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"Hyuuga family game night?" Naruto asked raising his eyebrows. He could still feel his heart thumping hard in his chest. The kiss had really excited him and he had felt his mind start to go blank. He would never say it out loud, but getting stopped at that point was rather frustrating. Something in his mind and across his body wanted him to take Hinata in every way possible. To silence her with his mouth and take control. But he focused his willpower and shook those thoughts from his head.

Hinata nodded and wiggled out from under Naruto. She took a moment to adjust her askew shirt before standing up. She peeked into the bathroom and quickly ran her hands through her hair to remove the evidence of their earlier romp on the floor. She already knew Beki was never going to let this go and hearing anything from her father or Neji would literally kill her with embarrassment.

"It's something Neji came up with after you left. I guess everyone was worried about me. We started getting together once a week to just talk and eat together. Neji and my dad started competing over small things and it just began a game night over time." Hinata turned towards Naruto and gave him a warm smile. "You should fit right in. It's actually kinda fun."

Naruto had never turned down a challenge in his life, but there was a strange anxiety in his gut. She had called it a "family" game night. He didn't really know how to handle her family. He mentally pictured both Neji and Hiashi and giving him a stern look. He gulped silently. Somehow, he really couldn't imagine them playing games…

Hinata tugged on Naruto's arm. "We probably should be going." She really didn't want to be late tonight. She was usually early and she could imagine what everyone would think if she walked in late with Naruto in hand.

Naruto, however, held firm. "Hold on, Hinata. I just got back. Could we talk for a bit?"

Hinata felt her stomach drop. She knew there was no way she could escape this. They were going to be late. But more than that, she felt guilty for dragging Naruto into this so soon.

"I know you mentioned her in your letters, but who is Beki?" Naruto needed to know. He hadn't been able to get a read on her.

Hinata sat on the couch in their living room and pulled Naruto down beside her. This was going to take a while. "She showed up one day a few weeks after I got back to the village. Her father is an ambassador and he had some business with Tsunade. They are from Getsu, but they spend most of their time traveling between villages."

Naruto nodded as he slowly absorbed this information. She did seem to have a certain indifference that you could expect to see on someone who doesn't stay in one place for long.

Hinata blushed slightly as she continued. "I was really…. really depressed after I got back." Naruto opened his mouth to ask, but Hinata interrupted. "It was really hard being here without you. Especially when we were getting so close. My family was worried about me and apparently so was Tsunade. I got taken off mission status for a while and was told to guard Beki while she was in town."

Hinata lifted her legs up and laid them along Naruto's lap. The affectionate gesture warmed Naruto's cheeks. He kinda lost focus a little as he gazed upon Hinata's soft legs. She normally wore pants, but today she was in a tight pair of black tights that stopped at her mid-thigh. Naruto realized Hinata was still talking and he shook his head to clear his mind.

"We kinda became fast friends after that. Her father was busy so she ended up staying here most nights. She really made it bearable to be here without you every night." Hinata finished and looked Naruto in the eye.

He nodded once more. Somewhere, deep down, he was glad Hinata had had a friend to keep her company. She never seemed close to any of the girls in the village. "What kind of girl is she?"

Hinata thought quietly for a long moment. "She is a lot like you, I guess. Bold, speaks her mind, sometimes she can be rather crass, but she is a really loyal friend. She really doesn't like pants." Hinata smiled at the last part and Naruto laughed.

"I kinda noticed that one. She seems… nice." Naruto said after a moment.

Hinata nodded. "I think you two will get along. I hope so at least. She doesn't have anywhere else to stay."

Naruto froze, but quickly recovered. He had kinda assumed she would leave now that he was back. But it did seem rude to just expect her to leave right away. This house was big enough anyway. It was likely that they would barely even see each other.

Naruto stood up off the couch and offered his hand to Hinata. She smiled at him and placed her hand in his and allowed him to pull her up from the couch. Naruto pulled a little harder than needed and Hinata stumbled forwards and face first into Naruto's chest. He wrapped her in a tight embrace and Hinata blinked in surprise. His body was warm and firm and Hinata felt the heat travel through her skin straight into her core.

"I really missed you…" Naruto mumbled into her hair, his voice barely a whisper.

Hinata felt her heart jump. Then, just as sudden as it had come, the heat was gone and Naruto was striding towards the front door. Hinata felt her hands wrap around her own shoulders, instinctively trying to replace Naruto's missing warmth. She had imagined his return so many times in her head, but it had finally hit her. Naruto was back.

Deep down, Hinata had always been afraid things would change when Naruto got back. Their relationship had been growing, but two years was a long time to be apart. Naruto had clearly changed some as well and it really seemed like a lot to expect nothing in their relationship to change as well. But Naruto seemed to be just as happy to be home as Hinata was to have him home. They weren't just some couple who was forced to be together. Naruto saw this as his home. This is where he wanted to be during all those years.

The realization made Hinata's knees tremble with overwhelming emotion and her eyes filled with tears. She griped her shoulders tightly and left out a soft sob. Naruto turned towards the sound and his stomach plummeted as he saw Hinata's cheeks shining with wet tears.

