Disclaimer: Naruto does not belong to me. Sometimes I wish it did, because if often seems I could come up with a better story than Kishimoto. I'm not being presumptuous, that's my opinion of the overall quality of his writing.

"The complete and utter destruction of the Leaf."

My teammates have gone inside, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

Itachi is dead.

My life's purpose has been fulfilled. And now I have gained a new one. Another mission of vengeance. I turned my back on that village to achieve my previous goal, and now I must turn back towards it to fulfil my current one.

But where does it end? First Itachi, now the whole village. After that, the world?

I try not to think about that. I cannot give in to my feelings. Itachi must be avenged. My clan must be avenged. Konoha must pay.

It will not be easy. Many will stand in my way. He will stand in my way. That orange-suited idiot...

But he will not stop me. He is weak. Pathetically so. There was a time when he had the potential to be my equal, but he has thrown it away. He knew the loneliness that was the source of his strength, but instead of embracing it like I did, he discarded it for the sake of others. He allowed himself to get soft...caring...weak.

I am different. I am an Uchiha. I have always stood alone. Petty friendships and allegiances mean nothing to me; I have already discarded all those long ago. Instead, I have sought only strength; strength for achieving my goals.

Now I have gained a new power. I am strong, and I will make my new vision a reality.

Yet deep down inside, I hear a nagging thought. One that tells me that I did not become stronger by turning my back on my friends and my village, that Naruto was not weakened by his refusal to abandon those close to him. That though I may have mastered countless jutsus, though there are few who can stand against me in battle, I am not a better ninja than he is.

That from the very beginning, it was always been Naruto who was strong, and it was always I who was weak...

I feel a familiar prescence approaching behind me. Madara Uchiha.

"What do you plan to do with Itachi's eyes?" he asks quietly. "Transplant them?"

I do not meet his eye. Itachi was the one who gave me this power. He would have wanted me to keep it. But he also wanted me to use it for a different purpose. He wanted me to be a hero. The saviour of Konoha. The saviour of his oppressors...

"No," I reply. "what Itachi wanted to see and what I want to see are two vastly different things. I can't do things the way he wanted..."

I know his thoughts and his wishes. But I am not my brother. I had already decided, long ago, that I would follow my own path. This would not make him happy, nor myself. But it must be done.

"I will revive the Uchiha my own way."

Author's note: Just something I wrote up on a whim based on some half-baked dialogue ideas I had in the past. Hope you liked it.