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Bright sunlight streamed in through the window and warmed Hinata's sleeping face. With a deep yawn, she began to stir in her bed. She slowly sat up and as she sat up the covers moved with her. She looked back to see Naruto who had been previously hidden underneath the blanket. Hinata smiled. They were sharing a bed just like a real married couple.

Hinata froze as she heard a rustling just behind Naruto's sleeping form. She craned her head over Naruto's body to peer at the source of the sound. Hinata's fury awakened as she recognized her sister's face.

Hanabi was entangled with Naruto's body. Both of her legs were wrapped around his and her arms were around his waist. And she was completely naked except for her pink underwear that was barely thicker than a piece of string. Hinata' face twitched in anger as Hanabi moaned in her sleep and rubbed her bare chest across Naruto's arm.

"HANABI!" Hinata screamed. Her face began to fill with color as the events from last night swirled around in her memory. It all started when she had come out of her room with Hanabi's pajamas and had seen a very naked Hanabi sitting on top of Naruto….


"N-N-Naruto…?" Hinata gaped as Hanabi's clothes fell from her grip.

"Ah! H-Hinata!" Naruto said scrambling out from underneath the naked Hanabi.

"Hello there, sister. I was just getting 'acquainted' with your fiancée! Well... OUR fiancée now!" Hanabi giggled.

"O-O-Our f-fiancée?" Hinata stuttered turning to face Naruto. Her expression was filled with pain and confusion.

"I-It's not what it looks like, Hinata! She just came out of the shower and f-fell on me and I sorta saw her n-naked…" Naruto said unable to look Hinata in the eye.

Hinata felt somewhat relieved. At the very least, Naruto had not meant to see Hanabi naked. It was just a very misfortunate accident. She looked over to her sister only to realize that she was still naked and had a rather firm grip on Naruto's arm.

"Would you PLEASE put your clothes on! Hinata shouted as her cheeks burned crimson. Naruto's face also burst into a deep blush when he remembered just what was rubbing against his arm.

Hanabi smiled and tightened her grip on Naruto's arm. "I will only if Naruto-honey wants me to..."

Hinata gulped. Naruto-honey?

"C-Could you p-put some clothes on?" Naruto mumbled.

"What was that, Naruto? I couldn't hear you. You should try looking at me when you're talking." Hanabi said with a suggestive smile.

Naruto slowly turned his head to look upon the completely naked Hanabi. As he did he realized that she had put her arms behind her back and was thrusting her chest out. The action made Hanabi's boobs much more pronounced and Naruto was having a hard time keeping his gaze above her neck.

"Could you put your c-clothes on?" Naruto said firmly and then shut his eyes and turned his head back around.

Meanwhile, Hinata had been watching Naruto's expression and as much as she hated to admit it, Hanabi's boobs were clearly having an effect on Naruto. The thought filled Hinata with jealously, but she couldn't help wondering what Naruto thought of her boobs.

Hanabi smiled at Naruto, grabbed the clothes from Hinata and then headed for the bathroom to change, leaving Naruto and Hinata in an awkward silence.

"S-So you saw her..." Hinata mumbled after a moment.

Naruto gulped. "Y-Yeah... But it was an a-accident!" Naruto's cheeks burned with embarrassment and he turned his gaze downward to stare at his feet.

"Ok." Hinata said calmly.

Naruto's head snapped up and his jaw dropped. "Ok?"

Hinata nodded. "If you say it was an accident then I believe you. And I... forgive you."

Naruto smiled warmly. Hinata sure was an amazing person. But there was still the issue of Hanabi and that troublesome Hyuuga tradition. Could he seriously be married to two girls at the same time? And even if it was "legal" would Naruto have enough energy to handle two Hyuuga heiresses simultaneously? One thing was for sure... Hiashi was NOT going to be pleased.

"Um... Naruto?" Hinata's timid voice brought Naruto out of his thoughts and back into the grim reality in front of him. Hinata was standing next to Hanabi who was dressed in a very loose set of cotton pajamas. The look on her face made it very clear that she was not fond of her new look.

"Y-Yes, Hinata?" Naruto said trying not to stare at Hanabi's ridiculously oversized pajamas.

"I was just about to show Hanabi to her room. Would you mind waiting for me in our room? I will be up shortly."

"S-Sure thing..." Naruto said as he turned and headed into his room. He heard the girls' footsteps grow distant as they walked to a different part of the house. He was about to pull a blanket off the bed to make his usual sleeping spot when he remembered what Hiashi had said the other morning. He and Hinata were going to be married soon. And married couples do sleep in the same bed...

Naruto shrugged, stripped down to his boxers, and settled into Hinata's bed. Once he was nestled in underneath the covers he realized that sleeping in his boxers whilst sharing a bed with Hinata probably wasn't the best idea. He was just about to get out and change when he heard Hinata's footsteps just outside the door.