"What's wrong?" Naruto asked as his long stride carried him back within arms grasp of Hinata.

Hinata shook her head trying to clear him of his worries. "Nothing is wrong. I…just missed you too. I'm really happy you're back home."

Naruto smiled at her sincerity, but the word "home" struck him off balance. He had been on the move for 3 years now. Not once had he thought of home. He had thought of the village and of his friends, yes, but he didn't once think about this house. He had definitely thought of Hinata, however, and this was her home. Naruto thought for a moment. Actually, this was their home. He remembered Hiashi saying something about that when they moved in. This home was made for Hinata and her future family.

Naruto looked back at Hinata, who was softly drying her face with her sleeve. He wasn't one to ponder the future, but he couldn't help wondering how she would look in 10 years. Would she still live here? Would she still be a ninja or would she work for the clan? Would she have a passel of kids running about? The last thought stuck in Naruto's head for a moment. Those kids would be also be his kids. Naruto felt the weight of that thought bear down on his mind. The only future he had thought about was being the Hokage and now he was thinking about having kids?

Naruto tucked that idea deep inside the recesses of his mind and shook his head to clear his thoughts. He looked back up at Hinata and saw her smiling at him with red, puffy eyes. "Cute", he said to himself as he internally chuckled at her contrasting appearance.

"Huh?" Hinata asked.

Naruto froze. He immediately realized that he had just spoken the word aloud. Hinata's faint blush confirmed that she had heard it. Naruto gave her a sheepish smile while scratching the back of his head nervously. "You are cute."

Hearing the words again ignited a heat inside Hinata. A heat felt on her skin and also deep within her chest. Naruto used to complement her appearance years ago, but this was the first time she had heard the words since his return. It made her want him. She wanted to wrap his arms around her and bury her face into that familiar scent. She took a step towards him instinctively, but Naruto obliviously turned towards the door.

"You ready for the party?"

Hinata nodded and grabbed Naruto's hand. She took a slow, deep breath trying to still her heartbeat. She had nearly forgotten how warm Naruto's skin was. She wanted to loop her arm around his so that she could discreetly feel his newly toned musculature. She wanted to do it so bad, but Naruto's fingers twirled between hers while they were holding hands and Hinata immediately forgot the rest of the world existed. Screw the game night. She just wanted to take him back into their house and trace her fingers up and down his body.

Hinata caught herself as her thoughts traveled south. She was surprised that her mind kept going down this path. It wasn't like her to so brazenly covet something so…carnal. But she couldn't help herself. Every step they took towards the main complex, her internal screaming grew louder and louder. Let's go back. Let's go back. Let's go back. She said the words over and over in her mind, but her voice just wouldn't come to her.

"Hey guys!" A woman's voice rang out from a small distance ahead of them. Beki was walking towards them with a hand outstretched in the air and her blonde hair in a single long braid over her shoulder.

Hinata really liked her friend, but she was not happy to see her this time. This time Beki represented the point of no return. Hinata's quiet dream of taking Naruto back to their house died with a quiet sigh.

"Hi, Beki." Hinata said with a slight grumble.

"Whoa. Cold shoulder already? What's it been, a day?" Beki gave them a lopsided grin. She of course knew how much Naruto meant to Hinata, but it would be a cold day in hell before she passed up the chance to razzle her a bit.

Hinata pouted slightly and Beki gave her a wink. She had to give it to Hinata; Naruto seemed like a real catch. Hinata had sometimes described him as a class clown, but the guy had barely spoken since he had returned. Maybe he had changed during his trip? There was a hard but kind strength in his eyes that reminded her of her dad. He had a decent body, too. Tall and broad shouldered with some visible definition under his shirt. His smile was just like Hinata had described it. Bright and inviting. Beki had to admit, Hinata could do a lot worse for a fiancé.

"So… have you been to family game night?" Beki asked. She knew what was in store and she couldn't hold back a bit of curiosity.

Naruto shook his head. "No, I think it started after I left for training."

Beki smiled to herself. He was in for a real treat. Finally, someone would understand her plight. She kept quiet though as their group entered the main house and settled into the living room. It was the same old gathering with Hiashi and several other Hyuugas that Beki just assumed were aunts, uncles, or cousins. Beki squinted her eyes in mock disdain as she watched Hinata snag the only two-seater cushion for her and Naruto.

Beki sighed. She really didn't want to make friends with Hinata's random relatives, much less Hiashi. She turned towards the others and saw Neji waving her down. He had managed to acquire two cushions and was seated opposite Hinata and Naruto. She grinned and walked across to him.

"Saving a girl a seat? What a stud you are, Neji!"

Neji blushed discreetly as Beki plopped down next to him. She stretched out her legs and Neji tried his best to avoid gazing at the exposed flesh. A harsh look from Hiashi, however, made Beki quickly withdraw her legs and sit more formally.

Hiashi cleared his throat loudly before speaking. "Now that we are all here," He said making a direct glance at Naruto and Hinata. "Is there someone who would like to go first?"

Beki threw her hand high in the air and waved it about like a preschooler who knew the answer to a pop question. "Me! Me!"

