain once more, looking down at his watch. He was contemplating the idea of just leaving, if she hadn't sound so upset, he would have never had shown. They had spoke nor seen each other in a week and suddenly she called him up out of the blue, mad as he had ever hear her. How she got his number, was still a mystery to him. Not really knowing why he showed, he started to regret it, from what it sounded like he was just going to get yelled at. Sitting down he thought back on there 'conversation'.

Sasuke sat in back of a limousine, resentment at the idea written all over his face. He had just come from his Fathers corporate office and now he was rinding home in this limo, because that was how things were done. If he said he wanted to walk home, he'd be followed, if he wanted to take a cab, people would think there was something wrong and he'd never hear the end of it. So here he was, staring through the tinted windows as the traffic slowly continued to move. It wasn't to long before he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

'Who the hell would be calling me now?' he thought, reaching into his pocket, he barely ever got calls because few people had his number and those few people he didn't like to have to speak to. Pulling out the phone the ID read 'unknown' and rattled off a long number that resembled a phone booth's. Flipping it open and placing it to his ear, he asked "Who is this?"

"Why? Why couldn't you just be a little more careful the other day?!" The voice responded, he recognized it right away, it was Sakura. "Would it have really have killed you? You know what, never mind that doesn't even matter now anyways. I knew -"

"Wait, what-?"

"I should have just blown you off, but NO! I just had to go, just to damn curious what the you'd been blathering on about. Your opinions would still be just your opinions and I would have gotten away without having to watch everything I had worked so hard to keep from happening, happen." Then he heard what sounded to him like paper crinkling and there was something with her voice. It still sounded angry when she was speaking, but there was also hurt.

"Master Sasuke, is there something the matter?" came voice the voice of the driver in the front seat after noticing the confused look up on his face. He ignored him and continued to try to hear what Sakura was saying.

"I have a few thing I gotta say to you in person," she continued, her voice harder and the hurt unnoticeable. "Meet me back at the old university square." Her voice trailed off for a few moments before, "I would tell you to make sure your not being followed, but good would it do? You did a bang up job before." Her voice bitter, and then she hung up and the line went dead. He closed the phone and stared at it for a long while.

That bitterness, he was finding that he wished it wasn't there, and started to feel he'd do anything if it would leave her. In a plausibly vain attempt to do so, came his idea, "Take me to the old University square." Sasuke's said. The driver did nothing but nod. He was full aware that this was way out of there way and on the other side of the city, but he knew his place.

When they were about a block away he had the driver pull over and he got out. "Don't wait for me. I'll get my own ride." Sasuke told the driver, he nodded, but replied,

"Your father would never forgive me if something happens to you Master Sasuke." He over stepped his boundary, but he felt he should have said it.

"My Father could careless as long as something doesn't happen to Itachi." He threw back venomously, then slammed the door shut and walked off.

He continue to sit there, staring into his hands. The thought, 'She gets out, and I stay stuck...' floated across his mind, but he quickly shakes it away, not knowing were it had come from. Then he thought back once again on how she said, I should have just blown you off, and looked at his watch once again. 'She very well may be blowing me off right now, now that I think about it. I mean she already yelled at me, so who's to say she's going to come?'

Just when Sasuke was thinking he was going to leave he heard approaching foots steps. Turning his head he saw Sakura walking toward him, something in her hand and boy did she look angry.

Sakura continued down the sidewalk that was mildly alive with people walking up and down it. Looking up, she noticed just how cloudy the sky was getting and pick up her pace, not wishing to get trapped in a down pour. She had been walking some ways before she saw the one thing that made her heart sink and anger well up inside. There at the news paper stand was a picture of her and Sasuke plashed all over the cover under a large headline that read 'Mystery Woman?'. Snatching herself a copy and leaving a five dollar bill on the counter, she stormed off, disbelief still hard to shake.

She set down the paper next to her, sighing and placed her face in her hands. 'How the hell could I have let this happen...?' she thought to herself, 'All the time I spent alone, detained in self isolation so this would never happen, it was all for nothing... God damn it! Now suddenly I'm right out there in the public eye, I sacrificed so much for the ability to disappear.. Everything I did was for nothing, my father will use this against me, I know it.' Then all the pent up frustration started to well up inside her.

"Damn It!" she half shouted, hitting her fist on the bench beside her. The few bird that had wandered near in there search for food flew away at this sudden commotion. The more she thought about it, the more pissed she got, 'If I had only blew him off like I originally planned, none of this would have happened... Why couldn't he have just though of her as troubled and just left it at that? Why the hell did he have to feel like he had to patronize me?!' Then she lifted her head, took a deep breath and stood, snatching up the now worn news paper. 'He's gonna hear about this all right, he deserved as much for throwing accusations my way because he felt like it. I don't care if it takes all day, I will get a hold of him.' With that she took off in search of a phone booth.

Closing her cellphone, she wore a slight smile of self accomplishment. It had taken multiple phone calls, but she had finally gotten his number. Inserting fifty cents, she dialed the number she had been given, and then it began to ring. She was using the booth so that he wouldn't have her number, he came looking for her once and she wasn't going to go make it easier if he ever chose to again. The more it rang, the more she felt her anger returning, she had no intent of leaving a message, if he didn't pick up she was going to keep calling until he did.

Then finally it was picked up, "Who is this?" said the voice, Sasuke's voice, sounding just as arrogant as she remembered and there was annoyance. By now her anger was back in full swing and she started with the first thing that came to mind.

"Why? Why couldn't you just be a little more careful the other day?! Would it have really have killed you? You know what, never mind that doesn't even matter now anyways. I knew -" Yeah she wasn't just angry, but she was hurt and she was sure it was showing through, but it didn't matter.

