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Chapter 1

It was dark. The sun had set long ago. Naruto was stretched over sideways laying over the top of Shino and Kiba, snoring very loudly. Hinata's spot was empty.

Suddenly, Kiba rolled over slinging his arm over his body and hitting Naruto square in the nose. Naruto woke up with a loud sneeze. He wiped his stinging nose and tried to go back to sleep. However, his stomach churned and his bladder clenched. Naruto jumped up and ran out of the tent.

He walked a few yards away from the tent and found a good bush. The sounds of falling water soon filled the air. When Naruto was done, he sighed with relief and pulled up his pants. However, there was still a faint sound of falling water.

Naruto followed the soft sound deeper into the forest until the quiet pitter patter became a roaring downpour. Naruto pulled a large branch aside and gazed at a large, beautiful waterfall. The twinkling stars reflected off the surface of the water and the dim moon made for the perfect lighting.

However, the thing that caught Naruto's attention was the abrupt movement in the center of the waterfall. There was a faint splash and then the thing moved again. Naruto blinked rapidly, trying to adjust his eyes to the dark figure.

Naruto took a tentative step forward trying to get a better look at the figure. Suddenly, Naruto gasped. It was a girl! And it was the most beautiful girl Naruto had ever seen. The dim moonlight enveloped most of the girl's features in shadow, but Naruto could see the slender outline of the girl's amazing curves.

The girl swung her arm up over her head and a stream of water followed after her hand. Then the light from the moon was able to reflect off the strand of water and light up parts of the beautiful girl's body. It was the most amazing thing Naruto had ever seen.

Naruto wanted a closer look. He took another step forward, but his foot slipped on a wet rock and Naruto plummeted into the water.

Hinata had always been a shy girl. Her father's relentless torment and emotional abuse had made her afraid to even speak. It wasn't until she met Naruto that she began to come out of her shell. However, she had never been able to hold a real conversation with him or even hint at her true feelings for him.

Still, her ability to function properly in social circumstances had begun to increase after her fight with Neji in the Chunin exams. Seeing Naruto's will and determination and having him cheer for her had given the courage to change.

She had begun to train more often and much more rigorously. In fact, every night she would sneak out of her tent and train until she felt like passing out. It was on one of these training escapades that Hinata found an amazing waterfall.

The crystal clear water and the twinkling stars made Hinata feel at peace. It wasn't very long before Hinata was washing the day's sweat off in the refreshing water. The water felt so good and so rejuvenating that Hinata decided to dance. The fresh air and cold droplets of water on her bare skin relaxed Hinata and only seemed to encourage more dancing.

Suddenly, there was a quick gasp and then a moment later there was a loud splash. Hinata screamed and lost her balance, and fell towards the direction of the sudden noises.

Hinata pulled the wet hair out of her eyes and looked up into clear blue eyes.


The two stayed locked in each other's eyes for a few moments. Then, Hinata looked down and realized she was still naked. She let out another piercing scream and jumped behind a nearby rock.

The scream echoed all throughout the forest until it reached Hinata's two sleeping teammates. They awoke with a start and rushed towards the sound of their endangered friend.

Upon arriving, Kiba and Shino saw a very wet Naruto on his hands and knees in the stream. They rushed over towards their blonde friend and began to frantically shake him.

"Naruto! What was that scream? Where is Hinata?" Kiba shouted.

However, Naruto didn't make a sound. He had instantly recognized Hinata by her lavender eyes, but he had not noticed her lack of clothes until she had jumped away from him. The image had left poor Naruto quite stunned.

"Naruto? What happened to Hinata?" Shino said with a touch of panic in his voice. However, being the observant person he is, he quickly noticed a pile of clothes nicely folded on a nearby rock. Once Shino looked closer he realized that they were Hinata's clothes. Shino took one look at Naruto's stunned expression and put two and two together.

Shino silently walked up to Kiba and grabbed his arm. "Time to go. Hinata is fine… well she is physically unhurt…"

"Wha-? Wait! What the hell are you talking about?" Kiba yelled as Shino dragged him off towards their campground.

Meanwhile, Hinata sighed with relief. Naruto seeing her like this was bad enough, but Shino and Kiba? She would have died if they had seen her.