Hiashi let a few moments pass as he glanced around the room. Beki's frantic antics ensued the entire time. "I guess I will start us off then."

"Damnit!" Beki cursed. "Every time!"

Naruto chuckled softly as Beki pouted and crossed her arms. She was such a visibly expressive girl. It was quite a humorous contrast to the stoic Neji beside her. Neji closed his eyes briefly before activating his Byakugan. Naruto looked around the room quizzically. All the other Hyuugas had followed suit. The room remained in complete silence for what seemed like ages.

Hiashi finally closed his eyes and smiled. "I spy with my Hyuuga eye….. something green and red."

Naruto's jaw dropped. Eye Spy? Seriously? If he hadn't been so shocked he probably would have burst out laughing. The highly prestigious elite clan of Hyuugas playing a children's game? He quickly glanced at Hinata beside him. She was following along so it must be genuine.

Naruto looked all around the room. His gaze became frantic as several moments passed. There was nothing green in this entire room! Even the wallpaper was a dull grey. The Hyuugas clearly weren't known for bright and lively interior decorating.

"I got it!" Neji exclaimed jumping to his feet." It's a praying mantis 4 kilometers to the southeast!"

Naruto's mouth fell in shock as everyone's head turned towards the southeast and they broke out into faint smiles.

Hiashi nodded and crossed his arms. "You got it!"

Naruto shook his head. This couldn't be happening. How could they expect him to keep up with this!? He suddenly caught the attention of Beki sitting across the room. She was wearing a huge grin that seemed to say, 'I told you so'.

Neji took his turn and several more nameless people went after him, each person spotting things that were hundreds of kilometers away. Each round was at least several minutes long and everyone was deathly silent. Naruto was feeling more and more out of place. It if wasn't for the excruciating painful look he shared with Beki after every round, he felt like he would have gone insane.


Naruto jumped as his name was more barked out than spoken. He looked up and realized everyone was staring at him.

"I think it's about time you had a turn. This is, after all, your first game." Hiashi spoke with a slow, commanding voice that suited him too well.

Hinata nodded and smiled at him. A wide, warm smile that clearly showed how important this was to her. Naruto sighed. I guess I don't have much of a choice. He looked around the room until he discovered a suitable object. It was a small, blue flower pot resting against a bookshelf across the room.

"I spy with my…little eye… something small and blue." Naruto said slowly. The atmosphere of the room had changed and he wasn't sure why. There were soft smiles on a few faces and several people were turning their heads around attempting to spot the object. Naruto had seen enough rounds of this to know that they did not need to move their heads to see all around them.

"THE FLOWER POT!" A voice shattered the meager silence in the room.

Everyone turned and laid eyes upon Beki who was fiercely pointing at the blue flower pot across the room. Naruto rubbed the back of his head and nodded.

"Yup… you got it."

Beki fist pumped with both hands. Neki and Hinata shared a laugh. This was clearly a big moment for her. Naruto smiled. The girl really did seem like a good person. Her antics kinda reminded him of things he had done while in the academy. He was happy that there was someone here keeping Hinata company, but a small part of his heart hurt from thinking about the memories that he had missed out on while he was training.

The Hyuuga family game night continued for another hour or so, but Naruto remained in his head for most of the night. He had spent the last few years in a tent on the ground and training every minutes of every day. Something about this safe, comfortable night felt off to him. Naruto took advantage of a loud moment and excused himself from his seat to wander outside.

It was a dark, moonless night. There was a chilled breeze that swept across Naruto's face as he left the main house's inner courtyard. He always liked the feeling of wind against his skin. He inhaled deeply and let the air out slowly through his nose. He tried shaking his head, but it was useless.

He couldn't take his mind off Hinata.

She had been sitting next to him the entire night. He could feel her arm pressed against his, smell her scent with every breath, see her every move out of the corner of his eye. He kept having visions of pulling her closer to him, pushing her down and kissing her, or just getting close enough to breath in her smell. She had made things even worse by occasionally reaching down to squeeze his hand.

Naruto wanted nothing more than to feel the softness of her body and the heat of her skin. He had dreamed about it for months and now it was quietly sitting next to him during a family game night. It was almost too much to bear. She had changed so much over the time he was gone and he couldn't help wondering how every inch of her body looked now.

Naruto shook his head for the hundredth time tonight. He breathed the cold air in again and held it in until his lungs burned. He just WANTED her. He wanted everything about her. To physically grab her and pull her so close, they'd become one. Naruto squeezed his hands together and furiously rubbed them together to rid himself of his pent up frustration.


A soft voice called out to him from behind and Naruto's heart leapt into his throat. He quickly turned to face the voice. "Hinata?"

"Not this time." The voice said as it stepped closer to him. The blonde hair was a dead giveaway. "Sorry to disappoint you." Beki said with a humorous tone.

"Oh." Naruto couldn't hold back the disappointment in his voice. "Hey, Beki."

"I couldn't help but notice that you were pretty uncomfortable in there."

Naruto's eyes widened. "Was it that obvious?"

