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Chap 5 – Stars and Flowers

A ray of morning sun has escaped from the firm hold of the dark green curtains and laid playfully on the right side of his neck, tickling and warming him. The boy – man we shall better say- didn't move though.

He had his grey eyes focused on the girl's face. He laid as near as he could, trying to be as close as he could to her, but at the same time to have the pleasure of watching her sleep. Still and peaceful, her expression changing when she dreamt, her chest keeping a steady rhythm, her hair falling on her face and her lips slightly parted, she was better than any dream could be.

"Rose." he whispered, as lower as he could, not moving as inch to avoid waking her up. He had every morning since last spring she started to sleep on his bed to enjoy her sleeping, but it never was enough.

She missed a breath and a small frown creased on her forehead, only to disappear a moment later. She was dreaming. He started to count her breaths, just like that first morning they had woken up together.

In, Out. In, out. Her lovely button nose twisted a bit. Maybe her dream was keep going. In, out. In, out. Her cheeks were a pale rose and her lips a captivating pink. In, out. In, out. Her eyelids flattered, and he felt a great urge to have them opened, to keep away the last boundary on the way to her soul. In, out. In, out. He knew that face. He had memorized every tiny corner of it; every cell of her was burnt into his memory. In, out. In, out.

His eyes moved further down her body, taking in her beauty. His turn to remember to breathe, now. This was something he hadn't memorized well. Just because he had only one night to observe, and well, last night he wasn't the most coherent person in the world.

She was modest not to show of her magnificent figure everyday. Her dreamy legs, her welcoming collarbone, her delicate arms, these he had seen before. Even her uncovered chest.

But those were bit's of it. The view of her absolutely naked body, lying there, tagged with the sheets and his own legs was stunning. In, out. In, out. Just breathtaking. Proportioned and curvy, it was covered with light paths of freckles here and there, her skin a couple of tones tanner than his own pale. In, out. In, out.

His little angel had become a woman. Not only physically, but mentally too. It was injustice to call that girl a girl. And now, she was his woman.

His thoughts were interrupted by Rose shifting, as she was slowly waking up, getting her face stuck with his. And as he caressed her neck with his hand, she slowly opened her eyes.

The sun had moved, and now several sunrays were sneaking in from the curtains, making her red curls fire up as they framed her beautiful sleepy features. Her ocean blue eyes were still dreamy and dim from sleep, but full of emotion.

She opened her mouth to speak, but he quickly placed his index finger on her lips, silencing them. Then, as slowly as he could, he reached them with his own, placing a tender kiss which twisted into a hurricane with lone purpose of his existence to take both their minds and breaths far away.

"I love you." he panted just before reopening his eyes, his hand moving on her neck again, to play with her hair.

"I take that as a good morning." she giggled. "You know, I dreamt that we-" but she stopped mid-sentence, racing her eyes down both their naked bodies –spending more time than checking at his- and smiled seductively. "Oh."

"I'm better than your dream, ha?" he nearly smirked.

"Hex the dream, I have the real version here." she rushed to say, kissing him forcefully and getting him on top of her.

"You know…" he said while his hands moved on her bare waist "last night couldn't be more…" he was serious. No smirking, no sigh of mischief, no his usual eye-sparkling. His eyes were dark and clouded. Fuck. She was starting to panic.

"Tell the wrong word and I'll hex you to death, Malfoy." she snapped up at him, too frozen to try to stand up.

"Cool off, Rose. I meant perfect." there was hurt in his voice. Hurt that he was doubted. And only then Rose understood that his eyes were clouded neither with sadness nor disappointment but with lust and love.

"Don't you do that again." she signed a relieved outtake and reached to pull his hair out of his eyes.

"How could you believe it wasn't perfect for me?" he kissed her again, like trying to convince her.

"Well. You made it perfect." she glanced beneath his supporting arm at the decorated room.

"Stars and flowers." he whispered, trailing kisses on her neck. The pleasure was so strong she almost forgot her question, shutting her eyes momentary.

"I wanted to ask. Why that? I mean why stars and roses. You're not so clisee." she whispered to his ear, causing him to snap his head up to meet her eyes, with a raised eyebrow and a crooked smile, ready to throw a tease, but she cut him "most of the times."

