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Bella's heart beat rapidly as her car slugged back to Charlie's. Did that just happen? The way he looked at me? She gripped her hands on the steering wheel a little more firmly and tried to clear her head. I shall forget, to have thee still stand there, Remembering how I love thy company. His eyes, so soft and deep, his mouth so sweet as Shakespeare's words rolled off them.

"What is wrong with me?"


When everyone arrived for rehearsals the next afternoon Ms Dobson stood waiting on the stage looking very pleased with herself. Emmet clung to Rosalie's hand, afraid that the diabolical drama teacher had finally found a wig for his costume. Alice walked in with Bella, with Jasper and Edward in front. She grinned silently and Edward turned around to give her a glare. She simply shook her hair and grabbed Jasper's hand, telling him about the new pair of earrings she just bought. Edward secretly thanked her and slowed down a little to walk beside Bella.

"Good afternoon students."

The cast took their seats nervously.

"We seem to be hitting a wall in our production, so I have suggested to the school board a change of setting."

Emmett let out a sigh of relief.

"Good, cause the door's are really hard to open and I keep running into…"

Ms Dobson cut him off with one of her piercing glares.

"No Mr Jenkins, not the set. I mean to say we are relocating to Willow Lodge camp site. Maybe the change of scenery will help to expand your characters."

She spoke so dramatically that the cast had to stifle laughter at the large woman parading around the stage like she was Lady Capulet herself. The beady eyes behind the horn-rimmed glasses caught their stifles and glared sharply at them.

"Enough of that. I have run it by the school therefore we leave in two hours. Your parents should have received calls at some stage today. Each take a list of the necessities you will be needing for the week."

"A week?"

Jacob was not ok with this. It was bad enough having to spend every afternoon with Cullen, but every moment of every day? He was going to be sick.

Alice however could barely contain her joy. It only bothered her that she couldn't share her diabolical genius without facing Edward's wrath. It almost seemed unfair. She's suggested the camp simply for his benefit in getting close to Bella and yet she was sure Edward wouldn't view her help as "beneficial." Their little scene on the stairs already had her planning trips for the six of them (including Emmett and Rosalie). She wanted Edward to be happy for such a long time and this was the first time he had shown any sort of attraction to any girl. She thought it best to leap at the opportunity.

Bella shuffled uncomfortably. She didn't mind being outside in nature and she liked the quiet. But a camp would include activities, most likely involving physical participation, and that was the last thing she needed. For a few hours in the afternoon she could try to contain her clumsiness, but 24 hours a day with these people would surely expose her severe disability of being a chronic clutz. Far worse than that, Edward would see what a completely boring person she was. He probably thought she was a little interesting because she was new, much like the other boys, but he would soon discover how obnoxiously plain she really was.


Two hours later, and many trips back and forth between houses for forgotten items, the cast finally was on its way to Willow Lodge campsite. Bella leaned her head against the cool glass as she stared out at the forest flashing past her. Alice, as usual, was twisting around in her seat talking excitedly to Jasper, Rosalie, anyone who had an ear really. Bella wasn't happy being away from Charlie for a whole week. Who would cook his dinners? Who would welcome him home from work? She hadn't been with her dad for very long but already she'd become accustomed to his routine. He was such a change from living with Renee. Charlie was quiet and didn't hound her. Bella very much doubted she would get much peace and quiet if she bunked with Alice.

So deep in her own thoughts Bella didn't realize a football missile approaching her head. Someone called her name and she turned seeing the ball flying towards her. She braced herself for impact, yet it never came. She opened her eyes slowly to see Edward reaching over her seat from behind grasping the football. He smiled lopsidedly at her and then turned his wrath on Emmett who was standing on his seat across the aisle.

"Emmett you idiot, keep your balls to yourself."

Emmett grinned sheepishly and reached for his football.

"Chill Eddie, didn't mean it, Rose pinched me just as I was gunna throw it at Alice cause she wouldn't shut up."

Rosalie smacked him on the arm. Ms Dobson made her way very awkwardly down the bus to reach Emmett who shrunk in his seat. Jasper and Edward bit back their laughter at Emmett "tough guy" Jenkins shrinking at the sight of the drama teacher. She gestured for Edward to hand over the football, which he did so gladly. Emmett groaned.

"Aw, miss I didn't mean it. That's my favorite football can't I have it back? Camp won't be fun without it."

Ms Dobson straightened up, her large figure blocking Emmett and Rosalie from Bella, Edward, Jasper and Alice's view.

"The point Mr Jenkins of this trip is to become one with the character. Do you think the Nurse would be playing with a football?"

"I'm playing Tybalt too you know."

"Have you learnt any of Tybalts's soliloquies yet? You must earn the right I think."

Ms Dobson pushed her silvery scarf over her shoulder and moved towards the front of the bus with Emmett's ball under her wing. Emmett slouched in his seat while Rosalie gave him a string of "I told you so."

Bella blushed as she turned around to face Edward.

"Thanks, for letting that ball not hit me."

He smiled warmly and her blush just deepened.

"No problem."


A very long bus trip later, the cast and crew finally arrived at Willow Lodge. Hidden beneath the forest foliage was a small sort of village with traditional wood cabins and a fire pit in the centre. Bella couldn't wait to get to her dorm and collapse onto her bed. Just as they had all offloaded from the bus a perky blonde in cargo pants with a whistle around her neck bounded towards the group. Bella surveyed her, taking in the perfectly immaculate blonde, shiny hair, the deep blue eyes, pale skin that made her look like a porcelain doll rather than and albino.

"Hey campers, I'm Tanya. You might remember me from last year when I was your foreign exchange student for a few weeks? I decided to move back here seeing as Forks was so, hospitable. "

Bella's heart sank as her eyes went seductively up and down Edward. Edward grimaced. Emmett nudged him in the ribs.

"Hey Eddie, isn't that your ex-girlfriend…"

Edward gave him a long hard glare that told him to shut it.

Bella's heart froze. Girlfriend?


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