Hinata sighed deeply as she stepped into her own room. Just how was she going to deal with his this Hanabi situation? She looked up towards her big bed and she nearly gasped when she saw Naruto in her bed. Then she remembered her father's words and took a deep breath. Sharing a bed with Naruto was almost a dream come true, but at the same time it was also a nightmare. She was going to be laying so close to his warm body...

Hinata shook her head. Come on, Hinata! Focus! Don't mess this up! "Let me get changed real quick and then we can go to sleep."

Naruto nodded as he tightly wrapped the blankets around his nearly naked body.

Hinata grabbed some pajamas from her dresser and went into the bathroom across the hall to change. She mentally cheered as she began to undress. She hadn't stuttered or tripped or made a fool out of herself yet! She could do this! She slipped into a figure-hugging silk nightgown that barely reached her mid-thigh. She took a deep breath and tried to calm her racing heartbeat. She opened the bathroom door and headed back towards her room.

Naruto gulped loudly as Hinata walked back into the room. She was wearing an extremely arousing nightgown that seemed way too risqué for Hinata. And yet it seemed perfect on her.

It hugged all the right areas and showed off her slender curves. As Naruto stared he couldn't help picturing how Hinata's naked body looked underneath the gown. However, the gown was so thin and tight that it didn't leave much for Naruto to imagine.

Naruto's gaze slowly drifted downward and he realized that his boxers were not doing a very well job of hiding his "excitement". He quickly adjusted the blankets and began thinking intensely of Kakashi in a bikini.

Hinata almost giggled. The fact that she was having this much of an effect on Naruto in just a night gown was filling her with confidence. She wondered how he would react if he saw her in more provocative clothing...The various possibilities brought a deep blush to Hinata's face and she could feel her confidence start to falter. What if Naruto asked to do... THAT? What would she say?

Hinata pulled back the covers and laid down next to Naruto. Several moments passed and neither person said a word.

Naruto glanced over at Hinata and blushed. Something had been on his mind and it was filling Naruto with guilt. He knew that he probably shouldn't tell Hinata, but he just couldn't stop the words from falling out of his mouth.

"Um...Hinata? I...uh... You see...Hanabi and I...sorta accidentally...um...well...she fell on me and we kinda...kissed. B-But it was an accident! A-And I didn't even enjoy it!"

There was a moment of silence before Hinata spoke. "W-Would you have enjoyed it if it were me? She said quietly.

Naruto gaped. "What? You're not mad?" Just what did it take to get on Hinata's bad side?

Hinata's face was glowing red but she summoned every ounce of courage in her body and said, "We are engaged, but we haven't even had our first kiss... I-I mean... We saw each other n-naked and we are about to sleep in the same bed... Don't you think it's time we k-kissed?" Hinata forced herself to look up and into Naruto eyes. She half-expected him to be completely stunned, but, much to her surprise, it looked like he was actually contemplating it.

"I see your point. We certainly don't act like the average married couple." Naruto chuckled.

Hinata allowed herself a small giggle. "So... Should we...kiss?"

Naruto gulped. "Probably...but I'm..." Naruto's voice trailed off as he noticed Hinata was already closing her eyes and leaning forward. Oh well... Naruto thought as he started to lean forward as well.

Hinata's face was slowly getting closer and closer. Naruto felt his heart skip a beat as he gazed upon Hinata's face. Her eyes were gently closed and her soft lips were gently puckered. He had never realized how beautiful she was. Her hair seemed so smooth and the smell of lavender emanating from her was intoxicating. Naruto's body started moving on its own and he cupped his hand around her face. He felt Hinata flinch a bit, but she kept on leaning forward. Naruto stroked her warm cheek with his thumb. He was surprised to feel how soft her skin was.

Naruto felt himself give in to his desire as he leaned the last few inches forward and touched his lips to Hinata's.

Naruto was immediately overcome with sensation. He could feel Hinata's soft lips mold and match his own perfectly. It shot lightning bolts all over his body and butterflies erupted in his stomach. He could almost taste Hinata's lips and it reminded him of marshmallows: soft and sweet. The smell of lavender was even more powerful than before and Naruto couldn't stop breathing it in. It filled his every breath and it only intensified his desire.

He found himself griping Hinata's face and pulling it tighter to his own, deepening their kiss. He felt Hinata's hand tightly grip his face and it only sent more shockwaves of pleasure down his spine. Naruto was surprised at the intensity that Hinata was showing. She was kissing him more and more intensely with every second. Naruto was starting to lose feeling in his legs and he laid down on his back pulling Hinata on top of him. Their lips never separated.

Naruto's brain stopped working. He became lost in the intense pleasure shockwaves running across his lips and body. Hinata's body was on top of him and Naruto could feel her chest pressing into his. Naruto wrapped his arm around her and started stroking her hair with his other hand. Naruto's skin shivered as Hinata ran her hand down his chest stopping to trace each of his pecks and abs with her finger. Her hand kept going all the way down to the waistband of Naruto's boxers. Naruto also started to move his hand down Hinata's back until he got to her butt. It was extremely soft in his hand so Naruto cupped his hand around it and squeezed it firmly. Hinata jumped in his arms and she let out an audible moan.

