Hello everyone! I know I have been really delayed with updates and everything. I really am grateful for everyone's support and continued patience. This is another update just to let you guys know that I'm still here and I am in the progress of writing another chapter. I still would like to go through the whole story and really spice it up and balance out my poor grammer and plot holes. But i will at least post another chapter before taking the time to do that.

An update on my life so far: I have moved into a new place with my fiance and we are getting married this year. Med school has been tough, but I have reached my stride and I have a bit more free time now. I plan to take more time to maintain this story and my content on this site. I also started up a youtube channel with my fiancee and brother. Search Desucorps if anyone is interested in seeing our hijinks in random games. I am constantly amazed at how devoted and loyal some of you guys are and I would like to be freely availible for those of you who enjoy my content and personal character.

Closing thoughts: I'm going to continue working on this in-progress chapter. It's been tough since this story is old in my mind and have to refresh it. I'll try to get it posted by this weekend. I'll delete this AN when i do since i know they are a bother and give you guys false hope. But I'm still here and ill have a new chapter for you soon. Feel free to send a message via gmail or even twitter. I'll be sure to get back to every one of you!

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