"You have no power over me!"

Such a convincing lie at the time- of course he has power over me. If he didn't I wouldn't be here gazing down into curious bright blue eyes. I certainly wouldn't be whispering a lullaby.

In months past I've pondered what led to this...

Was it really only my eighteenth birthday- the nightI first got drunk- that stumbling and laughing I slurred the words to bring him- My eternal lover -to my side

I was sure it was just a dream... such a beautiful dream... Our bodies as one. Under and Above.

It seemed that I awoke three weeks later. My dream theory came crashing down. I was so ill every morning. A moth passed I didn't bleed...

And than Karen had to find the stick- that wonderful stck with its beautiful blue line.

The Witch cornered me as I came in through the door. Then came her ultimatum... Visit the death clinic or leave.

"How long have I got to pack?" I snapped

"I want you out by Friday" She was obviously so choked-up about this...

Saturday Morning:

I was flying away from my family and friends. We didn't need anyone- We'd live in England

Sunday Morning:

House hunting- two bedrooms. I must say- it's amazing how fast a visa can be obtained sometime

Four months down:

Sitting at my dressing table- hands on the bump- a little someone: my little prince or princess. I missed Toby. Karen had changed the number. My brother's name fell from my lips.


I started. My brother's face appeared in the glass. It's an effective meeans of communication. Magic

Just two days ago I was talking to Toby in this way when the little one decided to put in its first appearance.

Rushed into the hospital. I'd never felt worse pain.

Then the pain ceased. A little princess was placed in my tired arms. Blonde tufty locks and big blue eyes. Jareth. A name for her- Jae Ruth.

When she was placed in my arms It was indescribable.

My little Jae.

Of course my baby attracts attention- Such a beauty, how could she not?

The Moronic doctors tried to take her from me. They called her 'a curiosity' Poor Lamb. They expect me to give up my only family. She's different. Her fluffy mess of fair hair; curious, aware blue eyes; the slight point to the tip of her little ears.

My Jae-Fae.