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Movie Night, a week after the 'THE RING' incident.


I just rented the most amazing disc ever, which is not really scary! I mean, how can a killer doll be scary? But that shopkeeper guy said it had received lots of positive reviews, so I rented it.

My family looked suspiciously at me. "Don't worry; it's just a story about a killer doll!" I said cheerily, showing them the cover of the disc. Rose, Alice and Bella were having a 'GNO' so we boys as well as Esme were watching this show. I inserted the disc into the CD player and the screen flickered to life. Spooky music came on and some images appeared onto the screen. I settled back onto the sofa and flicked some popcorn into my mouth, then spit it out. Damn, I forgot we couldn't eat popcorn. Edward 'Asshole Mind Reader' Cullen rolled his eyes.

I hate you dear love-stricken whipped moron. Edward coughed, which sounded suspiciously like 'ROSE'.

Damn you Edward Cullen.


Esme screamed as Chucky hit Andy with the baseball bat. "GO Andy!" Emmett cheered, as Andy struggled to get up. Then Andy threw the doll into the fireplace and Esme buried her head into Carlisle's chest. I stared at the screen, entranced.

(Chucky yells, "Andy, no, please! We're friends to the end, remember?" Andy replies, "This is the end, friend!" and throws the match in the fireplace.)

Chucky burned in the fireplace and all of us cheered. Then we continued watching the movie.

(Andy and Karen, thinking Chucky is dead, go to help the injured Mike Norris. After Andy gets the first aid kit from under the sink, he discovers Chucky is gone.)

"ARGHH!!!" Emmett screamed as the burnt Chucky chased Andy and Karen. She shot him several times with the gun which ripped off his arm, head and leg, and Esme screamed again. But when the head started screaming, I grabbed the remote and switched off the TV. I glared at Emmett. "Not scary at all. Uh-huh. Right." Just then, the doorbell rang. Edward leapt up and went to the door. I turned my head as a little girl spoke politely to Edward. "Excuse me sir, do you want to buy an ice-cream? Two comes with a 50% discount, and if you buy five, you'll receive a free gift." Edward smiled at the girl. "What gift?" she rummaged into her bag, and held up an object I couldn't see, but I felt Edward's overwhelming fear and panic. "N-no thank you," he said, and slammed the door.

And he ran screaming upstairs. Curious to know what was it that made Edward panic; I rushed to the door and opened it again, just to see the girl leaving. "Wait! I'll take five," I called after her. She beamed, and handed me a small container of ice-cream, and a plastic bag containing the free gift. I handed her a twenty and told her to keep the change.

Once she was gone, I ripped open the plastic bag.

Sitting inside was a rag doll, smirking evilly at me.

I dropped the doll and let out an ear-splitting shriek, and dashed up the stairs and didn't stop until I was in my room. I whipped the covers over me.

I would never, ever trust Emmett again.


"Hey Sarah," I smiled at my little cousin as she strolled in. "Do I get to keep the ice cream?" she asked hopefully. "Of course, I promised you," I said. Sarah let out a squeal of delight and ripped open the wrapper of a chocolate ice-cream. I called Rose and Alice down.

"Mission Accomplished." I said, mock-saluting them. Alice grinned at me. "I've gotta hand it to you, Bella. You really know how to scare a vampire," Rose agreed, "I owe you one Bells,"

"And by the way, I didn't know your little cousin was so evil!" Alice gushed, looking fondly at Sarah. Sarah smirked at me, showing chocolate-covered teeth. "Anything for my favourite cousin," and went back to eating ice-cream. I sighed. "I'm your ONLY cousin, Sarah!"

I smirked at my BFF's. "Phase 1 of Operation: Scare the Vampires-COMPLETE!" I cheered. Rosalie grinned at me. "Phase 2: Humiliate the Vampires!" I high fived her and smiled evilly to myself.

Those Cullen boys+Esme will NEVER know what hit them, I thought as I popped an M&M into my mouth.

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