The sudden moan brought both of them back to reality and they quickly sprang apart and sat back on their respective sides of the bed. Both of the faces were red and they were desperately trying to catch their breath. Naruto was still getting aftershocks of pleasure across his body.

"Wow..." Naruto said with a deep sigh. "That was..."

"Incredible..." Hinata finished still breathing heavily. She lifted her gaze and locked eyes with Naruto for a second. She had been crushing after Naruto for as long as she could remember, but never before had she imagined that she would share this kind of intense passion with him. But behind the overwhelming passion, Hinata could feel her love for him grow even stronger. She had never felt this close to someone in her entire life.

Those feelings were one hundred percent mutual. Naruto's life had been spent running from villagers and their sticks and stones. When they ran out of rocks to throw, their harsh words did just as much damage. And when he wasn't running from angry villagers, he was training in a remote location all by himself. His nine-tails may have been able to heal all the scars left on his skin, but it offered no protection to the damage on the inside.

But Hinata was slowly starting to heal each of his emotional scars. Naruto couldn't help wondering Is this what it's like to be loved…?

Naruto laid his head back against the pillow and closed his eyes. His stomach was still filled with butterflies and his lips were still tingling, but his heart was pounding and it felt like he was floating. He had never felt this happy in his life. It wasn't long before he was drifting off to sleep.

Hinata watched Naruto's sleeping face for a minute. She giggled quietly to herself. He was so cute when he was sleeping! She ran her hand through his hair and leaned down to kiss him on the cheek. I love you, Naruto she thought to herself before falling asleep.


"AHHHH!" Naruto shouted as he woke up to a naked Hanabi sitting on top of him. "W-Why is she naked?" Naruto closed his eyes tightly and turned his head towards Hinata.

"HANABI! What are you doing in our bed!" Hinata said through clenched teeth.

Hanabi smiled and nuzzled her cheek into Naruto's bare chest. "I couldn't sleep so I came in here to sleep with my Naruto-honey. That's what fiancées are supposed to do, right?"

"And why are you naked?" Hinata said calmly, trying to control her temper.

Hanabi frowned as she sat up to look at her older sister. "Because your pajamas were too uncomfortable! And besides, I'm not 'naked'! I have underwear on." Hanabi stood up beside the bed to demonstrate her point. "See?" Hanabi asked as she pulled on the sides of her underwear.

"Just what kind of underwear is THAT?" Hinata said pointing at the string-like underwear Hanabi was wearing.

Naruto gave in to his curiosity and opened his eyes a crack. Hanabi was standing with her back to him and Naruto got a perfect view of her exposed bottom.

"It's called a 'thong'." Hanabi said, playfully smacking her bare butt cheek. "They actually are quite popular in America. Do you like it, Naruto-honey? Hanabi asked in a coy voice as she wiggled her butt.

Hinata quickly covered Naruto's eyes with her hand. "How can that be underwear? It doesn't cover anything!"

Hanabi smiled. "That's the point! This is sexy. But I wouldn't expect you to understand, sister. But if Naruto-honey wants me to take them off..." Hanabi shrugged and pulled off her underwear.

"No!" Hinata exclaimed as she threw her blanket over her sister's naked body. But as she did so she pulled off the only thing covering the semi-naked Naruto. And it was quite obvious to everyone that "Little Naruto" was an early riser.

Hanabi giggled seductively. "My my, Naruto. Am I having that much of an effect on you? Or maybe you two did a little more than just sleep next to each other…?"

"I-It's m-morning…" Naruto stammered with a huge blush all across his face. Hinata was also blushing, but she couldn't stop herself from stealing a quick peek at Naruto's lap.

"I wanna touch it!" Hanabi yelled in a singsong voice. She looked just like a child in a candy store. She climbed onto the bed still completely naked. She reached out her hand towards Naruto's lap…

"GET OUT!" Hinata screamed, quickly throwing her pillow on top of Naruto's lap.

Hanabi raised an eyebrow at Hinata. She had never seen her sister shout so loud before. What was she trying to protect? She shrugged, blew a kiss at Naruto, and ran out the door.

As soon as the door was shut, Naruto threw the pillow aside and ran towards the bathroom desperately trying to cover himself with his hands.

Hinata, however, didn't see a thing. She was too busy staring at the pillow Naruto had just thrown aside. The pillow that had just been pressed firmly against his…

Hinata suddenly buried her face into the pillow and inhaled deeply through her nose. It was warm…and there was a faint trace of Naruto's scent on it. Hinata blushed a crimson red and threw the pillow behind her. She had just indirectly touched his… Hinata couldn't bring herself to even think about it.

Hinata shook her head trying to clear her mind. She could think about that stuff later. Right now she had to get dressed and deal with this Hanabi situation. And there was only one person who could sort this all out.

Her father…

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