It was several moments later before Naruto found the courage to speak. He picked himself up and got out of the frigid water. He went over and grabbed Hinata's clothes and placed them above the rock Hinata was hiding behind.

"Um…. Hinata? I'm really sorry. I had no idea the girl was you… She was just so beautiful I couldn't help myself from getting closer."

Hinata suddenly couldn't breathe. Naruto thinks I'm beautiful?

Hinata shook her head violently. She couldn't afford to pass out here. She decided to keep herself busy by focusing on getting dressed.

Suddenly, Hinata realized something was missing. She groaned quietly. She hated to ask Naruto this but there was no she was leaving without it and she couldn't come out from behind the rock without them.

'Um…. N-Naruto? I t-think you forgot s-something.." Hinata raised her hand above the rock and pointed towards where she had left her clothes.

Naruto looked over and suddenly his face burst into a deep crimson. There was a pink lacey set of panties lying on the bank. They must have fallen aside when Naruto grabbed the clothes. Naruto took a deep breath and picked them up. He quickly walked over to Hinata and handed them to her over the rock. When Hinata's cold, wet hand met Naruto's warm one, she gripped his hand until she felt the smooth fabric. She clasped her hand around the fabric and accidentally grabbed Naruto's hand as well.

The two were now holding hands with Hinata's pink underwear stuck between their hands. Hinata gasped and blushed deeply. She quickly pulled her underwear from his hand and groaned. This was the first time she had held hands with a boy, and her panties had been between their hands! Hinata wished she had never left the tent… or at least brought a swimsuit with her! Hinata didn't know how she could ever face Naruto again.

Hinata quickly got dressed, jamming her wet legs through her underwear and pants. Once she had finished getting dressed she slowly emerged from behind the rock.

Naruto and Hinata were both blushing deeply and neither could seem to find their voice. Several minutes passed by and the only sound was the roaring of the falls.

"Hinata… Please forgive me… I had no idea you were…. n-n-naked…" Naruto mumbled.

Hinata pulled her arms in front of her chest and began to nervously tap her fingers together.

"I-It's not your f-fault. I shouldn't have gotten n-naked so close to the t-t-tent." Her voice broke on the last word as she starting shivering uncontrollably. Naruto quickly walked off and removed his jacket and wrapped it around Hinata.

Hinata smiled weakly. "T-Thanks…"

Naruto returned the smile. "Anytime." There was a long awkward silence and Naruto started to feel uncomfortable. His thought drifted back to a conversation he had with Sakura.

"Well, Naruto… How do I look?" Sakura asked. She was in a long red dress. Her nose was powdered and her lips were ruby red. Her eyelashes were long and black and there was a trace of blush on her cheeks.

"Um… you look like one of those girls Jiraya is always hanging out with…" Naruto replied.

Sakura's brow twitched and flames erupted around her. "Naruto!" Sakura flew towards Naruto and punched him hard in the jaw.

"Ow…. That hurt, Sakura! Why did you hit me?" Naruto asked angrily.

"You are supposed to tell girls that they look pretty when they get all dressed up!!!" Sakura screamed. "Do you know how long I spent on just my hair?"

Naruto groaned. Girls are so complicated!

Naruto rubbed his jaw tenderly, remembering the pain that Sakura had inflicted upon him that day. He felt that maybe he should compliment Hinata as well. Naruto didn't think Hinata was the type of girl who would hit him in the face, but it didn't hurt to be too careful.

"Hinata? ….You know… You actually are a very pretty girl…"

Hinata suddenly stopped shivering. Her cheeks filled with color just as her eyes rolled back into her head and she passed out.

"Hinata? Oh crap." Naruto slung Hinata onto his back and raced towards the campground. Minutes later, he burst though the tent, panting. Shino and Kiba were both sitting on the ground, eating a bowl of steaming ramen.

"Hey! Hinata needs help!" Naruto shouted.

Shino and Kiba looked up at Naruto and then down at Hinata. Then they both turned back around and continued to eat.

"Didn't you hear me! I said Hinata needs help!" Naruto shouted again.

Kiba waved his chopsticks at Naruto. "You don't know Hinata like we do. She passes out like this all the time. Don't worry, she is just fine."

