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Ruby stood in the Cafe, looking around dully.

The Mews were waiting for Ryou to return, god knows what was taking him so long. Ichigo was about to see where he was, when he walked in, he looked at Ruby and called her forward. The new Mew walked forward, slowly, then stopped in front of the blond haired boy.

"We can't have Ruby as your transforming name," He informed, "So your transforming name will be Mew Mew Cherry."

Ruby groaned, "Whatever blondie," She muttered, turning around, "I'm going home, bye."

A tall man with brown hair in a long ponytail stepped out in front of Ruby.

"Konnichiwa Miss, I'm Akasaka Keiichiro, it's a pleasure to meet you." He said, picking up her hand and pressing his lips to the back off her hand gently.

"I hear that Ryou hasn't told you were going on a camping trip?" He asked.

"Keiichiro." Ryou hissed, he didn't really want this girl on the trip too.

Ruby smiled, she had heard Ryou and knew he wasn't looking forward to letting her come, "I'd love to come, if that's OK?" She said, doing a sad face.

"Of course it it!" Keiichiro exclaimed, smiling.

Ruby grinned, "Arigato! Now when is this trip?"

"Tomorrow." He answered.

She nodded, "OK, then, well I need to go, bai bai." She said and then started walking out.

"Wait!" Keiichiro called, "If you want you can bring someone."

She nodded, "OK..." She answered before walking out.

*With Ruby*

Ruby turned the corner to her house, then groaned.

Kenji was standing near her house, grinning wildly. When he saw Ruby, he smiled and jogged out.

"Konnichiwa Miss Honda." He said grinning.

"Go away please." She said, not stopping, then Keiichiro's words came into her mind.

She stopped and turned around, a small smile on her lips, "Hey, would you like to go on a camping trip?"

Kenji's eyes widened and a blush crept up onto his cheeks.