Beki laughed. "Don't worry. I'm sure no one but me noticed. They were all looking for small objects within a mile radius. Which, as you might be able to tell, I cannot do. Heck, I'm lucky if I can see the couch late at night. And the worst part? They don't even move their heads! Sitting there, motionless, staring off into nothing like a set of matching porcelain dolls…Darn right creepy if you ask me." Beki frowned as she realized she was trailing off track. "So, I couldn't help but notice your fidgeting. What's up?"

Naruto was quiet for a moment. He couldn't exactly answer that question honestly…

"I'm just… not fitting in well." Naruto stammered out after a long pause. "I've been away for so long. It feels like everyone has moved on without me." That wasn't exactly the issue he was having, but it was half true. Naruto turned away from Beki. His pants felt a little tight and he needed time to calm down.

Beki frowned as she stepped closer to Naruto. "I don't know about that. I'm sure everyone here is happy to have you back. I'm fairly new here, but even I heard your name on almost a daily basis."

Naruto tried to keep his front turned away from Beki, but he didn't step away from her this time. "Hinata did?" Now he was actually quite interested at what Beki had to say.

Beki shook her head. "From nearly every damn person in this village. We must seem similar cause everyone was always telling me about you. Everyone was like 'Naruto this' and 'oh that time Naruto did that'." Beki said, waving her arms from side to side as she spoke. She then took a deep breath and softened her tone slightly. "They all missed you. This is your home, your family."

Naruto's face fell. "Well, not exactly."

Beki grabbed Naruto by the shoulder. "Yeah, yeah, your parents' are dead. Big deal. My mom died when I was young too. Everyone has shit like that."

Naruto shook his head. The pretty blonde girl had quite a mouth. "No. This is only my 'family' because they have to be. It was some old rule." His 'situation' had finally subsided and he turned to square off against Beki.

Beki locked her gaze with his. "You think Hinata doesn't want to be here? She was a freakin' mess without you here!"

Naruto face crinkled with surprise. "What?"

"You wanna know why this whole family gets together to play stupid kids games? Because Hinata was a wreck!"

Guilt stabbed at Naruto's heart as he remembered her words from when they had first left the village several years ago. The only thing I'm afraid of is losing you.

"I came here when you were already gone and Hinata got assigned to me as a guard. Or a babysitter, rather. We were both in a bad place, but she was practically a ghost. I'm sure her whole family was worried sick about her. So, don't even try to say she is being forced to be here. She talked about you every single day. She must have cried every night you were gone. She wants to be with you more than anyone."

Beki's words hit Naruto like a wave of rocks. Things Hinata had done or said filled his mind. His own feelings mixed in with the memories and his throat burned.

It had been so easy. Hinata had made everything so easy. Becoming her fiancée, moving in with her, training, housework, everything. His life had changed so drastically, yet nothing had really changed for him. Hinata had molded her entire life to fit his. He tried to think of one thing he had given up for her and he couldn't. His stomach twisted and he felt like throwing up.

"I didn't…"

Beki nodded. "Yeah. I've been there. The girl has a way of making you feel like an ass cause you don't do as much as she does."

Naruto heard Beki speaking, but his ears rang with a deafening whine. He had messed up. He was taking this whole fiancée thing for granted. He was taking Hinata for granted. Naruto clenched his fists, resisting the urge to hit himself.

"What are you guys doing out here?" A voice called out from inside.

Beki turned towards it, squinting against the light from inside. "Oh, hey Neji."

"You two have been away for quite some time. Is something wrong?"

Naruto couldn't meet Neji's gaze. He had been able to hide the truth from Beki, but he doubted he could do the same to Neji. The guy could see through lies almost as well as he could see through walls.

Beki looked back and forth from Neji to Naruto. This is awkward… "He was just talking to me about… game night. He… uh… thinks it's too competitive?"

Naruto looked at Beki and tilted his head incredulously. Really? I-Spy was too competitive? Who would believe that?

Neji frowned. "I don't understand why you keep saying that. No one here is being competitive."

Beki stepped closer to Neji, their chests almost touching. "What game did we play last week?"

Neji thought for a moment. "We did a hula hoop…. contest."

"And who won?"

Neji voice faded slightly. "I did."

Beki smiled smugly. "And how long did you hula hoop for?"

Neji looked away knowing he had been beat. "9… and a half minutes."

Beki poked his chest. "With how many hula hoops?"

"Ok, fine! Maybe we can be a 'little' competitive."

Beki nodded, not even trying to hide the satisfaction on her face. "Naruto and I share a bond now, seeing as we are the only ones who can't see crickets a HUNDRED kilometers away!"

Neji's face contorted into an expression similar to the one he wore when he first met Naruto. It was only for a moment, but Naruto wasn't the type to miss a glare directed at him. He frowned slightly, his own issues forgotten. What had he done to upset Neji?

Neji gestured to them both. "Regardless, it's been long enough. Let's go back before Lady Hinata starts to worry."

