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On the set of So Random!

The cast of So Random was thrilled; they were going on a vacation! It was their off time in between shooting seasons and they really wanted a trip. No adults; well, Marshall would be there, but he probably wouldn't even bother them.

The biggest problem was that they could not agree on where to go. Tawni wanted to go somewhere warm, Sonny wanted to go somewhere cold, and the rest didn't really care where they went, as long as it was fun.

"Okay guys," Marshall said, gathering them all together. "Since we cannot seem to agree on a vacation destination, I have written down ten different places we could possibly go. Nico let me borrow your hat," he gestured his hand out for it. He then threw the pieces of paper with the destinations written on them in the hat and shook it up.

"Well who gets to draw?" Tawni asked pleadingly.

"Let's let Zora draw since she's the youngest," Marshall decided.

Zora wiggled her hand through the hat for what seemed like forever, until Tawni yelped, "Just choose one!"

Zora grabbed a paper out of the hat and slowly unfolded it. A huge smile came across her face. "We're going… to Disney World!"

"Disney World?" everyone asked in unison.

"Well that could be fun," Sonny suggested. "I've always wanted to go!"

"And Florida is nice and warm," Tawni added.

"Lots of rides and cool shows," Grady joined in.

"And, here is my arm for any girls who are too scared to ride "The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror," Nico added, pointing to his right arm.

Marshall was even excited. "I have been so many times, I can't wait to get there and just relax," he said.

"So when are we going?" Zora asked.

"We leave in two weeks," Marshall answered.

They all headed to the commissary to celebrate with some frozen yogurt.

On the other side of the studio, at the set of Mackenzie Falls

"Why are we going to Disney world again?" Portlyn asked in a whining tone.

"Because I am shooting a new movie just minutes away from Orlando, so we decided to plan our cast vacation in the same area," Chad reminded her. I swear, sometimes that girl can be so clueless, Chad thought. They had just gone over this about an hour ago.

"Remember, it's that role of the mail man that Jeff- or was it Josh?- trained me for over at So Random?"

"Oh yeah," Portlyn remembered. "It's a small, but crucial role," she added.

"That's correct," Chad applauded. "We leave in a couple of weeks. I've been before; it's really not that childish like some people think- it's actually a really fun place."

Chad then returned to his dressing room to rehearse his lines for the upcoming movie.