With a roll of his eyes, he placed his lips back to her neck and continued.

"You're so blind some times."

"It's a Ron thing. Genes. Not my fault." she left a moan at the last word as he moved at her collarbone.

"It's you and me." he whispered between kisses. "Rose and Scorpius." he moved to her mouth again, hovering above her face for a few moments, staring into her eyes that were heaving from pleasure. "Roses and stars. It's us." he leaned ad kissed her, and for some indefinable reason she was taken aback from his lips, and it was only after several moments she had the mind to respond equally fierce.

"It took me fifteen Transfiguration books to find a way to produce good-smelling pedals." he kissed her again. "And half the week's practice to succeed the stars. I was making the strings so thin they were falling all over my head."

"Star-rain!" she giggled.

"And not to mention the hard time I had trying to clean up here after every failed attempt. Plus, I had the daily mess you create." he teased.

"Ok, Mr. Neaty…I won't throw your clothes away."

"Neither mess with my blank parchments. Or buck jumping onto my bed."

"It was an expression of happiness!" she complained.

"Let me show you another expression of happiness." he smirked and kissed her greedily, laughing into her mouth and at the same time he cupped her breast while he was caressing her thigh with his other hand.

"You've never opened your present." he panted when they broke apart, much to her dislike.

"Have I open it now?" she complained finding his lips again, trying to prove a point.

"The only woman in the world who doesn't get all jolly and jumping about presents. And it have to be my woman." he murmured, shaking his head.

She did not missed the implication regarding to her, but the moment she was about t speak, he got off her, whispering a "Don't go anywhere." and after a quick peck was out of his bed, already wearing his boxers, looking down, like searching for something that supposed to be there.

That was it then? Their marvelous waking up. He was already dressing up. According to her, boxers was only a tiny step away from trousers.

Last night had been brilliant, and she never wanted this to end. They could just stay in bed for eternity.

She froze, and panicked for the second time that day. Snapping her head to turn, she faced the frightening 9:30 on the bedside clock.

"We're late. We need to -" she trailed off, anxiously covering herself with the sheets to avoid the cold, getting her knees on the mattress.

"Found it!" he stood straight, holding something small she couldn't place right then and turned to her, stilling probably because of the expression on her face, or expecting to find her where he left her.

Through her panic for the hour and her hurry, she stilled momentary too, taken aback from his glory.

She took her time to admire every inch of him. He had only his boxers pulled on, remissly she had to admit, and they were a bit too low placed. He was half turned to her, a grin formed on his face. It seemed like he was shining, like he was radiating a glow. So graceful and sexy that moment, there stood the boy she had spent half her life with, and the man she was fairly sure she wanted to spend her life with, both in one.


He must have been having those very same thoughts in mind those moments that seemed like eons, cause returning his eyes on hers after a tour on her covered body, he let out a sign as a small smile turned the corners of his mouth and passed his hand through his extremely messy hair.

"I love you." he finally said, so simply and unmistakable, easy and intense, undeniable and so sure that it killed her.

And in her mind taking bliss, before she could realize it, he was on the bed too, on his knees just like her, so close that she felt dizzy.

He reached for her hand that was gripping the sheets around her and took it in his own, intertwining their fingers and looking down at them before he stared into her eyes.

"I love you Rose. I love you so much it hurts." he whispered the last past on her lips, and then brushed them against his own many times before he embraced her shoulders with the other hand, still holding that mysterious something, and kissing her properly. That sent so hard shivers down her spine that her whole body trembled into his arms. If he only knew what he was doing on her.

After so many months in a relationship and she was affected as much as she was at that very first kiss, although she'd never admit it. It felt childish, but so intense at the same time.

Intense as his touch of his hands, the feeling of his sweated silk hair between her fingers, the wild dance of their tongues, the feeling of his body against her own naked, the sheets easily forgotten.

And as she willingly fell backwards, pulling him down with her by the side-twisted M hanging from his neck, his name's sign she had gifted to him, there was nothing in the world. She was only feeling. Touching and tasting and smelling and hearing. Feeling. It was all too hot. But he pulled away for breath.

"Ok." he panted, letting a small gasp at her nipping on his neck. "I want to give you this before we won't be able." she giggled at the fact he was sure where they were going to end up. Only then she realized the thing he was holding was her present.