Meanwhile, Hinata had already begun to worry. Hanabi was beside her, talking her ear off about some new technique. She could hear her sister's voice, but Hinata's mind was far too distracted to actually hear her words. Naruto had left suddenly and he had been absent for more than several minutes now. Was he sick? Or lost? She had been plagued by nightmares of losing Naruto while he had been away and now those feelings were slowly creeping back into the pit of her stomach. She had wanted desperately to go looking for him, but Neji had noticed her trifle and had gone in her stead.

Hinata's heart soared as she noticed Naruto's blonde hair bob back into view across the room. He, Beki, and Neji all returned to their seats as quietly as possible. Hinata knew it was silly, but seeing Naruto lifted a huge weight off her shoulders. She reached out and laid her hand on Naruto's. He looked at her and smiled, filling her cheeks with warmth. It was a long moment later before the two of them realized the rest of the room was quietly watching them.

They both snapped back to a formal sitting position and matching crimson blushes burned onto their faces.

"No," Beki leaned back, resting on her hands and cocking her head coyly. "Please, continue."

Without so much as a look Neji popped her across the belly with a snap. Beki yelped, resetting her perfect posture. Hiashi glanced at the clock with a sigh and shook his head. "How about we call it a night?"

Naruto tried his best not to let his face show his concern. He knew everything was going wrong because of him, that game night was important to Hinata. As if sensing his discomfort, Hinata reached over and patted his thigh comfortingly. "Thank you, everyone," Hinata looked around at each of the room's occupants, her face radiating pure joy. "This has been so much fun."

Neji smiled widely. He had been really glad to see the family come together to support Hinata this way. Now that Naruto was back, this was likely to be their last game night. There was hardly a need to keep Hinata happy when Naruto was around. He was her sun. Beki grabbed his shoulder and used him as a counter weight to stand herself up.

The teenagers spilled out into the cool, moonlit night. It was nearing the end of fall and the threat of winter's chill hung in the air. Hinata let out an involuntary shiver. As casually as possible, Naruto draped an arm around her shoulder for warmth. She nuzzled into him and Naruto internally screamed at the soft pressure of her body against his. It was enough to force an involuntary swallow down his throat. He was feeling it again, the need for her. This close, Naruto could smell her. Not her perfume or her shampoo, but her scent. It was sweet, like lilacs. He had just enough time to stop himself from leaning in and taking a deep whiff of her neck. As they walked up towards the house, all Naruto could think about was the inviting softness of the girl in his embrace.

A few feet from the door, Hinata stopped cold. The motion caught Naruto's attention. He glanced at her questioningly only to see her gaze was locked behind them. He followed her gaze to see Beki and Neji standing timidly away from the house.

"What are you doing, Beki?" Hinata furrowed her brow. "Aren't you coming inside? It's late."

Beki shrugged. "Naw, it's still early for me. You guys go on ahead. We can all talk later."

"What are you going to do?" Hinata screwed up her face in confusion. "It's ten o'clock at night."

"Neji's gonna take me out on a night run." Beki nodded definitively. Neji gave her an incredulous look. Hinata probably didn't hear it, but Naruto caught him whispering: "A night run? Should I start calling you Lee?"

Hinata was torn. She looked back and forth between the love of her life and her friend. After a moment, she heaved a sigh and nodded reluctantly. "Okay. Just get home safe."

Naruto gulped. A small part of him jumped with joy at the idea of being alone with Hinata, but another small part of him was also terrified. The thought of Beki lounging around the house made him feel slightly awkward around Hinata. He wasn't sure how to act around her yet. But with her gone… Naruto's mind raced with the possibilities. He dug his nails into his palms to stop himself from exposing his excitement too soon.

As Neji and Beki turned back down the path, Naruto took ahold of Hinata's elbow and practically dragged her inside. "Naruto kun!" Hinata giggled at his eager retreat into the house. "What are you in such a hurry for?"

Naruto felt an intense heat inside his chest. Every muscle in his body was clenching. It was very similar to how he felt in the middle of a mission. Except, his whole body wanted to take it out on Hinata. He was itching grab her and push her against a wall or onto the floor. To dominate her and make her entire being his own. The feeling was akin to anger and it scared Naruto how much he wanted her. He looked over to Hinata and she was patiently looking at him, simply content to have him in front of her.

His body softened slowly and his fists unclenched. She was such a delicate girl. So beautiful and caring. He let out a long breath and put his desire for her away for a moment.

"I really like you, Hinata."

Hinata froze and Naruto dared not move. They both stood motionless for quite some time, their frantic heartbeats the only sound in the house.

Tears filled Hinata's eyes and Naruto began to stammer. "Uh, uh, wait! I mean…" He crossed his arms as a rather large blush spread across his cheeks. He took a long breath before speaking again, fully committing to his path. "Training was hard. It was really, really hard. I spent every hour of every day pushing myself to be better. But…" Naruto trailed off, his voice growing quiet. "The hardest part of every day was being apart from you…"

Hinata sniffled, tears falling readily down her face.

Naruto wanted to stop and comfort her, but something in his head pushed him to keep going. "The thought of sneaking away to come find you kept me up at night. I had the worst time trying to sleep, and I've always passed out the second my head hit the pillow. I would catch wisps of your scent in my tent and the pain in my chest would be so tight, I couldn't sleep at all."

