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Ruby: Yo

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Ruby walked down the stairs, her long, straight black hair, covering half of her face. Her green eyes looking around the room, her black skirt clung to her thighs and her white shirt, hung limply on her skinny form. Her black boots moving a noise with every step, black eye liner was around her eyes, while she had black lipstick on her pale lips. One look at Ruby and the first thing that comes to mind, Goth. She would have wore a black shirt, if it wasn't for school.

Once she reached the bottom of stairs, she looked to the side. Her dad passed out on the sofa, a strong smell of beer drifting over to her, beer cans covering the floor, a half empty beer can, standing on his beer belly. The TV was on some porn channel. A black lab walked over to Ruby and nudged her hand gently. She gently rubbed his head, smiling.

She picked up the TV remote and switched off the TV.

"Dad, I'm now going to the new school." Ruby said.

His answer was picking up a magazine and throwing it at with head, with a mutter of 'fuck off'. She dodged the magazine and glared at her dad before clipping the lead on Zuro, and walking out with him. She walked around the back, and put him in her hidden garden, where she went to hide from her abusive father.

"I'll be back later, Zuro." She murmured softly before walking off to school.


Ruby walked along the hallway, clutching her bag. Students were stopping and staring at the Gothic girl. She looked up and glared at them, they looked startled before rushing off to class. Ruby looked back down, her black opal hair hiding her face. She walked up to a classroom and knocked on the door, looking up slightly.

The door open and the sensei stood their grinning, his face dropped when he saw Ruby then he looked taken back.

"I'm guessing your Ruby Honda..." He trailed off slightly.

She nodded, "Hai." She replied coldly before walking inside, the sensei looked on, not sure what to do then quickly shut the door and stood in front of the class.

"Class, this is Ruby Honda." The sensei said, introducing her.

The class stared at Ruby, whispering among themselves. She started to walk to the back of the class, passing a dark brown haired boy with warm choclate brown eyes, he flashed a cheeky grin at her. Ruby glared back before looking away, the boy just grinned more. She sat at the back desk behind the boy.

Everyone went back to working while the boy turned around, grinning. Ruby groaned slightly before looking at him dully.

"What?" She muttered.

She twitched when she saw his smile grow wider, his eyes sparkling.

"I'm Kenji Sohma." He said his eyes never leaving her face.

"And.... what do you want?" She asked, wanting to make a point.

"Well... I have two tickets to go to the Cafe. and I'm wondering if-

"If I'll go with you." Ruby finished, then he nodded.


"So... your asking someone you haven't even known for more then five minutes to come to a Cafe with you?" Ruby asked, raising her eyeborw.


She sighed, "Fine."


"You have to be joking!" Ruby hissed.

Kenji smiled and shook his head, "Nope."

They were stood in front of a brightly coloured pink Cafe. Ruby turned to Kenji.

"I AM not going in there." She said.


"I-It's pink!"

Kenji shrugged, "And?"

Ruby stared at him, "You must have no pride."

"I know, I lost it last year." He said grinning.

"UGH! You-your so!" Ruby growled before stomping in the Cafe with Kenji following after her.

Ruby sat at the table, pretending that no one was whispering and that the blond haired and blue eyed boy with the name tag that said RYOU wasn't staring at her. Kenji walked over, his trademark grin still on his face. She groaned, does he always grin?!

Kenji sat down beside her, passing her the drink. She took it wordlessly then took a sip.

Ruby looked around the room, glancing at the clock, then jumped up.

"Shit!" Ruby yelped, "I need to get back."

She grabbed her bags before rushing out, leaving Kenji sitting their looking stunned.

*With Ruby*

Ruby ran along fast, panting, her father would be wanting his food now. She jumped over a small bin and landed in a muddy puddle. She cursed, before running again.

She skidded to a stop when a red beam wrapped around her. She looked around before her eyes closed and she fell to the floor, out cold.

*Ruby's dream*

She looked around, black and red bubbles floated around then a black Panther appeared in front of her. It walked up to her and she stood her ground glaring at the big Panther.

Without warning, it jumped inside of her, she suddenly went all warm and fuzzy inside.

*Outside Ruby's dream*

Kenji held her in his arms gently, rocking her gently.

Her eyes opened slowly and she turned slightly coming face to face with Kenji's big warm chocolate eyes.

Ruby quickly pushed him away, "W-what are you doing?!"

His smile faded into a thin line, "You had fainted and I stayed with you."

Ruby glared at him, "Well you shouldn't have!" She yelled, standing up.

"That's the thanks I get? I just saved you from a rapist or some other person." He said raising his voice.

"Well you should have left me!"

To Ruby's surprise and anger, his smile came back, "Your... different from others."

"Fuck off!" Ruby screamed, "AND DON'T COME NEAR ME AGAIN!" She screeched, walking off.

Kenji grinned and shook his head, watching Ruby walking away.