"Do you want me to squirm?" that would definitely make him even happier than his eyes showed with their sparkles that moment.

"I just want you to tell me if you like it." he hadn't entirely found his breath back.

Pecking her lips, he raised his filled hand between their faces and rolled them over so she could have her hands free to open it properly.

With a questioning look, she placed the small velvet box on his chest and a fear spread over her, facing that velvet expensive box. No, he'd never so that without asking first, or even disguising it. She was almost sure that there were no round things in there. And if there were, they didn't mean something as strong. However, it was Scorpius we're talking about. He could make such a thing look so natural and cozy.

But no. She trusted him. With one last breath she finally opened the box and faced the pair of wonderful earrings spread across the velvet.

"What do you think?" he whispered, tugging a wild curl behind her ear, as she was still starring lovingly at his gift.

"I think that not only you are the greatest boyfriend a girl can have, but you are the best present-chooser ever. And I also think that I must pay up."

"Sorry, but I thought that I should bought you something and it was a surprise." he apologized. "But I'd love you to pay up." he pointed his words with arching his lower body up to hers, a moan escaping from his smirk.

"Absolutely. Just gimme a second, Scorp." she put off her small pearly earrings and into the box, and after putting on the newly gifted ones, she snapped it close before softly throwing away.

"And now, it's time to -" the rest sentence was lost behind his laugh at her growling stomach.

"It seems like I exhausted you last night." he managed between fits of laughter, and Rose frowned.

"It's not all the things between you, you know. Plus, we skipped dinner last night -" she froze mid-sentence, remembering only now the reason she had gotten up earlier.

"We have to get up. It's late. They'll -" her hurry was halted by his index finger on her lips. "Why do you think I've waited till Sunday?" he raised his eyebrows and continued. "It's Sunday morning. We have nothing to do and no one will search for us." he finished with his breathtaking smirk that always reached his eyes. "I'd bet on Al to burst in, singing Oddo the Hero, but he won't."

"May I ask why?"

"He knows."

"Al knew? The whole week?" he nodded silently.

"I'm starting to feel a bit out." she teased.

"It's a manly thing Rose." he laughed. "And he's loyal."

"Yeah." she seem to think about it a while. "So, we're free to stay here as long as we want?"

"Yeah." he nodded once more.

"Then, why the hell are you wearing your boxers, Malfoy?" it was her time to quirk an eyebrow.

"Because I was cold without you." he answered casually. "Plus, I give you the pleasure to get them off me." his smirk grew wider and rolled her over to be on top and roaming his hands all over her naked body as he bent over and kissed her, stopping her giggling. Her finger skirted impatiently the lacer of his boxers as she deepened the kiss.

"I thought you were hungry." he smirked on her lips.

"I changed my mind." she tightened her arm on his neck, pulling down at her, kissing him with abandon.

That sense was so familiar. They were all familiar and well known. She opened her eyes to face his closed eyes, his blond hair hanging, his face etched with pleasure. Snapping her eyes close again, she felt his sweet lips against hers, his hands on her waist, his body weight as he leaned to crash her. She could even smell his unique scent over the heavy and intoxicating rose odor that was still in the air. All so familiar, but different at the same time. New. This time they were naked, with no limitations. And that was the least. They had experienced something indescribable together last night. Together. Together. That was what hadn't changed. They were together. Bossy, stubborn Rose and gentle, teasing Scorpius. Just like always.

And as he was thrusting inside her some time later, hiding his face in the welcoming crook of her neck, she remembered something she wanted to tell him since last night.

"Al was wrong." she half moaned, half-whispered into the bliss of pleasure, desperately wanting him to know.

Instead of a verbal answer, he picked up his head, and resting on his elbows, he stared into her eyes through his ecstasy-heaved ones.

"Weasleys marry their first lover." she whispered, staring back, getting lost on the depth of his stare.

Right that moment, he shivered hard as her as they both reached heaven with one last thrust, facing stars exploding like fireworks and smelling the divine aroma of roses.

"Yet another reason to love you more for last night, then." he whispered breathlessly at her ear as he hid his head again on her neck, and she was sure as she knew he loved that man, that he was grinning with all his heart.

The end…

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