"A-Are you sure…?" Naruto asked hesitantly.

"Yes, Naruto. She is fine." Shino said without even looking at Naruto. He held up his hand to Naruto and in it was a third bowl of ramen.

"Yum!" Naruto exclaimed as he set Hinata on the ground and began to eat his ramen.

A while later, once all the boys were done eating their ramen, they set up the sleeping bags and placed Hinata gently inside hers. Moments later, they all were sound asleep in their individual bags.

When Naruto awoke the next day, he found that the tent was empty. The other sleeping bags were gone as well. He emerged from the tent to see Kiba and Shino huddled around a map while Hinata stared after a wandering butterfly.

Hinata looked up and her eyes met Naruto's. He gave her a flashy grin that warmed Hinata's heart. However, as the images of the previous night's events flashed through her memory she promptly passed out again.

Shino groaned aloud. "This mission is never going to work if she keeps passing out. Hinata's byuakugan is an invaluable part of this mission and there is no point in continuing if she can't stay conscious. We are heading back."

"What? No way! We can't head back! What about the bikochu? What about Sasuke?" Naruto yelled in disbelief.

Shino glared at Naruto and his voice turned stern. "I am the leader of this group. What I say goes and I say we are going back. Do you have a problem with that?"

Naruto gulped. "Uh… No, sir!"

"Good. Now pack up your stuff. And somebody grab Hinata…"

Much much later, the group arrived at the village with Naruto carrying Hinata on his back. They all head towards the Hokage's tower. Moments later, Naruto was knocking on Tsunade's door.

"Enter." Tsunade said from behind the door. They all walked through the door and Naruto set Hinata down in a nearby chair.

"I'm sorry, Tsunade. Our mission was a failure." Shino said monotonously.

"It hasn't even been two days! What happened?" Tsunade asked.

It took Shino several minutes to explain the situation. All the while, Tsunade's jaw kept dropping lower and lower.

"Naruto saw what!?" Tsunade shouted.

Naruto hung his head in embarrassment. Luckily Hinata was still unconscious.

"Yes. It is true. And Hinata is having trouble coping with the situation."

Tsunade sighed. "All right. You are dismissed. However, leave Hinata here."

"Yes, Hokage." The three boys said in unison. They left the room, leaving Hinata slumped in her chair.

"Shizune!" Tsunade called out.

"Yes?" Shizune said as she stuck her around out from behind the door.

"I need you to get Hiashi for me. Tell him to meet me here immediately."

"Yes, Ma'm." Shizune bowed and left the room.

About an hour later, Shizune arrived with Hiashi at her side. She walked Hiashi over to Tsunade's desk and then left the room.

"You wanted to see me, Lord Hokage?" Hiashi asked respectfully.

"Yes. I have some strange news for you, Hiashi. Your daughter seems to have gotten herself into a troubling situation."

It only took a moment for Tsunade to explain the situation, but Hiashi realized he was in huge trouble. If this situation wasn't handled correctly there would be a big fuss in his clan.

Hiashi sighed. "I think we should wake Hinata. She needs to know what has to be done."

"Yeah… You're right." Tsunade said as she walked over to Hinata to wake her up. "Hinata? Come on now, we need to talk to about something."

Hinata sat up forward in her chair, rubbing the sleep out of her eyes. "W-What is going on?"

Hiashi cleared his throat. "Hinata… Tsunade has told me that a boy saw you naked yesterday. Is this true?"

Hinata slumped. She barely managed to nod her head 'yes'. She couldn't even imagine the lecture she was about to get.

"Do you plan on marrying him?" Hiashi asked with a straight face.

Hinata suddenly started choking. "M-Marry N-Naruto? W-What are y-you talking a-about?" Hinata's face was the reddest it had ever been in her life.

Hiashi sighed again. "There is an ancient law in the Hyuuga clan for a long time. Premarital dating or sexual activity has been strictly forbidden. If word gets out that a boy who is not your husband saw you naked, the Hyuuga family will be disowned."

"S-So I h-have to m-marry Naruto? B-But I c-can't…."

"You will. You are the heiress to the Hyuuga name and you must protect its honor."