Naruto clutched at his chest as if he were feeling that pain again right then. "I guess what I'm saying is… I really missed you, Hinata. I don't want to ever be apart from you again."

Hinata's knees were trembling and she had to place one hand on a nearby table in order to keep herself upright. The other hand was over her mouth, containing the loud sob that was threatening to spill out. Hot tears ran down her face and fell to the floor. Her chest was hammering so hard, it physically hurt to breath.

Hinata opened her mouth to tell him she loved him, but only sobs came out. Naruto strode over to her and embraced her. Hinata let her arms fall to her sides as she wept into his chest. She had cried so many times when she had returned that she had run out of tears. Now, her tears poured out, almost as if making up for lost time.

Naruto held her tightly as her body shook with sobs. Several moments passed before Hinata could form words.

"T-Thank you, Naruto."

Naruto swallowed, his own throat starting to tremble with the threat of crying. Something in the way she said it suggested that she was thanking him for so much more than just holding her. She was thankful for his very existence. He leaned down slightly and kissed the top of her forehead.

Feeling the touch of his lips, Hinata turned her face up towards him. Naruto smiled and leaned further down to kiss her lips. There was a tenderness in the way Hinata kissed him back. Almost like her lips were quietly asking for more.

Naruto was suddenly very aware of the softness of her lips. Of her body. The large bosom pushing into his abdomen. A jolt of electricity went down his body and he deepened the kiss. His hands fell down along her body to her hips. Her slender waist curved into her wide hips giving his hands a perfect place to grab onto to. He pulled her closer to him and Hinata gasped slightly.

Instantly, Naruto pulled back and apologized. "I-I'm sorry, Hinata. I got swept up in the-"

Hinata shushed him with a kiss. "I…I want this too."

Naruto's jaw nearly dropped. Hinata's face was redder than he had even seen. But she still kept her eyes fixed on his. She pushed her body into his and kissed him again. Naruto lost himself in the feel of her lips as they met his. The slight wetness of them and the hot breath that escaped her mouth between kisses.

Hinata had kissed him many times before, but they were usually just pecks. A quick little touch with pursed lips. But, when they were alone at night she would kiss him differently. Heavy with an open mouth and wandering hands. She kissed him with a longing that could only be communicated with physical contact. This kiss was even deeper. Her lips pulled at his and it was increasing with intensity each time their lips met.

Naruto returned each kiss with such desire that Hinata could feel it tugging at her heart. She melted into his arms, wrapping her arms around his neck as he backed her against the wall. "I have been waiting all night to be alone with you," He panted, his forehead pressed against hers. Hinata could feel his warm breath on her skin and a chill of excitement crept down her spine. He leaned in again, this time going for her neck. As his lips brushed the delicate skin of her throat Hinata's hair stood on end. She turned her head towards him, longing to taste his lips again. Naruto met her halfway. Tongues parted teeth while Hinata held his face in her hands, drawing him in closer. Naruto's hands slid from her shoulders to her waist. He hesitated, his hands hovering there. There was no protest, only the soft seductive whisper of his name. Naruto took it as an invitation and picked her up. Hinata wrapped her legs around his waist for support. They continued kissing, coming up every so often for a necessary breath.

As they held each other, Naruto thought about how happy he was to be home and to be with Hinata again. Through his two years traveling on the road, he had sometimes had fears that their relationship wasn't real. That it was a machination of the Hyuuga tradition and that it was something they would grow out of, something that wouldn't stand the test of time. However, just by the way Hinata said his name, by the way she held him close, Naruto knew that it was real. As much as the physical contact was stirring a primal need to take Hinata and make her his woman once and for all, there was another need there. It ran deeper than just lust. He wanted to be close, to be intimate with her.

The heater kicked on, popping the front door against its frame from the pressure change. The two jumped in surprise. They glanced at each other, their momentum broken. Hinata was as red as a beet, but to Naruto's surprise her eyes were still full of longing. "We should go upstairs," She suggested, her voice trembling slightly. Those words were like a secret code that set his manhood on high alert. Naruto caught himself blushing at the bulge in his pants. "Yeah. Let's go."

The pair walked upstairs, hand in hand, breathing heavy. Neither of them was saying what they planned, but as their bedroom door closed behind them they were clearly on the same page. Hinata grabbed the hem of Naruto's shirt, and with shaking hands raised it over his head. She paused, taking in the sight of his bare muscular torso. His two years of training had clearly had an effect on his figure. His pecks were cut out from the rest of his body and his torso was rippling with taunt muscles.

Naruto gave her a shy smile as Hinata reached up and ran her hand over his chest. Hinata smiled, too, before leaning in and kissing him again. Naruto cradled her in his arms, rocking her gently as they kissed. After a few moments, Hinata broke away, and with downcast eyes she slowly pulled her own shirt over her head. Naruto's jaw dropped at the revelation of her flawless upper body. Hinata's wide hips led to a slender, toned waist that he had to force himself to see before his eyes were pulled upward. As his eyes snapped up to her chest, his breath caught in his throat and his gaze froze.

