AN: Hello fellow readers, this is my second drabble challenge, this is a song drabble. Light up the Sky by Yellowcard. Word = LIGHT


Let me light up the sky,
Light it up for you.
Let me tell you why,
I would die for you...

Sam watched Dean as the song played on, three weeks to save his brother's life.

"I'm sorry."

"For what?"

"You're dying for me."

"You know the day you were born, you cried...screamed...pissed me off, but when you kept your trap shut for long enough, you were pretty cool – cute even." Dean smiled lightly.

Sam ignored him. "Dean you sold your soul."

"And I'd do it again." Dean looked determined.

"But-" Sam began.

Dean looked straight ahead. "You're strong, keep fighting.

AN: Revised...hopefully Dean isn't OOC anymore. Yes? No? Scare4irony