Okay, this one-shot is mostly because I'm pretty sure I won't be able to find a good place for this scene in any of the actual "Season 9" episodes. Enjoy a bit of plotless silliness and leave a review (because it would make my day). Characters still not mine. Oh, and for those of you who haven't been keeping up, Angel is human by now according to the timeline of my fantasy world, which explains why they didn't watch an evening showing.

The two couples walked out of the movie theater in something of a daze, though this wore off by the time their eyes had adjusted to the brightness of the midday sun.

"Well, once you get past the over-the-top mythology, I think that actor was a better Dracula than the real thing," said Buffy.

"That's not too hard, considering that the real thing is an idiotic, narcissistic pretty-boy who would have been dust in under a week if it hadn't been for his flashy Gypsy magic crap," Angel grumbled. Buffy shot him an amused look.

"So, you're not just jealous because they never made a movie about you?" she asked with a wicked smirk.

"No," said the former Scourge of Europe a bit too defensively. Buffy's smirk widened, but she let the subject drop. She had her own irritations to address.

"At least Van Helsing got to kill him properly," she said, scowling. "I dusted him twice, and it still didn't stick."

"Ooh, maybe we should sic Oz on him!" said Willow brightly, turning to beam at her fiancé, who looked thoughtful.

"I dunno. If he's really that full of himself, he's probably watched the movie already. He'd see it coming."

"Plus we can't be sure he's really allergic to werewolves," added Buffy.

"I do kinda want to try that portable sunlight thingy on regular vamps, though," said Willow. "I mean, I don't really think a glass ball with chemicals in it will do the trick, but I can probably upgrade my light-summoning spell enough if I tweak the incantation and put some extra oomph into it. Maybe make sure the herbs are really fresh."

"You know, the only reason people keep making movies about Dracula is because he showed off in front of a novelist. You ask enough demons, you'll find out which vampire was really more feared," Angel burst out indignantly. They all stared at him. "What?"

"Kinda flogging a dead horse, aren't you?" said Oz.

"Hey, forget about it," said Buffy, wrapping her arm a little more snugly around Angel's and leaning into him.

"Yeah," said Willow. "You were a much more intimidating vampire than him, even when you had your soul."

"You're not just saying that…"

Oh, and the other reason behind this is that I think the Buffyverse version of Dracula is an utter pansy. Angel is so much more awesome than him. Heck, even vamps like Penn who only got one episode are more awesome than him.