"Wait, what-?" He questioned, she wasn't even sure of what he said but she continued to talk over whatever it was.

"I should have just blown you off, but NO! I just had to go, just to damn curious what the you'd been blathering on about. Your opinions would still be just your opinions and I would have gotten away without having to watch everything I had worked so hard to keep from happening, happen." She balled up the front page of the paper, the only one she bothered keeping, once again, as she felt a single tear slide down her cheek. Sakura wiped away the tear away and feel quiet for a few moments. Then she continued, her voice holding hurt no more but rather bitterness, like when they first met at the socialite gathering. "I have a few thing I gotta say to you in person, meet me back at the old University square." then she trailed off once more before continuing. "I would tell you to make sure your not being followed, but good would it do? You did a bang up job before."

Then she slammed the phone down on the receiver and stood there for a few moments or minutes, how long, she wasn't sure. But, eventually she began to head in the direction of the old University square, aware that it was going to take quite some time to get there by foot, and there was a chance she'd get rained on.

Sakura rounded the corner into the old University square, spotting Sasuke instantaneously, sitting right in front of that fountain like last time and she was hit with momentary deja vu, but she shook it off. She continued toward him and came to a stop only once she was in front of him. He looked up at her, not sure what to think.

"Miss Sakura." He says, sitting up straight.

"Don't you 'Miss Sakura' me," She started, her voice as sharp as he ever heard it, "Why the hell didn't you listen to me yesterday?!" He knew that his decision to even come here was for her, but found that hearing her tone was causing a different reaction to come from him, one that made that previous notion seem like a lie.

"Why did you call me down here, Miss Sakura?" he asked, annoyance evident in his voice and body language. He once again wanted to mentally kick himself.

"This!" She replied angerly throwing the paper she'd held in her hand at him, wishing she could kick him instead, but didn't. "Why, Sasuke-kun, did you think I went through all the trouble of having you meet me here instead of talking were you found me? That I bothered to tell you to make sure you weren't being followed?!"

He looked it over, it was just another false article, and he couldn't bring himself to fathom an idea as to why she was letting this get to her so. "It's just an article, people write them all the time. You learn to ignore them." 'Oh how dare he speak like that' Sakura thought, fighting the urge once again to actually injure him in some way.

"Did you even hear our 'conversation' the last time we were here in this ever same spot?" Her voice laced in venom. There was obviously something he wasn't getting here, and he knew it. He didn't understand were all the anger was coming from, the article would eventually disappear. Why care so much?

"Why?!" He said standing up, his voice raising slightly, silently wishing for the ability to understand.

"This," Sakura replied, snatching up the article and pointing to the picture, "I never wanted ANY of this."

"Who dose?!" He shot back, it's not like he ever asked to be on the cover of newspapers or magazines.

"There's a difference there though. It's not just THIS, I never wanted the life that causes this to happen." She knew her voice was slowly getting louder and someone was going to be able to hear eventually, but she wasn't about to quit what she had to say just because of that. "You just don't seem to understand everything I gave up to get to this point, to be able to be out of the public eye and be labeled 'estranged', just so I could get away. Do you have any idea how long you have to spend in self inflicted isolation for that to happen?! You have single handedly ruined this for me. This may blow over, I don't care what they have to say about 'this', but the idea that the Haylen inc. heir, estranged daughter of Kyoji Haylen is back, won't. Don't you see, I was supposed to disappear... I just wanted to disappear!"

He took a step toward her and continued to watch her as there appeared to be a quiet desperation in what she was saying and he felt he might now be starting to understand, even if only a little, what she was talking about. Then he felt as the sky finally started to open up and the rain started to fall lightly.

"I gave up a father who would have loved and respected me if I followed in his foots steps, a mother who I could speak to and have an actual conversation and a home and a life were I would never have to worry about finances because financial security was a guarantee. I turned it all down because I couldn't live within the life that had all those things. I was so sure, I left it behind..."

In that moment Sasuke stood there watching her as the rain fell harder, he had never in his life had he admired someone as in that moment. Nor had he ever felts so sorry for or to someone in his life, for all the pain he happened to cause her.

"and just when I was about to succeed without any complications, this had to happen," she says, throwing the paper on the ground. Taking another step closer still, so that there was barely any space between them, despite what he had been feeling just moments before a sudden wave of annoyance and potentially self-pity took over.

"Your not the only one who never wanted any of this!" He says, his voice almost hateful. She shook her head, he really had some nerve. She moved to close the remaining gap between them and she looked right into his eyes,

"You have no right to complain," Sakura says, every word pointed, and hitting him like they were meant to. "If that was true, you could have done what I did, but you were to much a coward." Then there was silence except for the sound of the pouring rain. There was a moment there, and Sasuke had never once in his whole life wanted to yell at someone so much and at the same time want to hold them in his arms to quiet there hurt. But before anything could even be thought of being done Sakura shook her head slightly and started to back off, "Thought so..." She says, backing up then slowly turning around and leaving. This time there was no 'Jaa ne Sasuke-kun'.

He was left to stand there and watch her leave once again. Each meeting they had turned darker then the previous, and he was stuck there unable to say the words, any words that might make her stay or at least turn to him one last time. Then the idea began to cross his mind once more, 'We should have never met...' He was soaked to the bone as the rain continued to fall.

There was still one thing he could do. Before Sakura was out of site, he took off after her, removing his blazer. When he reached her he said nothing, and she just kept walking ahead of him and he placed it on her shoulders. This caused her to stop but not turn around. Before she could take it off and throw it at him, he took off in the opposite direction, not turning around once, determined to erase the pink-haired woman from his mind for good this time.


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