Hinata had been physically mature for their age two years ago, but now she was a bombshell. No, not a bombshell. Her breasts would be the envy of girlie magazine models. They were enormous, but impossibly well formed. As he stood there, stunned to silence, Hinata reached behind herself and unhooked her bra. Her breasts barely moved, only caving to gravity slightly. Naruto's hands were shaking as he reached out and cupped her perfect breasts in his hands. The skin was smooth and incredibly soft. Naruto was struck by how pale and milky they were compared to the rest of her skin. The tone was quite appealing contrasted with the rosy pinkness of her nipples. Encouraged by his interest, Hinata peeled off her tights, leaving her in only her small white lacy panties. It was almost laugh worthy to Naruto, seeing this total knockout girl with the body of a vixen in the most innocent underwear he'd ever seen. But that was Hinata. That was his girl.

Hinata reached up and wrapped her arms around his neck again and began to walk backwards toward the bed. Naruto's pants were throbbing and the fabric was straining to contain him. As Hinata sat down on the bed in front of him, she looked up at him and ran a hand over the swell in his pants. Even that slight touch sent waves of electricity over his skin. He reached down and unbuttoned his pants, kicking them away as they fell to his ankles.

The restriction of his pants gone, Hinata was given a much more accurate estimate of Naruto's size. Were all boys this big? For something that seemed practically nonexistent most of the time, Naruto's parts seemed to take up the entire vertical length of his underwear, threatening to come peeking out of the bottom. Since they had started kissing, Hinata had felt a heat growing inside her. It was a need, something deep down that she didn't understand. It was a craving for something she had never had, a longing for a satisfaction she had never known. As she peeled down Naruto's underwear and was faced with his exposed length, she gave a small gasp of shock. He had not been this big two years ago. She reached out and timidly took ahold of him, running her fingers over the soft warm skin. That physical craving she had been feeling earlier was now giving way to uncertainty. What was she supposed to do?

Hinata slid her hand up and down the shaft and Naruto let out a sigh that seemed to suggest his approval. Hinata continued the motion for another moment while trying to build the courage to do more. Did he want her mouth? She looked it in the eye and hesitated.

As her hesitation stretched from seconds to moments, Naruto took a step back and pulled his underwear back up. She blinked in surprise, her hand still hovering tentatively in the air.

Naruto shook his head. "Let's…let's not do this now."

For a moment Hinata felt injured and slightly guilty. She wanted him and he wanted her, and it was Hinata's ineptitude that was keeping them both from finding the satisfaction they were both craving. Before she could open her mouth to apologize, Naruto took a sudden leap forward and gently tackled her to the bed. Hinata squealed as Naruto scooped her up into his arms. He gave her a big idiot grin as he snuggled in close, pressing her bare skin against his. It surprised Hinata how she instantly relaxed at the contact of his flesh. Her heartbeat slowed to match his and her muscles relaxed. Naruto ran a hand over her arm affectionately as she adjusted her hair to be out of his face.

"Are you going to be okay?" She pouted.

Naruto blinked. "What are you talking about?"

"I've read," Hinata bit her lip self-consciously. "I've read about how uncomfortable it is for boys. When this happens."

Naruto narrowed his eyes. "What?"

"You know, the, um, swelling thing," Hinata glanced away.

"Are you talking about blue balls, Hinata?" Naruto watched as her face turned tulip red and she averted her eyes in shame. He couldn't help but laugh at her adorable humiliation. "Yes and no. It's not the best feeling in the world but it goes away. No big deal. Nothing to feel bad about."

"But its my fault, Naruto, I didn't know what to do. I'm sor-" Hinata began to apologize but he clapped a hand over her mouth.

Naruto waited a moment, then released her to gesture to the bed. "Do you see this bed, Hinata? This is now designated as the 'no sorry' zone. Any 'sorrys' uttered here will be charged a fee of two kisses."

"But Naruto, I-" Hinata began but he gave her a stern look.

"This is sounding dangerously like a 'sorry'."

"Just let me finish!" Hinata raised her voice. It approached what other people considered to be a normal talking volume. She gasped. "I'm so sorry. I just screamed at you."

Naruto leaned in and pointed at his cheek. "Hn!"

Hinata blinked. "Oh. I said it." She leaned in and kissed his cheek twice. He reached over her and clapped a hand on her bottom. He was surprised at the pleasant feel of the bounce back and he made mental note to do that more often.

"Sorry," He grinned sheepishly at her shocked expression.

Hinata smiled at him and pointed at her own cheek.

"Oops." Naruto laughed as he realized his own broken rule. He leaned in and snuck two kisses in on Hinata's lips. She hadn't expected it, but she hardly protested. Naruto leaned sideways onto the bed. He adjusted on his pillow, trying to find a good way to drape his arm over her. "Can you roll over?"

Hinata nodded and turned on her opposite side. Naruto pressed against her back, lining his legs up behind hers. "Can you, here, I'm gonna-" Naruto grabbed her by the hips and pulled them towards him and pushed her knees up and forward with his own. "There we go." The two looked like nesting letter 'z's. If Naruto looped his arm under his pillow and his other arm around her waist, it was the optimum spooning position.