Hinata gulped. She could have traveled back in time a week and told her past self that in a week Naruto would see her naked and become her husband, she would have told herself that she was crazy. But it was true. How could Hinata marry when Naruto when she could hardly even talk to him without passing out.

"Uh… Maybe we should get Naruto up here. He should know about this as well." Tsunade said breaking the long silence.

Tsunade sent Shizune off to retrieve Naruto at once. She arrived several minutes dragging a bound Naruto behind her.

"I'm sorry, Tsunade. He was eating ramen and refused to come along with me. So I was forced to take drastic measures."

Tsunade glared at Naruto and he gave her a sheepish grin. "It's okay, Shizune. You may untie him now."

Shizune removed the ropes and once Naruto was free, she left the room.

"Listen, Naruto. This is going to be very confusing for you. But you did see Hinata at the waterfall last night right?"

Naruto blushed deeply. He looked over at Hinata who also had a deep blush on her face. His gaze drifted back towards Tsunade and he nodded his head.

"And you know that see was naked. But what you don't know is that the Hyuuga family has an ancient tradition. Women are only allowed to be seen naked by their husbands."

Naruto gulped loudly and Hinata's blush grew deeper. "H-Husband? But I-I…."

Tsunade held up her hand to silence Naruto. "I know. But this rule cannot be broken so in order to protect the Hyuuga name, you two must get married."

Naruto's jaw hit the floor. "W-We have to get m-married?!"

"Yes. Don't even try to get out of this one, Naruto. You have no choice in this matter. The actual ceremony will be in a few days.

Hiashi stepped forward. "As Hinata's husband you will share her role as Heiress and gain all the rights of a Hyuuga. Then, when Hinata comes of age, you and her will become the leaders of the clan."

Naruto was stunned. "L-Leaders of the clan?"

Hiashi took a threatening step towards Naruto. "If not for this stupid tradition I would never even allow you in the Hyuuga House's front gates. But, alas, I have no choice in this matter. But I swear to you, if you screw this up or break Hinata's heart, I will kill you."

Naruto groaned. This was almost too much to believe.

Tsunade laid a hand on Naruto's shoulder. "You know… Becoming a successful leader of the Hyuuga clan is one more step closer to becoming the Hokage. You certainly would become a lot more popular…"

Naruto's eyes twinkled with determination. If he could do this…. Then becoming the Hokage would be a walk in the park.

Naruto wrapped his hand into a fist and pumped it into the air. "Alright! Hokage…Here I come!"

Hinata giggled to herself. She had to admit that marrying Naruto was a dream come true. But she had always imagined getting married when she was older. Suddenly, a thought occurred to Hinata. In a few days, she would have to marry Naruto! And that meant she would have to kiss him!

Suddenly, Hinata's world shattered. She wasn't ready for this! She hadn't even had her first kiss yet and she was already getting married!

"Hinata?" Hiashi said snapping Hinata out of her thoughts.

"Y-Yes, father?" Hinata mumbled trying to avoid Naruto's piercing gaze.

"Come with Naruto and me. I'm going to take you two to your new house."

"New house?" Naruto and Hinata asked in unison. Their eyes met and they both blushed.

"Yes. Naruto, your lousy apartment is no place for a Hyuuga and Hinata's room can't fit two people. So I brought you a much bigger house. This house is big enough to hold you both and several kids if you choose to have any."

Hinata entire face turned crimson. She shook the thought of having kids with Naruto out of her head. Those thought would only make her pass out.

Several minutes later, they arrived at a very luxurious house just behind the Hyuuga complex. Hiashi had obviously under-exaggerated the size of the house. It was big enough to hold three families at least!

Hiashi opened the huge doors and then handed the key to Naruto. "I will leave you two alone for now. You must have a lot to talk about." Hiashi then turned and left.

Naruto and Hinata walked into the grand house and gaped at the amazing furniture. The house even had its own small pond in the center! And if possible, it looked bigger on the inside than it did from the outside!

Naruto looked around the spacious house and then grinned at Hinata.

"Look at all this room! I guess we are going to have to have a LOT of kids!" Naruto said with a chuckle.

However, Hinata just turned red and passed out.

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