Hinata's favorite place in the world was in Naruto's arms when he squeezed her tight. Lying the way they were, it was like a whole body hug from her fiancé. His warm chest against her back, his soft breathing behind her, it was so comforting that she caught herself drifting immediately. Naruto sat up momentarily to pull the covers over them. Between the fluffiness of the comforter and Naruto's hot skin against hers, Hinata was done for. Within moments, Hinata began to snore softly. Naruto chuckled quietly to himself. If she knew, Hinata would be mortified he had heard her snoring. He moved some of her hair and nestled his face into her neck, savoring her familiar scent. Certain she was really asleep, Naruto snuck his arm around her waist and up towards her chest, cupping her boob in his hand again. Her breast was firm, but impossibly soft. The feel of it was somehow comforting to him. It wasn't long until he was sleeping soundly, too.

The next morning, Naruto woke up early. Used to his nights sleeping outside Naruto usually rose at dawn. He peered down at the topless girl next to him. Hinata was still asleep, her hair a jumbled mess and plastered to her face. Reflexively, he reached out and brushed it aside. At first, he considered waking her up and starting their day together. She was resting so peacefully, though, that he hated to ruin it. Carefully, he extracted himself from the bed and threw on a pair of shorts. It was slightly difficult as he had to work around his morning wood, but he managed nonetheless. The hardness only served to remind him that his bladder was completely full. He slipped carefully out into the hall and headed towards the bathroom. He would pee and then head to the kitchen. If Hinata kept the fridge as well stocked as when they were younger, it would be easy for him to fix her a nice breakfast. He opened the door to the bathroom and nearly collided with another body.

Beki stepped back from him, completely naked with a towel in her hand. Naruto tried to look away quickly but he had already seen everything. Beki was taller than Hinata and had a much more muscular build. Her blonde hair went down to her waist. She had broad shoulders with breasts that were smaller but much perkier than Hinata's. A small waist, with narrow but still feminine hips attached to lean muscular legs. His eyes fixed on the linen closet in an attempt to avoid ogling his roommate. "Oh, shit, sorry." Beki chuckled. "I forgot you live here now."

She kept on walking towards her room whilst barely covering herself with the towel. Naruto furrowed his brow, Beki's last comment sticking in his craw. He turned towards her again, trying to keep his eyes off her small, but tight buttocks. "Wait, I live here now? I lived here before you."

"Bad wording," Beki grinned as she threw her towel into the open laundry room. "I forgot you were back, better?" She turned back towards him, clearly not bothered at all by her nudeness.

"Yeah," Naruto crossed his arms, keeping his gaze above her neck line. Her body didn't have an ounce of fat on it. Naruto shook his head trying to clear his thoughts. "Even so, why are you naked?!"

Beki gave him a look. "Do you shower with clothes on?" Naruto shook his head, clearly not satisfied with that answer. "It's just a body. Do you see me complaining about your body?" She said gesturing to his pants tent. Naruto covered his wood with his hands and turned away from her.

Beki smiled. "Well, when you live with a bunch of people with x-ray vision, clothes are just kind of a formality, you know?" She cocked her head. "Plus, it was just me and Hinata all this time. We're both girls. It's not like it's anything we haven't seen before."

Naruto nodded, a knee jerk reaction to her statement as his brain tried to process what he had just heard. Hinata walked around the house undressed? "Wait, Hinata too?"

Beki thought for a moment. "I mean, yeah. She's naked all the damn time. Bras suck, dude. She probably hates pants just as much as I do."

At the mention of the word, Naruto remembered seeing Beki's exposed panties the first time he met her. Were all girls like this when they were alone? He mentally cursed Jiraiya for taking him away from this place.

Naruto swayed, his head swimming with the images of the girls walking the house in the buff. It almost seemed too incredulous to believe.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened and Hinata's face peered out. "Naruto?" Sleep was still written across her face, but it all disappeared when her eyes fell upon Beki.

"BEKI! Put some clothes on!" Hinata yelled out and slammed her door shut to avoid seeing her nude friend.

Naruto turned back towards Beki with a confused look. That wasn't the behavior of someone who walked around the house naked.

Beki burst out laughing. "Did you actually think Hinata walked around nude!?" She could barely speak between her fit of giggles. "That girl wouldn't be caught pants-less on laundry day!"

Beki fell into her room and closed the door. Her laughing could still be heard from out in the hall. Naruto sighed. What on earth had he come home to?

I hope you guys enjoyed the chapter! Like I said before, im trying to up the adultness of this story. As a 26 year old adult who has been married for nearly 3 years, I'm a little bit over the sappy romance. It's time for this relationship to actually get somewhere! And for any of those wondering about Beki, her character is fully explored in my wife's story, the tale of the three maidens. She will not be involved with any harem shenanigans or love triangles. I don't feel like adding much more drama to this story. I just want to explore their growing relationship into adulthood and then wrap the story up. I would really like to hear your feedback on the maturity of this chapter. I tried to keep it from being too graphic while still keeping it close to reality and also adding in some adult humorous moments. Please tell me what you thought!